Who Makes Jeep Wrangler?

First manufactured at the American armys’ request, the jeeps are popular among civilians. After 1945, they were specially designed and manufactured for civilian use; however, the jeep wranglers were an excellent addition that opened the opportunity for families to enjoy the trip together, even on off-road tracks. But those who are concerned about the origin of wranglers will get their answer here. 

Who Makes Jeep Wrangler

Jeep wranglers are American cars and are manufactured and assembled in America from the beginning. Though their first owners were American Motor Corporation, and now the FCA owns it, they are always manufactured by Americans in America, except for a few built in Canada at the start. 

So, if you want to learn in detail who makes the jeep wrangler, then come with me as a lot remains to be unveiled. 

Though FCA manufactures the wranglers, you will find many imitations of the original wrangler in many countries. But the original is original and manufactured in America by FCA. But before going into a detailed discussion, let’s read what the jeep wrangler is. 

What is a wrangler?

The wrangler is a jeep that was first produced in 1986 and replaced the CJ jeep series. This mid-size four-wheeler jeep has a compact design. These jeeps are perfect for new jeepers to drive professionally on off-road tracks. Now, the new electric wranglers of the fourth generation are a great addition. And the FCA manufacturers are hopeful enough to add more features, new technologies, and more efficient engines and enhance security in the following wrangler lineup.

Who makes jeep wranglers?

Wranglers were produced first by AMC in the Ontario plant in Canada. Now, they are fully assembled by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in the United States, in the Toledo, Ohio, manufacturing plant. And this is the same plant where the first jeep was originally produced. 

Although in the manufacturing of the jeep wranglers, some components are needed which are not from America but are built & come from other countries like Germany and Italy. 74% of the wrangler’s parts are from America, while the rest, 26%, are from other Countries. 

But overall, the jeep wranglers are fully assembled in Toledo, Ohio, FCA manufacturing plant. 

And Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is always determined to assemble this series of jeeps in this plant, despite heavy investment just to make sure the jeep wrangler will always be an American car. 

Who made the first jeep wrangler?

The first jeep wrangler was built in 1986 by none other than American Motors Corporation (AMC), which was the original owner of the jeep brand at that time from 1970 to 1987. The jeep designed and manufactured the first wrangler in 1986, which resembles the jeep CJ-7, although they claimed it has different design parameters. 

Jeep wrangler gained attention after the Jeep CJ series discontinuation. The manufacturers lowered the ground clearance, improved handling, added trackbar suspension links and anti-roll bars, and offered more comfort. These additions make this new jeep perfect for untrained or new drivers. 

The wrangler has undergone many changes, like the 1996 revision and the redesigning of the previous one in 2006. Thus, the wrangler generations came into being, and now the present one is the 44th generation. 

Jeep Wrangler generations

The jeep wrangler’s main design experienced several changes in different years; each new revision or redesign falls into further generations. Check them below.

Civilian Jeep (CJ) Falls and wrangler born.

Many people consider this the first generation of wranglers because the need for a wrangler arose in this time period. People questioned the performance of Civilian jeeps in terms of their high rollover risk. The wranglers came to compete with the needs as an alternative much better than CJ.

Wrangler’s 1st generation

The Wrangler’s first generation, Wrangler YJ, ruled from 1986 to 1995. Those jeeps were safe and comfortable for even the daily or new drivers. They were the first that performed well on off-roads too. You can call it the revised version of Jeep Cherokee. 

Wrangler’s 2nd generation

Jeep Wrangler TJ is the second generation. It ruled from 1996 to 2006. The main focus was to add durability and safety, so good material, body framework, and airbags were introduced in wranglers TJ. 

Wrangler’s 3rd generation

The third generation, known as the JK, was manufactured from 2006 to 2018. This version of the Wrangler was the first to include four doors; thus, people found much space in them for their family or cargo. Because the JK was assembled with fewer components that were not absolutely necessary, Jeep now has a great deal more room for customization and further improvements.

Wrangler’s 4rth generation

The present generation of wrangler is 4rth one, JL, and it started in 2017 or 2018. This Wrangler version has a soft and hard top, doors, and a windshield that is much simpler to remove than previous iterations. And this makes the vehicle far more convenient. The Wrangler JL generation is also the smartest Jeep yet, thanks to many technological advancements. The addition of Apple CarPlay and V8 engines is fantastic, and a few wranglers are electric also. 

Do jeep plants in different countries manufacture wranglers?

No, the jeep wranglers are manufactured and assembled in Toledo, Ohio, United States, FCA manufacturing plant. However, FCA has many manufacturing plants that are constantly running in Canada, Mexico, different states of America, and Venezuela. Moreover, many plants of FCA were opened and closed in different years because of various reasons. But none of the closed or running FCA plants manufactures wrangler jeep, only in the Toledo Assembly complex, Ohio, America.

But despite their production in America, they are available internationally and sold worldwide. 


Who is the manufacturer of the Jeep Wrangler?

FCA manufactures a jeep wrangler at the Toledo Assembly complex with 5,600 employees. They work together and make 50 jeeps an hour.

Who is Jeep owned by?

AMC first owned Jeep and is now by American automobiles, a Chrysler Group LLC’s division, which is a consolidated subsidiary of Fiat, an Italian multinational automaker.

Which country owns Jeep Wrangler?

Since it is entirely produced in Toledo, Ohio, Jeep has always been considered an American automobile.


I hope this article has told you everything about the jeep wrangler. The history, generations, and who makes jeep wranglers are no more unknown to you. So, let’s decide which American-manufactured jeep wrangler will prove a best friend for your next exciting journey. 

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