Why Is My Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter Light On?

Found the service shifter light on in your Jeep Cherokee? From a faulty wire to a poor shifter, the cause could be anything. If you don’t want further trouble with your car, get the service shifter checked immediately. 

Why Is My Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter Light On

If the service shifter light is on, it’s a sign that you must take your Jeep Cherokee to visit the mechanic. But what if you’re in the middle of a journey and the service shifter light turns on? Read on to learn about what to do in such situations. 

What Does a Service Shifter Light Mean in Jeep Cherokee?

Your Jeep Cherokee is in dire need of service if the service shifter light turns on. A professional mechanic will do a thorough checkup of your vehicle. The fuse might need a replacement, or the software might need to be updated. Otherwise, the entire shifter might need to be changed as well. 

You might be hesitant about driving any further in a problematic situation when the service shifter light turns on. Usually, this light indicates that your Jeep needs minor repairing, so it’s safe to drive ahead and go to a Jeep dealership to get the job done. 

If you own a 2014-2015 Jeep Cherokee KL, you shouldn’t drive further if the service shifter light is on. Try calling a mechanic and get the repair work done immediately. 

Since the ‘Service Shifter’ warning could indicate any problem in the car, it’s better to let a mechanic deduce and resolve the issue. Even if you think the service shifter warning is on for no reason, it’s better to let a mechanic reach that conclusion. 

Can You Drive a Jeep Cherokee With the Service Shifter Light On?

If you travel long distances on your Jeep Cherokee, a service shifter warning may make you question how safe it is to drive the car. The cost of towing your vehicle back home would be much more than getting it repaired. 

You might be thinking about driving straight home. Most of the experiences show that there isn’t any harm in driving your Jeep Cherokee with the service shifter light on. If you don’t see any other troubles in your vehicle, it must be a faulty wire or a system software update. Hence, you can drive back home safely. 

The service shifter warning doesn’t mean you need to call the tow truck instantly unless you’re driving a Jeep Cherokee 2015 model. Then you must call a tow truck service for your own safety. 

Mostly, there isn’t a single issue with the vehicle when the warning signal is on, even in the 2014-2015 models. However, get your Jeep Cherokee checked to stay on the safe side. Just avoid long-distance traveling until the issue is resolved. 

A prevalent and unique problem with the Cherokee is that even after the repair is done, you may see the service shifter light blinking. So if this is happening with your car, you can drive without worrying. 

A Jeep dealership may also be able to resolve the problem if they’re familiar with shifter light issues. 

How much does it cost to replace a Jeep Cherokee shifter?

The average cost of replacing a Jeep Cherokee shifter is between $400 and $1000. However, these prices include any labor costs that apply to replace the shifter. 

Can You Fix the Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter Light at Home?

Due to any complications that could arise when fixing the service shifter light, it is best to get help from a professional mechanic. There is no quick fix for the service shifter warning since parts must be ordered most times to repair it. 

The best option is to take your vehicle to a dealership and run an On-Board Diagnostics test(OBD) to check what may be causing the issue. If your vehicle is under warranty, you should go to a dealership that can run proper diagnostics and repairs. 

Does the Warranty Cover the Service Shifter of the Jeep Cherokee?

At times, dealerships don’t cover the shifter’s problem under warranty. So if there’s trouble with the shifter, you’ll have to pay for repairs yourself. 

However, you can diagnose the issue with the shifter by going to a dealership. The mechanics can guide you about what is causing the problem and tell you what repair work needs to be done. 


The service shifter light may turn on due to minor issues caused in the car, such as a faulty wire, or it may signal for no reason at all. 

Even though you can drive your Jeep Cherokee with the service shifter signal on, it is best to get it checked by a mechanic. If you’re driving a 2014-15 Jeep Cherokee model, then you need to get a tow truck and not take any risk driving the vehicle anymore. 

You can simply drive to a dealership to get a diagnosis of the problem and get a replacement for any faulty parts in the car.

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Why is the service shifter light on in my Jeep Cherokee?

If the service shifter warning light is on in your Jeep Cherokee, it means you need to get your vehicle checked for repairs. It can sometimes be a minor issue, but it’s better to get it serviced by a professional mechanic. 

How to turn off the service shifter light?

You shouldn’t turn off the service shifter light unless you are sure there is nothing wrong with the car. However, you can turn it off if you get it checked and find that the service shifter warning is on for no reason. 

You can unplug the battery for a bit and plug it in again. Alternatively, you can change the oil in the car, or you can restart your Jeep Cherokee. 

Can I drive my Jeep Cherokee with the service shifter light on?

If the service shifter light turns on while driving, you don’t necessarily need to call a tow truck to reach your destination. For the most part, it is safe to drive your Jeep Cherokee with the service shifter light on. 

What will the mechanic do to fix the service shifter light?

A professional mechanic will run a computerized check on your vehicle to find any faulty technology causing the warning. The mechanic may also change the wire of the shifter. If the service shifter is causing serious issues, then the mechanic may replace it altogether, especially if it is covered by warranty. 

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