Kayo Fox 70 Review: Top Speed

Kayo was first known as the manufacturing brand of motorbikes, but later on, after noticing there were no appropriate rides available for young riders and their interests, Kayo took the initiative and entered into the youth ATV industry. 

Kayo has launched several models which are designed especially for younger riders, and The Kayo Fox 70 is also one of these. So if you’re thinking of buying it for yourself or your loved ones, this detailed Kayo Fox 70 review will make your work much easier. 

About Kayo Fox 70

The Kayo Fox 70 is an ATV designed for youngsters of age six or above who love to have fun on four-wheelers. As it is specially designed for beginners, it comes with several safety features and boosting speed to keep the parents assured while providing the child with a thriller and fun experience. 

For having these capabilities and being available at affordable prices, it is well-known among many consumers in the industry. Let’s have a closer look at its features.

Key Features of Kayo Fox 70

Tires and Brakes

At each corner of Kayo Fox 70, you’ll find the same 16-inch all-terrain tires with the directional tread pattern to make it less roll resistant and to provide the user with sufficient grip even on rough terrain. As for stability, the company has kept the front tires a bit wider than the rear ones to make the vehicle stable. 

For the front and rear brakes, there are two youth-sized easy-to-squeeze brake levers, one on each handlebar which is used to operate them. The hydraulic disc brakes are installed in the front and rear brakes to slow down the vehicle whenever required, and it also comes with a parking brake.


Front Tires16 x 8 to 7
Rear Tires16 x 8 to 7
Front Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake TypeHydraulic Disc

Engine & Transmission

The Kayo Fox 70 comes with a 70cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine, which is more than enough for its power and speed. The engine has the capacity to not only easily carry young riders even at top speed but also is capable enough to carry adults over flat terrain. 

The accelerator here is the one impressive thing that has caught my attention, as it is quite great for this small engine. Also, this ATV is s chain driven, and its engine is designed with a single-speed fully automatic transmission, so there is no need for interchangeable gears.


Drive SystemChain
Fuel SystemCarburetor
Fuel Capacity.55 Gallons
Cylinder ArrangementForward-inclined single-cylinder
Engine Type Four-StrokeSOHC
GearsSingle Speed
Transmission TypeFully Automatic CVT
Battery12V 5Ah
Engine CoolingAir Cooled


This ATV includes an A-arm suspension in the front and a swingarm suspension in the rear which is preload-adjustable, so you can reduce it for softer rides or increase it for rough riders according to your feasibility. 

As it was designed for younger people, this technique was used to make their rides safer, more comfortable, and more stable. Furthermore, there is a 4.5-inch ground clearance integrated into it which works great to clear smaller rocks and obstacles out on the trail.


Wheelbase30 inches
Ground Clearance4.5 inches
Front SuspensionNon-adjustable Shocks
Rear SuspensionSingle Shock w/ Adjustable Preload

Dimensions and Capacities

The ATV’s dimensions are the same, just as other ATVs of such kinds, and this works ideally best in the tightest trails and wood areas. The 158.7lb weight of Kayo Fox 70 is just perfect to handle and steer for riders of all sizes and experience levels.


Length49.8 in
Width31.4 in
Height34.6 in
Seat Height23.8 in
Weight158.7 lbs

Safety Features

Safety is one of the biggest concerns here because it was designed for younger people and nothing could be more important than their safety. And just like in other vehicles in Kayo Fox 70, the company has shown a sense of responsibility which can be clearly seen from its size and vehicle’s controls. 

Handling and riding this Kayo Fox 70 is much easier to handle and steer for youngsters because of its size, which is just perfect for them. For the control, ideally sized handles are integrated for smaller hands to get a grip, and rear brake levers are also kept in place so little fingers can reach them easily. 

Then we have a thumb throttle which is again installed in a suitable position so it will be easier for fingers to take control of both the throttle and brake lever simultaneously.

Additionally, to make the vehicle safer for the younger, Kayo has included the throttle limiter in Kayo Fox 70 that allows the parents to limit the speed of the vehicle, which can be adjusted with the screw from the throttle box’s back. 

The safety tether is also provided to be worn on the rider’s wrist to stop the engine if they fall off. Also, on the remote, there is an electronic kill button so parents can hold it up and kill the vehicle if needed, and it can’t be restarted until unlocked via the same method.


Handling this Kayo Fox 70 is extremely smooth for younger riders as they don’t need to have a real understanding of how to position their bodies while riding it. Just by sitting back on the seat, they can slow down their speed, while for faster speed, all they need to do is slide forward. 

To make their rides more stable, the front tires are wide-set, which provides the vehicle with a quick turning ability with limited tripping risk. 

Also, if you’re riding it at a higher speed, the steering remains stable, and the handlebars also don’t change their position even if they are moving on bumps or holes. 

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How much is Kayo Fox 70 Top Speed?

The Kayo Fox 70’s speed can go all the way up from 25 mph to 30 mph. But to make it reach its top speed, you need to make adjustments with the throttle limiter, which is integrated to limit the speed.

What is the price of Kayo Fox 70?

Kayo Fox 70’s launch price was $1,299 in 2023. Since then there are not many changes in its prices as you can easily buy used models now within $1,000 to $1,200, varying upon the mileage and condition.

Common Problems with Kayo Fox 70

Kayo Fox 70 Pros

  • Highly affordable than many others with such specs.
  • Extremely powerful and capable of running around at the highest speed setting.
  • Includes many safety features such as a safety tether, speed limiter, and kill-engine button in the remote.
  • Holds up well on the rough terrains
  • Comes with a Six-month company warranty 

Kayo Fox 70 Cons:

  • Low-quality factory carburetors 
  • It is a bit loose drive chain 
  • Can’t be used for longer because it outgrows the size of the rider
  • Prone to crack plastic outer shelling if the driver is inexperienced 
  • Lower fuel capacity


The Kayo Fox 70 is an ideal ATV for all those six-year kids and above who are thinking of starting their off-road riding journeys as it doesn’t only provide standard functionality but is also available at half the cost of many of the ATVs of such types. On top of that, even at much lower prices, they haven’t compromised with the safety features or the fun of your youngsters. 

Although it has some flaws in it, they aren’t promising enough to ignore this vehicle, and you can easily overcome these problems, so if you’re thinking of giving it up because of these flaws, give it a second thought.

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