6 Easy Steps To Program Your Jeep Gladiator Key Fob

Got a new key fob for your Jeep Gladiator, or did you accidentally/intentionally reset your old key fob? Both these will require you to program your key fob. Programming for each of these causes is similar, and with a few steps, you can program the key fob yourself. 

How to Program a Jeep Gladiator Key Fob

If you got a new key fob, then all you need to do is turn on your Jeep Gladiator and press the HomeLink and garage transmitter buttons together. Your new key fob will be programmed.

Can You Program a Jeep Gladiator Key Fob Yourself?

Jeep Gladiator models before 2017 can have their key fobs easily programmed, but later models have a higher security concern. Due to this, you need a professional’s assistance to program your Jeep Gladiator’s key fob. 

However, if you follow the instructions carefully, you can program the key fob yourself. Remember that newer models have an RFID chip which requires specialized devices to be programmed. Hence, only older models are capable of being programmed by users. 

What You Need to Know About Programming a Jeep Gladiator Key Fob

You need to know some important things before you begin programming a Jeep Gladiator key fob yourself. These steps will guide you to easily program your key fob yourself:

1. Year and Model of the Gladiator

The model of your Jeep Gladiator is significant since each has a different key fob. Before programming the key fob, conduct thorough research to know what type of key fob you’re programming.

2. Know the Key Fob Functions 

If you’re getting a new key fob or resetting your old one, explore the buttons and know their functions. Standard lock and unlock buttons are found on every Jeep Gladiator key fob. The new models even have a Panic button in case of an emergency.

3. On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Input

Whether you’re programming a new or old key fob, you must know about the OBD scanner input. Knowledge about the OBD is a must when you’re matching the frequency of the Jeep with the key fob through a programming device. 

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How to Program a Jeep Gladiator Key Fob?

The Jeep Gladiator key fob has a slightly complex mechanism that can make it difficult for you to program it. Even though seeking the help of a professional is expensive, it saves you from trouble. 

Here are some easy steps for you if you want to program your Jeep Gladiator key fob yourself:

Step 1: Buy a Kew Key Fob or Reset an Old One

Programming the key fob becomes necessary when you buy a new key fob or reset an old one. Be sure to buy a new key fob through a trusted source. 

Send a picture of the key or give them the key so they can match the pattern and prepare a substitute for you. 

Step 2: Insert the Jeep Gladiator key fob in the ignition 

When you get the key, insert it in the ignition and turn it on. After a few seconds, the engine will turn off. Lock all the doors and take out the key fob when it is on. 

Step 3: Activate the new or old key fob

On your Jeep Gladiator key fob, you will see a PANIC button. You need to press this button 3 times concurrently. Then press the lock button twice and unlock button once. 

To activate the key, press the PANIC and lock buttons simultaneously. A beeping light on the PANIC button shows that the key is active now. Then put in your old key.

Step 4: Connect to an On Board Diagnostic machine. 

The new key box contains a programming device. If there isn’t, then you’ll have to buy one yourself. The device can only be used on one Jeep Gladiator. 

Read the manual and follow the instructions to switch the dial for your Jeep Gladiator model. 

Park the car and make sure the engine is turned off. Switch on the hazard lights. Connect the device with the OBD, after which you will hear three beeps. 

After hearing the beeps the second time, turn the engine off and pull out the key. Insert the new key and turn it on. 

Step 5: Press the top button on the programming device. 

On top of the programming device, you will see a button. Press it and wait 10 seconds until you hear a beeping sound. Pull out the new key and press the button again. 

You’ll hear the beeping sound, indicating that your Jeep Gladiator key fob has paired successfully. Now you can test the lock and unlock the buttons.  

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Going to a Dealership to Program a Jeep Gladiator Key Fob

The latest models of the Jeep Gladiator come with an RFID chip, making it impossible for users to program the key fob themselves. Only a mechanic or the dealership can access it. 

When you can’t program the key fob yourself, you should head to the dealership. 

For safety reasons, many manufacturers restrict these programming devices. 

Tips to Avoid Mistakes While Programming a Jeep Gladiator Key Fob 

Since programming a Jeep Gladiator key fob is tricky, people make some mistakes. You don’t want other issues to arise with your key fob. Otherwise, you’ll have to purchase a new one. 

Here are some tips to avoid mistakes while programming the Jeep Gladiator key fob:

  • Insert new batteries in the key fob, as it comes without them. 
  • Be quick when you hear the beeping sound; otherwise, the gap time will pass, and the key fob won’t pair. 
  • Both the old and the new key should look the same. The critical cut should be the same, or the key won’t turn. Mark both keys, so you don’t mix them up. 
  • Ask a professional to make the key because key cutting is tricky, and a simple mechanic won’t be able to do it properly.

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How much does it cost to get a Jeep Gladiator key fob programmed?

Programming a new key fob can be pretty expensive and costs up to $350. However, programming an old key fob costs between $50 to $200. 

Why is my Jeep Gladiator key fob not working after changing the battery?

This is common and due to a button or programming fault. A terminal issue is rare but is also possible. Most times, it happens due to a programming issue. 

Can you program a Jeep Gladiator key fob with a VIN?

A VIN can be found on your old key fob. It is possible to match that number with your Jeep and program it using the VIN.

How do you program a Jeep Gladiator key fob without a key?

Some keyless Jeep Gladiators exist, but their key fobs come with more buttons. The programming process is similar, but you must keep the engine off. 

Does a key fob need to be programmed after battery replacement?

It isn’t necessary to program the key fob after changing its battery. Sometimes the key fob resets itself after battery replacement to avoid security issues. Only then will you have to reprogram it. 


Now you have an idea about programming the Jeep Gladiator key fob, and also know that you will require the assistance of a professional. 

You can save money by trying the steps above. Otherwise, go straight to the dealership to avoid further problems. 

Be sure to avoid the mistakes mentioned and follow each step carefully. Good luck!

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