OutBack ATV Park : North Carolina

Off-roading experience in North Carolina can be absolutely amazing, providing you a massive wilderness of about 800 acres with great trails, a mud bog, drag strip, 50  acres of sand pits to play in and numerous other facilities. OutBack is one of the adventurous wonderlands in North Carolina that caters to ATVs and motorbikes alike.

What is OutBack ATV park NC like? Their 800 acres of beautiful trails, their services, riding options and outstanding events make it one of the best and a great destination in NC.

This park has it all, from riding in the mud, competing on tracks to spend a memorable time with family. You can’t beat the beautiful scenery also!

Off-roading experience in North Carolina

In this review, you get to know what the park is like, amenities offered, quality of trails, services of staff and other key things you know before visiting.

OutBack ATV Park NC: The Essentials

OutBack ATV Park is located in Laurinburg, NC ; close to the Laurinburg-Maxton Airport which is not far off from I-74.The park has a massive expanse of about 80 acres along with a 1.5 mile long track, a peewee track and a round track.

The park is run by two disabled veterans whose first and foremost aim is to provide a family-friendly environment at the park from which visitors or riders can take full advantage of, this makes the OutBack ATV Park the most special one.

Outback ATV park NC has a bunch of surprises to offer at every step from providing varied activities for riders to superb trails that wind through the woods and along a river bank.

OutBack ATV park organizes lots of concerts and events throughout the year providing their visitors excellent facilities on-site for camping and riding  and accommodation options to accompany riders. Camping is permitted on the primitive grounds at the cost of $5 per night or tent and RV Hookups are also available at $20 per night per Hookup.

The park is open riding daily from 9:00 A.M to dusk and it costs $5 per day to access & adding to that $10 for every vehicle.

It is alway a great idea to call before heading for current conditions detailed visitor information.

Riding at OutBack ATV Park:NC

The thing that makes the OutBack one of the most popular destinations in NC is that they offer several trails, tracks, sand pits and a mud bog. In addition to all the sand pits and fantastic scenery by the Jordan Creek and through the woods, the park also features several tracks for ATVs and motorbikes. The mud bog is especially popular because it has its own dedicated event named “the OutBack Bash ”.

The OutBack ATV park is best not just at providing great riding experience but also organizing outdoor concerts with an outstanding array of famous artists and bands. Bonus features of the park include contests and more!

Riding at OutBack ATV Park, you’ll find a warm welcome once you get there and set out to experience the trails.

OutBack Rules

Although this may be a welcoming park for all off-riders to experience the thrill and adventure of off-roading, OutBack has some rules and regulations you need to know before visiting. These include: 

  • No helmet, No ride_ all machines require a helmet except a side by side with working seatbelt.
  • No Glass_ You cannot bring drugs or alcohol and no glass or jars are allowed.
  • No Littering_ Please use the trashans on the property.
  • Pets are OK_ But they should be full-vaccinated plus owners will be held 100% responsible for their pets and their actions. Pets must be on a leash.
  • No Hunting allowed 
  • Speed over 5 MPH_ is not allowed in the common area.

OutBack Events

The most popular annual event of OutBack ATV PARK “OutBack MudBash“ is not all the park has to offer. They held various events, contests and concerts all year round. Also, there are many charity initiatives run by the owners of the park.

Some highlighted events are : Back to School Jam in September and an annual Toys for Tots Christmas Drive that is crowned with a celebrity Christmas Party.

Keep checking their Facebook Page to stay connected with all the up-to-date information.

Other ATV Parks Nearby:

There are some other great destinations for ATV riding in North Carolina. If you want to extend your trip beyond OutBack, here are some of the top options for you:

  • Deep Creek- Located in Linden, NC, the Deep Creek ATV park is owned and operated  by Adamant ATV Riders Club which excels at deep mud bogs, several play pits and about 15 miles of sandy ATV  trails. This park that offers over 975 acres of land is not only open for off-roading but also for other outdoor activities such as bounty holes, open-air concerts and more.

At Deep Creek , you’ve safe and fun place to ride!

  • Busco Beach & ATV Park– In Goldsboro, North Carolina, Busco beach & ATV park is a recreational riding facility and human-made beach where you can go for a swim in summers and chill off a bit. Busco Beach. The park has 2,000 acres of land open for all off-roading vehicles to RIDE HARD & GET DIRTY! Open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, the park is proving popular with locals and tourists alike.
  • Cape Fear ATV & MX Park- Located just an hour away from Carolina Beach, this family-oriented ATV park is a perfect place where you can ride through the woods, camping, swimming and go fishing too. The property also has a motocross track, a drag strip, mud bogs, sand pits, deep pounds and about 30 miles of marked wood trails for riding.

You can camp either on primitive spots or bringing your RV as there are  plenty of sites available that can accommodate large RVs.  Occasional live music and special events are also hosted during weekends.

Conclusion : Park that Never Closes

OutBack ATV park in NC is called “the Park that never closes“ and “the park of the people“. Thanks to its immense popularity due to its willingness to cater all off-roading vehicles throughout the year. The family-friendly atmosphere of the park makes it the top destination in North Carolina. Definitinley, this will be your most preferred place to visit. There is much to explore at the park and other miscellaneous activities and events all year round  are just like toppings on the cone that make you visit this park again and again.

Bring your ATV at OutBack and let loose!

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