Kayo ATV Problems and Their Solutions:

Are you wondering what is up against Kayo ATV? Well, you’ve reached the right place. Kayo ATV is a famous brand known for manufacturing well-built and affordable ATVs and dirt bikes that makes your experience more fun. We all know ATVs are all-terrain vehicles, but their owners still face some common problems, and we have the solution to all these problems.

In the below article, we have discussed everything you need to know to help you sort things out.

9 Common Kayo ATV Problems:

After giving it a lot of research over many hours and visiting several forums, we have found these are the most common Kayo ATV problems until now. So if you’ve encountered any of these problems, follow below mentioned steps to get rid of your problems.

Problem # 1: The Engine Failure

Just like every machine, ATVs are also built with an engine to operate. As it is a mechanical part so there is no wonder to say that the owners might have to face several issues if there is something wrong with its engine. Also, Check kayo fox 70 problems.

Symptoms of Engine Failure

  • Your engine stalls
  • Knocking engine sounds
  • Mileage reduction
  • Odors
  • Unexplainable power loss


  • If your vehicle is also facing such a problem, first, you should look out for clogs in the exhaust or air filter. Then you could try solving this issue by following some DIY tips and tricks.
  • But if this doesn’t work and your engine is facing some complex problems, you should ask for expert help. 

Problem # 2: Battery

If your quad bike is not ready to start, it means something must be wrong with your battery.

Symptoms of battery problems

  • The vehicle isn’t getting started after the ignition.
  • It takes time to get engaged after ignition or shuts down randomly.


  • For the solution, the first thing you need is a multimeter to test its voltage. The normal range is 12V, and if it shows something lower than that, it indicates that your vehicle’s battery needs recharging. 
  • If this still doesn’t fix your problem or your battery timing is acting abnormally, you should replace the battery with the new one. 

Problem # 3: Carburetor Issues:

Carburetor could also cause problems in your vehicle, and it plays a basic role in its works as it helps the engine in the combustion process. The carburetor is used in air combustion and regulates a fuel spray to produce a spark.

Its functioning gets disturbed when the dirt gets in it while moving on rough terrain. The dirt prevents the fuel from reaching the engine, which causes problems. Dirt can enter from a cracked vacuum horse. Or it happens when the needle valve is blocked due to dirt.

Symptoms of Carburetor issues

  • It stops on its own right after staring.
  • Your vehicle is not getting started.


  • Many times, when your machine is not starting, the reason could be its carburetor, and to get rid of this problem, you have to immediately contact the professionals for help as they are the only ones who understand the mechanical parts of your ATV. 

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Problem # 4: Defective Ignition

Just like other mechanical devices, ATVs also need a spark and fuel to operate and run. Without these, it is impossible to ignite your vehicle, so if your vehicle does not get a spark, you can’t operate it.

Symptoms of Defective Ignition:

  • Fuel is full, and the vehicle is starting but doesn’t work smoothly. Then it could be a sign of a spark plug. 
  • Your gas tank is full, and the fuel is good, but the engine still won’t start. It could be because of a faulty spark plug.


  • This is not a big problem, as you can also solve it on your own by just checking if there is any corrosion or gunk on the plugs.
  • If there’s not, then it could also be because of the ignition coil failure or capacitor discharge ignition. To solve this issue, you can do this with the help of a manual, or you can reach out to experts. 
  • It might also be solved with the unlock button, as while shutting down, you have pressed the lock button.

Problem # 5: Restarting Issues

Some of the Kayo ATV owners have complained that their vehicles take longer than expected to restart their vehicle after switching off, and some even say that their vehicles don’t start at all. 


  • Press the red switch on your vehicle integrated inside the handle on its left side used to switch it off. Although it is there to power off the vehicle, it can also be used to restart it quickly. 

Problem # 6: Temprature Effect 

If you’re leaving your Kayo ATV in the cold weather for longer than you should get ready for the consequences, as it may not let your vehicle turn on. But don’t worry. You can solve it by just warming it up, and then the engine will ignite successfully, as cold weather affects the spark plug. 


  • To solve the problem, you need to pull out the chock located at the bottom left of your handlebar and leave it there for 30-60 seconds. Then push it back to its position and repeat the process for some time. This will surely help you warm it up. 

Problem # 7: Your New Kayo Fox ATV Doesn’t Start

Sometimes when owners buy their Kayo ATVs and take them, they have a hard time and find it very difficult to start them. 


  • So to start it effectively, all you have to do is pull on the brakes either on the left or right side brakes. Doing so will greatly help you in starting your ATV successfully. 

Problem # 8: Climbing Problems

Is it difficult for you to climb uphill while riding this? This could be because of the governor, and it can be resolved by adjusting the nuts integrated into the crankcase.


  • So while adjusting, you have to ensure that it has achieved a halfway position, and for this, you’ve to move in the counterclockwise direction. Also, ensure that you have pulled the screws holding the crankcase out.
  • You can easily turn the nut in or out or pull it all out to achieve full drive so you can drive smoothly on the more rough terrains.

Problem # 9: Size Issues

The size issue is an issue that most youngsters or beginners face as sometimes we think that we can drive this all-terrain vehicle smoothly and can even drive on rough terrains, but this becomes difficult for them. As under 16 years old are not suited at all for these machines, and they will surely find it difficult to reach their destination while riding it and can also injure themselves in the process. 


Always be cautious of your or your loved one’s age when you decide to buy an ATV for your own accrued.

Final Words:

Although Kayo ATVs are known for their higher build-up quality, they still run on mechanical parts, so it isn’t a big deal for them to have such problems. So don’t panic, as you can now solve any of the Kayo ATV Problems by yourselves. Isn’t it?

FAQs Section:

Are Kayo ATVs reliable?

Kayo ATVs are surely reliable whether it is hot or cold. They are too strong to be affected and being 150cc, they hold up to their name because of their great power.

Is Kayo worth getting?

It surely is a must-have because it is more flexible, cheaper, and gives you an excellent viewing experience because of its sports-focused features. 

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