Wildcat Off-road Park: Kentucky

Wildcat off-road park, located in Southeast Kentucky, a new family-focused private park which offers 2000 acres of trail and forms nice long hoops. They have 100 miles of trails for the novice rider all the way up to the most experienced rider with the greatest and most beautiful sites in the Southeastern United States. The trails have something to offer to all  riders from rocks to mud and the flat  curvy switchbacks. This place has it all which includes a nice tail, good campground, helpful and informative staff and  primitive sites, the best that Ketuncky has to offer. 

One special thing about this park that differentiates it from other parks nearby is that Wildcat off-road park is a family-focused park that accommodates all off-road enthusiasts to spend a great weekend and enjoy 100+ miles of trail of all levels. There is so much to see including  lots of beautiful terrains, an amazing old railroad tunnel and the waterfall which enhances the beauty of this park.

Guide & Review about Wildcat Off-road Park

Let’s get into the important and essential information about Wildcat off-road park which  makes it one of the best off-road park in kentucky and a more unique one.

  • Important information about Wildcat Off-road park

You can easily reach Wildcat off-road park , conveniently located two miles from I-75 off exit no. 49.

ADDRESS : 7800 N US Highway 25 , East Bernstardt , KY 40729-6741.

  • Park Hours

The park is closed on Chrismatis only so you can enjoy all year round except Christmas.

Otherwise , it is open from Monday through Friday 9:00A.M – Midnight , while Saturday and Sunday at 8:00A.M.

  • Entry Guidelines and Prices

Some guidelines which you must follow before entering into the Wildcat off-road park.

  1. The Wildcat Off-road park is open to all ages but a person under 18 has to bring a  parent or a legal guardian.
  2. There is a park waiver to  sign  for entry, which you should download from the website and bring with you on the day.

An adult pass is of 16$ and children aged between 9-12 pay a fee of 9$ (after discount). You can get a maximum of up to a five-day pass.

  • Trails of Wildcat Off-road Park

A perfect place for UTV riding! The trails are amazing and impeccably well marked on site  and mapped out  perfectly. Also, make sure to hit the Jurassic trail there as well. Want to find the best trail for your next adventure trip? Then Wildcat is the best option for you. Wildcats’ main selling point is that all trails have 1 great trail for hiking and more so whatever you have planned for the day; you can find the perfect trail for your next adventurous trip to Wildcat off-road park.

The park offers a great variety of beautiful trails ranging from moderate to easy difficulty.

  • Vehicles

Wildcat off-road park welcomes all types of vehicles but an interesting thing to note is that most of the trails are wide and hard packed that makes this a good choice for beginners or four-wheelers.

  • Camping

Camping is permitted in Wildcat off-road park. As far as staying in the park is concerned, they offer a pretty decent campground with 50 amp full hookups including sewer and there are pull through sites as well as back in sites. The roads are all  blacktop to campsites, long gravel sites with some over 1000 ft long that include a picnic table and a fire ring.

They offer a variety of lodging from primitive camping which is available on “FIRST-COME ;FIRST-SERVE basis”, RV camping all the way up to cabins. The camp store has a good selection of camping and riding supplies.

  • Terrain Tunnel

Wildcat off-road park has one of the most unusual riding experiences, that is, the terrain tunnel of  Wildcat off-road park. Olf terrain tunnels. lost boats in the middle of the woods, huge cliffs and overhangs are the high-point of this park.

  • Events

You can  also enjoy some seasonal and fun filled events at wildcat, depending on when are you visiting. In fall, you can enjoy the changing foliage and scavenger hunts throughout the land  throughout the park to keep yourself and kids entertained . You can also ride a Halloween night trail in the dark.

General Review of Wildcat Off-road Park

Great views and great paths! Being a family-friendly offroad park, Wildcat does an extremely great job having a little of everything creek crossings, diverse scenic views on both sides of the highway, large rocky boulders and a spooky terrain tunnel to ride through.

Wildcat Off-road Park

Several small cabins, very nice and clean to stay in,  are also available for rent which comes with a refrigerator and microwave facilities and other excellent accommodation options including wash station and some riding accessories makes it easy to spend a few days in this ideal off-road camping destination. Park amenities include a convenient general store that carries all basic supplies plus it has also other activities to offer such as kayak, transportation and canoe rentals.

     No doubt , this would be a great place to bring your family to ride.

Nearby Parks and Trails 

Now explore  some other great trails  to extend your trip to Kentucky near after enjoying Wildcat off-road park.

  • HOLLERWOOD OFF-ROAD PARK _ This park, near Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge State Resort Park in Eastern Kentucky, is a unique destination for all riders. The park which sits over an area of 2500 acres of valleys and ridges that makes every trail and obstacle with breathtaking views and sceneries;  offers miles off ATV and  4*4 trails. The park is only 60 miles away from Wildcat so you can reach it easily once you have enjoyed riding at Wildcat off-road park.

The trails wind through a rugged forest that offers plenty of water crossings, obstacles and a nice mixture of easy and challenging terrain. The park is in the early  stage of construction and is looking to expand to horse riding and mountain biking in the near future. But a camp store is available to facilitate the people and there are some other amenities too such as a wash station for maintenance, a food truck and a garage for mechanical needs.

A pass is required to get access to the park which can be purchased online from the website.

So, if you want to experience the thrill of a lifetime, then Hollerwood off-road park welcomes you no matter if you are just a beginner or an experienced rider.

  • Black Mountain Off-road Adventure Area Located in Southeastern Kentucky, 90 miles away from Wildcat, this massive park covers an area of 7000 acres & across 150 miles of marked and rated  trails  and it is  one of the fastest growing destinations for adventure in Southeastern Kentucky.

There are two trailheads to access this area, Evarts is located to the south  and Putney to the north. The northern trailhead is located at Harlan County Campground and a small fee is charged to the park as it is separate from the park itself. Zipline on its varied ATV trails, Cabin rentals, RV hookups  and primitive campgrounds are also available. All trails can be accessed via either of the two trailheads, also detailed trail maps are available.

The majority of trails at Black Mountain are multi-purpose which is open to almost all types of vehicles including trucks, jeeps, sides-by-sides, dirt bikes and buggies.

The breathtaking  views and beautiful scenic views make your day  a great one that you will cherish forever!

  • Dirt Nasty Off-road Park Although this park is near to Wildcat but it is quite different from Wildcat because of focusing on dirt riding as you can see the name also. The park is situated over an area of approximately 600 acres of land which offers wood trails for every level of rider, mud pits and play areas.

The park is surrounded by natural waterfalls, spectacular rock cliffs, caves, creeks, cliffs, large rock ledges to explore and a property also offers excellent scenery.

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Any type of vehicle that can climb a mountain or spin a wheel; whether it is a jeep, sides-by-sides or a dirtbike and primitive camping is permitted. Moreover, Future plans include RV hookups, picnic tables and an obstacle course.

Play in the mud, Conquer the hills Or just sit and enjoy the view.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wildcat 

  • How many trails does wildcat have ?

Wildcat off-road  park has 48 great trails on which you can experience the most adventurous and thrilling off-roading.

  • Are helmets required at Wildcat Off-road park ?

Helmets are required for all participants of motorcycles or ATVs whether operators , riders or / passengers.

  • What forms of payment are accepted at Wildcat ?

Wildcat Off-road park accepts credit cards.

  • Are there any noise restrictions at Wildcat Off-road park?

Yes , as this is a family-friendly park so it is quite generous if you keep  the voice to the minimum after midnight.

  • How long will it take to ride all trails ?

It all depends on your experience and practice .Most visitors report finishing  the tails in 2-3 days but you can improve this too by practicing on specific spots.

  • Can I build a fire on camp at Wildcat Off-road park ?

There are fire rings and some places designed where you can light a fire; so yes.

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