What Is The Jeep Wave? – Hand Signs and Rules – Everything You Need to Know!

Are you a Jeep user looking for some VIP treatment and services? The first kind of Jeep wave is a camaraderie gesture, and the second one is the VIP service program provided by the brand to Jeep owners. This program only began recently, so the Jeep Wave membership is extended to recent Jeep model owners.

What Is Jeep Wave

It was initially introduced to Jeep CJ, YJ, TJ, and JK models. Then the Jeep Wave expanded to all owners of different Jeep models made in 2021. What was previously a 24-month membership is now a 36-month membership as a part of Jeep’s 80th-anniversary celebrations. 

What is the Jeep Wave?

What started as an exchange of gestures between Jeep owners was adopted by the brand itself when introducing a loyalty program for Jeep users. This premium loyalty program offers 24/7 care support to customers as well as exciting benefits and perks. If you’re a part of the Jeep Wave program, you’ll get the best-in-class coverage as a Jeep driver. 

To get selected for a 24-month Jeep Wave membership program, you must purchase or lease a Jeep vehicle that qualifies for registration. The Jeep Wave is extended to all Jeep owners who buy a Jeep 2015 model or any vehicle after that. This ensures that the majority of Jeep owners can be a part of this program. 

The History of the Jeep Wave 

As the term states, it started as a wave between Jeep owners. During World War II, Jeeps were the primary mode of transport on the front lines for delivering supplies, sending mail, and carrying wounded soldiers. The wave was introduced to differentiate between enemy and ally, where one fellow soldier would wave to another. 

Another theory about the beginning of the wave states that post-World War, returning soldiers purchased their first CJ or VJ models. They would wave at one another to recognize the commendable services they had provided during the war. 

The most likely theory about the creation of the Jeep wave is relevant to the 1960s and 70s. With the offroad culture picking up pace during this time, Jeep owners would wave to one another as a salute for sharing the same adventurous spirit. 

The Jeep wave is not the only vehicle greeting that has been around. There are Volkswagen Beetle owners who honk or wave at each other for recognition. The Corvette Wave for Porsche users is used to identify car enthusiasts willing to spend over $60,000 for a luxury car.

Jeep Hand Signs

Here is the infographic imaging view of the several kinds of Jeep Hand Signs, and with a just quick look, you’ll be able to understand when to use them:

Jeep Hand Signs

Jeep Wave Rules

Below are some crucial Jeep wave rules that’ll help you understand how to score the other Jeep so you can determine your Jeep’s hierarchy within a few seconds. 

Continue the Jeep Wave

As a jeep owner, it’s your call to continue with the Jeep wave. It doesn’t mean it is necessary to sign up for this. You can do this with simply a social exchange with other Jeep owners. 

While you’re driving your Jeep and come across another one, it’s time to determine your Jeep wave hierarchy and then wave. 

Understand the Jeep Wave Hierarchy

There are some clubs whose hierarchy is based on a scoring system over

  • The Vehicle  

The vehicle considers the nostalgia factor, the amount required to maintain the car, and the discomfort tolerance quotient. 

  • Where and How You’re Using Your Jeep

Are you using your Jeep with the top off or on? Or is it covered with mud? As muddier cars get more points. It shows that you’ll be penalized if you have got a clean Jeep.

  • Equipment Adjustments 

It depends on the additional work you’ve done, including new tires, changes to the engine, or you name it. The more work, the more this will give points to you for spending a lot of time on your Jeep.

Jeep Wave Calculator

To understand the jeep wave hierarchy, you can also use the jeep wave calculator for scoring, depending on your modifications and Jeep’s type. A higher score would indicate how higher you will be on the Jeep Wave Hierarchy. 

Here’s a quick table to help you know better how this scoring works: 

Pre CJ30 Points
Pre AMC CJ27 Points
CJ25 Points
YJ (Year 86-96)16 Points
TJ (Year 97-06)15 Points
JK (the Year 2007 – Date)14 Points

Jeep Owners Having the Lowest Score Must Initiate the Jeep Wave

The jeep owners who get the lowest score must initiate the Jeep wave until the wave is ignored or returned or the other driver has passed.

Jeep owners Must Return the Wave.

Lastly, if you didn’t initiate the Jeep Wave, then you have to return the wave.

What Does the Jeep Wave Program Include? 

There are many perks that Jeep owners can enjoy after registering for the Jeep Wave program. The services include: 

Jeep vehicle owner support

There are many instances when you need to get in touch with vehicle support services, even at odd times. A 24/7 Jeep owner support helpline is available, and you can call anytime for assistance. 

If you cannot call, a live chat feature is also reachable where Jeep owners can acquire knowledge about different services or schedule a service appointment for their vehicles. 


What can be the perks of being part of a unique loyalty program? The first three oil changes and tire rotations are covered! A specially trained Jeep Brand technician provides all services at particular Jeep vehicle dealerships. 

The best part is that the program is the only one that comes with no mileage restriction. Now that’s what you call a good deal!

VIP treatment 

The Jeep Wave isn’t an ordinary program you avail a membership for. As an extra benefit, you get VIP treatment in all Jeep brand events across the globe, and members become a part of exclusive contests as well. 

Premium discounts 

There’s a reason for the Jeep Wave program being special for users. ‘Wavers’ can avail of exclusive discounts and special offers on merchandise from 150 selected retailers through the Jeep savings network. $500 can be recovered through buying selected products for up to 40% off by Jeep Wave members that are added to their accounts when they purchase a vehicle.

Vehicle protection 

When sending your Jeep for routine maintenance, you can avail of a no-charge same-day vehicle rental with trip interruption coverage for a maximum of $1,000 per occurrence. Members also get 24/7 roadside assistance for 5 years or a 60,000 Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty duration. 

New adventures 

Jeep Wave members get a 6-month subscription to onX Offroad Elite, through which they can select their next offroad adventure site. 615K miles of trails and roads can be accessed through the app by members. No matter where you are, your Jeep can go farther with onX Offroad.  

The Eligibility Criteria for the Jeep Wave Program

Since the program is exclusive to Jeep owners, you must purchase one. However, there are specific requirements to become a Jeep Wave member. The Jeep Wave membership is extended to those who buy or lease a Jeep vehicle from 2021. Between 2016 and 2020, only selected models are a part of the program.

Jeep owners with models from before 2016 can purchase the Jeep Wave membership by paying annual fees.


The Jeep Wave membership program is a great way to avail of exciting discounts and opportunities from the brand directly. Very few brands provide such services to their customers, and Jeep has definitely managed to prioritize its customers through Jeep Wave. 

It’s not just about getting discounts but the high-end customer service that comes with the Jeep Wave membership. Jeep has truly set itself apart with its excellent services, making Jeep owners feel special. Have fun while availing of all the special offers in the Jeep Wave program!


Who is eligible for the Jeep Wave? 

All Jeep vehicles starting from the 2021 models are automatically enrolled in the Jeep Wave program. Specific Jeep models between 2016-2020 are also selected to participate in the program.

When does the Jeep Wave membership begin?

The Jeep Wave membership automatically begins on the date of purchase. Membership as part of an already eligible vehicle purchase starts from the vehicle’s in-service date. 

Can members have more than one Jeep Wave membership? 

Members can have more than one membership if they have vehicles that qualify. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is how each member is recognized. 

Can members renew their memberships? 

Yes. Members can renew their memberships by going to the buy-in function on the website or their local dealers. Owners who choose to receive Jeep Wave updates will get a notification about their membership end date and instructions to renew it. 

How much does a Jeep Wave membership cost?

Jeep owners who have models from 2015 and before can also purchase a Jeep Wave membership. All they have to do is pay an annual fee. You can also buy a membership for $150 per annum. 

Is the Jeep Wave membership really free?

You won’t have to pay any additional costs for the Jeep Wave program if you purchase a vehicle that is eligible for it. Initially, the program was free for 24 months, but Jeep has increased this time to 36 months. If you buy the program, then you will have to pay an annual fee to stay enrolled in it.

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