River Run ATV Park ; Jacksonville TX

Are you looking for a great place for off-roading or planning for a weekend camping trip to experience Texas hospitality? Don’t forget about River Run ATV park because you’re bound to love this park in Jacksonville; Texas. 

River Run ATV park is one of the best parks in Texas, set in the ideal location for those off-road enthusiasts who are looking to enjoy a ride in mud or to spend a muddy weekend. The quality of events, the maintenance and cleanliness put on by the owners make it a premier destination for all ATV riders.

Whether you are new to mud  or an experienced rider, there is a trail for you at River Run as it welcomes visitors of all levels and has lots of fun.

River Run ATV Park (Guide & Review)

Bordering the beautiful and scenic Niches River, this park is located on the west of Jacksonville; Texas and southeast of Frankston. This place is definitely what modern country music songs are made of; a great outdoor destination for the whole family to spend a fun-filled weekend as it gives other opportunities to the visitors along with the riding such as fishing, swimming or just cool off while trail riding. 

Moreover, the guests of River Run enjoy exploring over 2000 acres of private land. This park offers overs 50 miles of  marked wood trails, several mud bogs and deep water crossings to explore.

Riding at River Run memes that you have several miles of trails around the property for any type of riding. Many people enjoy riding their ATV’s, UTV’s, Golf Carts and other off-road vehicles; this park offers trails for everyone. Plus, the mountain area of Big rock nearby offers some breathtaking views and a beautiful scenic backdrop of Niches River. One important thing to note, according to the Texas penal code SB NO. 155, motorized vehicles are not allowed in the Niches River but you’ll have plenty of mud to find around the trails.

A quick look at the map of the park will show you the endless possibilities and guide you further when it comes to riding at River Run ATV Park.  

A great destination for extreme dry trail riding, muddy trail riding, scenic views of the Niches River & mountain area of Big Rock.

Accommodation options & Other Facilities

While at River Run ATV park, you can take full advantage of their on-site facilities and lodging options. They provide lots of opportunity for camping at River Run ATV park. The property offers 156 RV sites with full water hookups and power,  also there are a lot of designated areas for Tent Camping or RV Camping without power or water.

The park offers accommodation in 40 cabins that are available for rental, including a mixup of single or twin bed, kitchen facilities and small outdoor grill. These cabins do not have shower rooms so if you come in one, you can use the shower houses or restrooms available right across the street from the cabins. There are also 13 newly constructed cabins which have separate shower houses and restrooms.

As there is an on-site convenience store available that offers “Rocks Pit, Stop“ that provides much of the essential needs such as ATV/UTV parts and branded merchandise for visitors of River Run so you don’t need to stray far to restock on food or drinks. Swimming is permitted at River Run and there are even a couple of rope swings.

Great place to take your 4-wheelers and get muddy with great people.

Events at River Run ATV Park

The thing that has made the River Run a famous destination for ATV riding in Texas is the events put on  by the owners. River Run ATV park runs on an annual basis which provides a great atmosphere for everyone to enjoy in the festivities. For these Event Weekends, they usually feature ATV/UTV racing, scavenger hunts, several  food/parts/apparel vendors and much more, providing an excellent environment. 

One of the approximately 6 best events taking place every year at River Run:

  • Memorial Mudbug_  Every May
  • New Year’s Ride_ Every 31st of December to january 3rd with the availability of camping.  
  • Mudd Jam_  Every April
  • Mardi Gras Ride_ Every Mid-February with primitive camping and RV and cabin rentals. 
  • MudaHolic Convention_  Every November; includes love music, Treasure hunt and poker run challenges.
  • SuperATV MuddyMayhem_ Every March

You can definitely find something adventurous and special to do at River Run ATV park, taking full advantage of the fact that park is open almost every day of the year. The exceptional cases are Christmas day, New Year’s Event or weather conditions so make a call before haul.

River Run ATV park for Beginners

There are plenty of options in terms of off-roading you will do at River Run as this is the most popular off-roading destination in Texas. The park is staffed by friendly and amiable mud experts who will be ready to help you around if you get stuck on rocks or mud so you can easily go through most trails with some helpful advice and safety precautions from mud experts or sometimes without help.

So, if you get scared as a newbie by looking at the list of muddy and fun-filled events at River Run as well as the high level of mud experts who post about park; You don’t need to be _ because by following the advice and useful tips of the park staff, you’ll make the most of River Run ATV Park.

Prices at River Run ATV Park

River Run considers themselves a campground for pricing purposes which means that they don’t charge for ATV/UTV or jeep trucks. You will have to pay $20 per day pass as an adult and children that are aged under 12 discounted to $15. There are packages available as well for weekend admissions and specific cost for RV camping, cabin rentals etc.

One important thing to take on is that the above mentioned prices do not cover the events; you have to buy event tickets along with the admission tickets. For instance, the Mudaholic Convention event runs over a full weekend every year of November which is priced at $55 per person.

Pro-Tips for the Safety at River Run

The River Run ATV park is fast approaching and elite runners and local runners alike must be prepared physically and mentally because any off-roading vehicle rider has to take the responsibility of not only his safety but also the ones around him.

You need to keep in mind all the park rules, laid online and of which you will be reminded when you come to the park. You will also have a Waiver to sign when you enter the park and access online to get familiar with the rules and regulations of the park.

Some key things to remember for safety:

  • You are not allowed to bring fireworks to the park
  • Although alcohol and other narcotics are allowed in the park but you should under no circumstance be allowed to consume while driving
  • Firing is not allowed far away from your campsite
  • You should obey the speed limit of 5-10 mph within the boundaries defined by the park.
  • You need to respect Wildlife and do not harm the natural environment or trees.

Despite the utmost attention to safety , some unfortunate events and accidents do happen. One 21-year old ATV driver lost his life in an accident at the park in 2016 while, fortunately there’s no River Run ATV park deaths recorded in 2020.

“There’s a lot of things in your control but a lot of _ many more things that are out   of your control”.

Some Other Trails to Ride in Texas

Thanks To its great atmosphere, there’s no shortage of ATV trails and off-road parks in Texas that you can visit and enjoy.

  • Xtreme Off-Road Park and Beach

Xtreme off-road park and beach located near Houston have something slightly different from hills and mountains. Surely, your 4-wheeler can relish in the mud here. You will also have some great sandy trails to enjoy riding on as well as fishing, swimming and ofcourse how can we forget the camping facilities. The property even has several beach areas making it a nice place to relax after a day of riding.

  • Hidden Falls Adventure Park

Hidden Falls, one of the largest ranches in the U.S having miles of trails of ATV, Jeep Trails and trucks awaits for you to enjoy 2000 acres of land in Texas Hill Country. There is a top level of riding and excellent facilities of camping and great events  for those seeking to do off-road adventure.

  • General Sam’s Off-road Park

General Sam’s off-road park, just nine miles away from Huntsville, is in the top 3 beat trails in Texas. There are miles of trails on site, sandpits, mud holes and RV spots with full hookups.

From a mud giving ride to Labour Day Special Events and a New Year’s Bash, they definitely know how to keep their visitors entertained.

This is the place that you, your family and friends love to ride.

Conclusion- Spend Muddy weekend at River Run

Spend Muddy weekend at River Run

River Run is a great place to be if you are into ATV’s and mud rallies. There are so many excellent trails to select from at River Run, one of top ATV parks in Texas for jeep, ATV and UTV enthusiasts. There are so many challenging spots in this place that you could never get bored. The park has nice camping sites and other excellent features such as dirt trails, mud bogs and swampy areas. River Niche’s at River Run ensures you that  you will be greeted with other fun activities in store such as fishing and canoeing. A top choice among off-road parks in Texas!

Get muddy, get stuck, get dusty, get hammered.

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