8 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 Problems and their Solutions

Kawasaki’s Brute Force 750 is an off-road vehicle specially designed for the most challenging jobs in the hilliest and most dangerous terrains. The Brute Force 750 is built up with many strong features, such as its 749cc V-twin engine, to give it a massive amount of power and a durable CVT transmission to handle the rigors of riding. 

Besides all these things, Kawasaki Brute Force 750 is also infamous because of its several issues, whether it is of loosening the belt, oil leaks, engine knocking, hard starts, or overheating. Today in this article, I will discuss some of the most common Kawasaki Brute Force 750 problems and their quick solutions. 

Kawasaki Brute Force 750 Problems:

After going through several forums, these are the eight problems that we have got to learn about the most from the owners of the Kawasaki Brute Force 750:

Problem # 1: Engine Making a Louder Noise

Engine knocking is the first problem many drivers face as they hear louder rattling from their vehicles. One of these owners quoted, “… there is a very loud knock on this thing. Could one of the clutches be the issue?” While the other one said, “I took off cover where the belt is located, and I’m hearing the knocking noise coming….” 

Then after analyzing the whole issue, some experts discovered that the reason behind this rattling sound could be a loose flywheel or faulty clutch. Whereas some of them think that could be because of improper adjustment of shocks, bent or damaged frame, suspension, and imbalanced drivetrain.


These are some quick solutions that might help in getting rid of this problem. 

  • Rebuild the whole engine, especially replace the entire top end and cylinders. 
  • Drain the oil completely and then to check the brass filings in the oil, remove the filters. If there is any problem, call the professionals.
  • If the suspension is the reason, then first check the status of the shocks. Replace the parts or adjust them appropriately if needed. 
  • If the reason is an imbalanced drivetrain, this could be because of leaf springs, worn-out bearings, or an imbalanced wheel. In that case, replacing the defective parts is your only solution. 
  • Lastly, for the bent or damaged frame, you have to replace it too.

Problem # 2: Starting Issue

Many times we have seen owners complain that their engine won’t start or is taking time to start, especially in harsh or extremely cold weather. 

The reason behind this problem could be because of the low or dead battery, defective wiring system, ignition switch, damaged spark plugs, and ECU. 


  • For the obvious reason, which is insufficient fuel, you’ve to fill up your gas tank and make sure that the fuel line of your vehicle is working fine.
  • If the plugs are damaged, then clean them thoroughly, and if still, the problem continues, replace them. 
  • For the insufficient battery problem, you have to recharge your battery, but if it doesn’t work, it means the battery is dead, and it’s high time to replace it with the new one that is easily available in the market at affordable rates.
  • Lastly, you can also try replacing the starter solenoid, which might help you to start your bike again, as it might be causing the engine failure. 
  • Go through all the wires and their connections and loosen or corrode them if needed.

Problem # 3: Loose Belt or Belt Slipping

As mentioned above, this is mainly for rough and tough terrains, so they are supposed to carry heavy loads every now and then. Such heavy loads can cause problems like a loose belt or belt slipping. Brute Force 750 is an off-road vehicle, so it’s highly likely to get muddy not only in its external parts but also in its internal parts. 

This is the main reason behind the belt loosening or slipping, as the belt slips when muddy water enters the bike. Therefore, integrating mudguards and other protective gear into your quad bikes is recommended. 

Besides this, there are some other problems that might be causing this, such as the worn out or damaged belt, improper setting of your new or existing belt, or excessive power to the wheels. 


Now if you’re facing this same issue, then there are several things you could do to solve your problem:

  • First, you should check the flyweights and clutch spring pressures and correct them if needed. 
  • You have to make sure the clutch springs are set correctly, and the flywheels are moving without any problem. 
  • Also, one of the best ways to avoid this problem is belt replacement. 

If you don’t want to choose this option of belt replacement first-hand, then you can also opt for these solutions such as:

  • Try to adjust the deflection, as it also works some of the time.
  • Clean the sheaves surface or correct the torque set-up.

But if still the problem is not solved, then it is high time to call the dealer and ask for belt replacement.

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Problem # 5: Radiator Fan Dysfunction

Lastly, we have Radiator Fan Dysfunction, which is caused when your radiator’s fan stops working as it is an obvious thing that there is no motor that can work correctly if there is no cooling system working with it. Therefore, it is important to solve this issue; otherwise, your bike’s engine will blow up. 


To find the root of your problem, you need to check these things:

  • Inspect the coolant level, thermostat, radiator sensor, rear bus connector, and circuit breaker. If there is a bad circuit breaker, cut it off, as it may help the fans to start working correctly.
  • In case you find out that the fuse of your bike’s fan is blown, then the only option you’ve is to replace it with the new one. The same goes for the seized-up or damaged motor. You’ve to replace it too. 
  • To avoid radiator dysfunction, keep in check the cleaning of your wiring harnesses and dry them regularly, as sometimes the exposure of your bike components could also be the reason.

Problem # 6: Oil Leakages

One of the most disastrous problems we have learned, and many of the owners face, is Oil Leakage. While going through the forums, I have seen someone complaining that “I have a 06 brute 750 with an oil leak from what I believe to be a coolant chamber under the left rear of the engine.” 

This kind of issue can surely cause severe problems and can endanger your life, so let’s move on to how you can fix such issues. 


  • On the bottom of the bike, you’ll see a tube integrated down there, and when you pull the case of the engine side, there will be a seal that sits inside the case side, dividing the oil and coolant. So, if there is a problem with the seal, replace it or call an expert if needed.

Problem – 5: Engine Overheating

Overheating is also a problem that several owners face, but it is not that much common as other ones. However, it surely can’t be ignored because here, the rider’s safety is at great risk. 

Here’s an example of such a problem: “But now (summer) it overheats still, and I have tried engine ice it just seems that any bit of mud in the radiator and it’s going to overheat.” So let’s look at how you can fix this.


  • First, try to lessen the amount of pressure you’re putting on the engine, not too fast or too slow, just a regular pressure.
  • If your radiator is full of dirt and mud, try relocating the racks and the radiator, or place a temperature gauge on your vehicle. To avoid this problem in the future, you can install a manual switch for turning on the fan to reduce overheating.
  • To remove the mud from the radiators, clean it thoroughly after taking out the plastic. Using acids like aluminum brighteners, coil cleaners, etc., could be a great help in removing the mud.

Problem # 7: Connector Corrosion

This is one of the most common problems, as all ATV users must have faced it too. While riding, your bike has to be exposed to many elements on the roads, especially liquids such as mud. When the water reaches the bike’s electrical system, it causes the connector to corrode. 

Therefore, it is recommended to check your bike regularly to prevent your bike from corrosion, as it may lead to damaging the wiring.

You can guess the problem you’re seeing is any of these symptoms, such as engine overheating for a faulty fan, dead battery for meter tarrying, blown fuses, difficulties in switching to 4WD mode, engine starting without an ignition key, and check belt light flashing. 


  • There are two bus connectors integrated into the bike taped to the wiring harness, which can cause huge electrical failure if the water goes into them during your ride. So to prevent this, clean the greenish corrosion under the connector or add some dielectric grease to seal the connection properly.
  • In some cases, bundling up the connectors and soldering all the wires, and sealing them separately from the connectors could also help.

Problem # 8: 4-wheel-drive Mode Issue

The engagement of the 4-wheel-drive(4WD) mode could also be a problem in your quad bike. As it is an all-terrain bike so just like many others, it comes with two driving modes: 4WD for rough terrain and 2WD for smooth surfaces. The problem can occur while flipping the switch, as sometimes you switch the mode to 4WD, but it still remains stuck to 2WD.

This problem could be caused by some electrical faults such as due to a bad actuator, blown fuses, bus connectors, water intrusion, etc.


  • First of all, check the actuator, water intrusion, fuses, and bus connector. If the actuator is causing the problem, you will notice that the light of both modes is flashing with a 1-sec interval. 
  • To solve this problem, disconnect the battery terminal and wait for 10-15 seconds. Then, reconnect them to reset the actuator. But it is just a temporary solution, so it will help only for a short time.
  • If the problem keeps happening frequently, then you have to replace the actuator.

Final Verdicts:

Like every problem has a solution, these Kawasaki Brute Force 750 Problems have some solutions too, whether it is an Engine Making a Louder Noise, Starting Issue, Loose Belt or Belt Slipping, Radiator Fan Dysfunction, Oil Leakages, Connector Corrosion, 4-wheel-drive Mode Issue you can fix it all.

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