A Step-By-Step Guide To Relearn The Jeep Liberty’s Throttle Body

Is your Jeep Liberty giving you trouble when you try to switch gears? Excess fuel consumption, hard gears, and unusual jerking are just some of the symptoms of an out-of-order throttle body.

Relearn The Jeep Liberty's Throttle Body

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re unsure how to relearn the throttle body on your Jeep Liberty. That’s why we’re here to help. Keep reading for a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on reprogramming your Jeep Liberty’s throttle body in no time.

Two Ways to Relearn the Throttle Body on a Jeep Liberty 

You can use two ways to relearn the throttle body on your Jeep Liberty. The first approach, a Mac Tool Mental Touch Scout programmer, is far more practical.

If you do not have the Touch Scout, there is another way to relearn the throttle body, which is more time-consuming and harder to execute but just as effective.

1. Relearning Jeep Liberty faulty throttle with a Mac Tools Mentor Touch Scout

The most straightforward way to relearn the throttle of your Jeep Liberty is with the help of the Mac Tools Mentor Touch Scout. One of these devices will set you back between $200-$500. While it is pricey, the convenience it brings with it is well worth the splurge.

Here’s how to use this programming device to relearn the throttle.

  1. Start the jeep.
  2. Connect the Mac Tools Mentor Touch Scout to the OBD port.
  3. Next, you’ll see a VIN Detection option after the programming device is attached to the OBD port. To enable the gadget to decode the VIN, click on Vin Detection.
  4. After this, your Mac Tools Mentor Touch Scout screen will show a diagnostics option.
  5. Next, you’ll see a button for the control unit. Select the powertrain button that appears on your screen after clicking this.
  6. Click on the ECM Button
  7. Choose the Special Functions Option that appears on the device. The Learn Electric Throttle Control option will appear next. The OK button will appear on your screen; select it.
  8. Put your foot on the throttle pedal. Choose the OK button once again, and keep your foot on the pedal for no more than six seconds.
  9. When the device tells you to lift your foot from the pedal, immediately click on the ok button.
  10. All you have to do now is wait while the device works its magic.

2. Relearning using timed ignitions 

While it’s certainly possible to relearn the throttle without the help of a programming device, it’s slightly trickier. We’d advise you to keep a stopwatch while attempting the following steps.

Before anything, make sure you’ve taken your foot off the accelerator pedal.

  1. Turn the ignition switch on and wait for 2 seconds.
  2. Turn it off and wait for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Repeat the steps listed above twice.
  4. Now, turn the ignition switch on. 
  5. After this, turn the ignition switch off and wait for at least 10 seconds.
  6. Following this step, start your engine and warm it up to how much you normally do.
  7. Next, turn your ignition switch off. Wait for at least 10 seconds.
  8. After this, check if the accelerator pedal has been fully released.
  9. Turn the ignition switch on, and leave it for exactly 3 seconds.
  10. Put your foot down on the accelerator pedal and quickly release it. Do this 5 times within 5 seconds.
  11. Put your foot on the accelerator pedal and hold it there for 20 seconds after a 7-second break.
  12. When the Check Engine Light stops blinking and is turned on, take your foot off the accelerator within 3 seconds.
  13. Next, start the engine and allow it to idle.
  14. Wait for 20 seconds.
  15. Lastly, rev up the engine thrice, and you’re good to go!
Remember that the key to correctly relearning the throttle body for your Jeep Liberty is adhering to the time guidelines outlined above.

How to Replace the Throttle Body of your Jeep Liberty

Replacing the throttle body should ideally be the last resort to resolve issues you may be experiencing with a weak idle or poor mileage. 

If resetting the throttle body does not reduce those problems, you can consider replacing the throttle body. Only a mechanic can do this, as the replacement procedure is somewhat complicated for novices.

Depending on where you live and how much your local mechanic charges, a throttle body replacement can set you back anywhere between $200-$400.


The problems that a faulty throttle body comes with can be somewhat inconvenient. Even though your throttle will recalibrate itself eventually, keeping the potential situations that can arise in mind, it is advisable to relearn your throttle body.

Follow either of these 2 methods, and we’re sure you will be able to relearn the throttle body on your Jeep Liberty. Even if your experience fixing cars is limited, following these instructions won’t be too much of a problem. In case you cannot do so and you can spare the cash, hiring a mechanic is not a bad idea either.

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How can I relearn the throttle body for my Jeep Liberty at home?

You can use a Mac Tools Mentor Touch Scout. This is a relatively easy way to relearn the throttle body. However, if you do not have this device, you can reset it using timed ignitions and accelerator movements.

How much will it cost to reset the throttle body at a mechanic shop?

Visiting a repair shop to recalibrate the throttle will set you back around $100-$300. 

Will a congested air filter lead to throttle body problems in the Jeep Liberty?

An unclean air filter will lead to the accumulation of debris in the throttle housing. This will impact acceleration.

Will fuel consumption normalize after the throttle body has been relearned?

Yes, the PCM will relearn the normal idle within a week of recalibrating the throttle body. After this, high fuel consumption and other issues, such as abrupt jerking, will be resolved.

Is throttle body cleaning necessary?

Cleaning your throttle body is advisable every few months or so. You can do this with the help of an injector cleaner. We do not recommend tearing open the throttle body for a rigorous cleaning, as this can damage the electrical components. 

Why does my throttle body smell like gas?

If your throttle body smells like gas, it may be a sign that it requires resetting. This is because a faulty throttle body will often dump gas while idling.

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