Southington Off-Road Park

Southington Off-Road Park : Ohio OHV area located in Garrettsville, this park is situated on an area over 1500 acres with trails & obstacles and there are some gnarly hill climbs too ranging from mild to wild for OHV or outdoor enthusiasts. Trails wind through a thick bushy forest and consist of sand, mud and rock gardens. The park is loaded with multi-skilled trails and always has an alternative path more trails, obstacles courses and rock climbing it has to offer like you name it and have it!

This review will cover all the basic queries of you like what can you expect from Southington off-road park, what is Southington off-road park in Garrattsville like or what kind of facilities it offers? So, if you are looking forward to experiencing a fun-filled off-roading adventure then you will definitely find a warm and adventurous welcome at Southington off-road park with guaranteed fun and excellent facilities.

  • Directions

Located in Garrettsville, you will find a Southington offroad park on Silica sand road which is going towards Phalanx.

ADDRESS : 10321 Silica Sand Road, Garrettsville, OH 44231.

  • Facilities

Southington off-road park is a family friend park which includes a modern bath house and a large pavilion for enjoyment. They do have what looks like great camping spots available without a need to reserve in advance ( but on a first-come, first-serve basis ), shooting range and a bunch of other amenities such as restrooms, small convenience stores, a 30 acre lake and two fishing ponds. In the cabin, you can enjoy various options for lunch. Electric hookups are available but nearby Ridge Ranch campground offers full hookup sites. The park also offers a playground for kids, a sand volleyball court and all mud, rocks and hills you can handle. Indeed, the facilities are great!

  • Staff Behaviour

Very well-designed, nice, professional and pleasant staff Southington off-road park delivers! They guide you about the grounds through the trail maps which are just about worthless.

  •  Vehicles

Your vehicle must be a 4 wheel drive to go out on the trails so if you have a 2 wheel drive then they won’t let you go out on the trail.

 One more instruction to consider is that if the weather has been rainy then your 4 wheel or all wheel drive car will get stuck and you will need to park well outside the non-paved roads or bumpy roads.

  • Operation Hours

Southington off-road park opens up on the first full weekend of every month (weather permitting) where you can enjoy off-roading trails. On Saturdays, it opens from 9.00 A.M until dusk and on Sundays it opens from 9.00 A.M till 4:30 P.M.

The price for the vehicle and driver is 25$ and it charges 5$ for additional riders in each vehicle.

 Dirt Bikes, ATV’s and S*Ss are not permitted except for special posted events.

  • Speed Limit

 From the cabin to the pavilion around the campsite, the area is only 5 mph.

Trails of Southington Off-Road Park

Southington off-road park features a number of trails ranging from milder ones for those who are just starting to the wilder ones for the expertise. There is trail leader staff on hand to help you guide through the trail maps, so what else could you ask for!

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You have the choice to experience off-roading among a wide and broad array of riding through mud, sand dunes, rocks and what not so don’t forget to take full advantage of some great and beautiful views taking on-site, lake and fishing ponds.

Other Off-Road Parks Nearby

There are some other destinations to visit for off-roading not far from Southington off-road park so that you don’t need to stick around Garrettsville for off-roading in ohio.

 Here are some of the destinations near Southington off-road park :

  • Chaos Off-road Park
  • Phoenix Off-road Park
  • Bear Creek Ranch KOA
  • Bayview OHV Area

Chaos Off-Road Park

Chaos off-road park, which is located in picturesque Capon Bridge,WV, a 4-hour drive from Southington, offers everything that ranges from shallow to deep mud pits, scattered rock gardens, miles of bounty mountain trails ranging from smooth and fast to rugged and slow. There is plenty of steepy and rocky terrain for stock 4wds to come to play, also making this a good choice for advanced drivers. There are west coast size rocks with huge ledges and hill climbs. So, there are rocks, rocks and more rocks. The part that differentiates it from other parks is that you can get to enjoy the unlimited level of 11 trails that spread over an area of 400 acres.

Being a private property, Chaos off-road park is open to the public on posted dates. Scenic trails that await in a friendly environment including all trail rides, events, classes and many more surprises.

It only welcomes 4*4 wheels, side by side and UTVs plus all vehicles on trails must have seatbelts.

Primitive camping is permitted as there is a lot of space for trailers. There are no hookups so come prepared.

Chaos is fun for everyone so you will find everything here for mild to wild !

Phoenix Off-Road Park

Phoenix is a newer off-road park in Mingo Junction ; OH, which sits on 1020 acres and currently has 70 miles of trails offers shallow creeks crossing, miles of 4*4 rugged trails, hill climbs and play areas to enjoy.

Phoenix off-road park offers a wide variety of events from trail rides, ATV/ UTV, Jeep and foot race events.The park also boasts a 25 miles of single track for those who prefer two-wheels. They also offer a large area of camping ( no hookups ), a vault toilet. Other amenities include a shop for do-it-yourself repairs and a tow service for vehicles stuck on the trails ( fees may apply ).

Phoenix off-road park has trails that can accommodate Jeeps, Buggies, ATV’s and Dirt bikes but there are separate weekends set aside for jeeps so make sure before heading out. The park even has trails that can accommodate extra-wide vehicles like Hammers and Ford Raptors.

Bear Creek Ranch KOA

Near Canton,OH, Bear Creek Ranch KOA which is 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Southington off-road park extends over 26 miles of wood trails running from smooth and fast to narrow and twisty with mud pits and rocks, several creek crossings and a 250 foot hillclimb.

Are you looking for a family-friendly getaway with horse riding, fishing, ATV trails and swimming? ; if so, then you have come to the right place because the park has a variety of activities to offer on-site.

These trails are specifically for ATVs and bikes and the ark is open all year round during weekends from 8:00AM till dusk and during weekdays for three or more riders ( reservations required ).

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There is a pay station that accepts cash, a large flat dirt lot for parking and some vault toilets with no water so come prepared. Also, camping can be found about a mile west at the Bear Creek Ranch KOA and one important and interesting and important thing to note about it is that there is no direct trail access from the campground so machines must be hauled to and from staging areas.

Bayview OHV Area

Located on the western shores of the Shenango River Lake ; only 45 minutes away from Southington, this small area has 200 acres of ATV trails of which most of the trails are fairly easy making it a good place to bring a beginner, some mud holes and a couple hills to explore. The trails have seasonal closure but normally are open from October 1 through Memorial Day Weekend.

As this is not a private park so you don’t have to pay for admission and there is not a lot of information.

Conclusion : Southington Off-Road Park, Garrettsville OH

Southington offers an excellent place for jeep riders and a welcoming atmosphere, amiable and helpful staff with outstanding facilities. Definitely a great place and an ideal destination for Ohio to have. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled off-road driver, there is something great for you to explore.

It is really top-notch, this place is one outdoor adventure!.

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