How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Jeep Wrangler

Whenever a jeep owner wants some customization, he always confuses himself about choosing a jeep wrap or a paint job. It is a critical one but wrapping a jeep wrangler is a perfect option for some obvious reasons, such as budget and time, and it is also reversible.

Jeep Wrangler Wrap Cost (1)

When you select to wrap a jeep, the next question is how much it costs to wrap a jeep and if it is affordable and effective. Don’t worry; I am here to discuss this in detail about jeep wrap cost and factors that affect jeep wrap cost with other essential details as well.

Jeep Wraps

It is a large vinyl graphic or decal covering that is directly applied to the paint of the jeep. Its primary purpose is to make your vehicle unique from other vehicles and make it stand out in a crowd of thousands. Its cool and attractive wrap design protects the exterior part of your jeep by giving it outer coverings.

Reason to wrap a Jeep

There are many reasons to get a Jeep wrap, and these are as follows:

  1. The first is to protect jeep paint from dust, ding, scratches, sun damage, discoloration, and other exterior damage.
  2. Jeep wrap is one of the effective and affordable solutions to your problem if you want an advertising campaign for your brand.
  3. You can change it whenever you want to sell your Jeep as it is very easy to remove by heat solution. 

Average prices of Jeep Wrangler wrap

If you want to buy a wrap, you should follow these guidelines as per cost, which is as follows. These wrap costs are by 25-foot rolls.

Types of wrapsPrice
3M matte black$240 by 5
Avery glossy black$210 by 5
3M black carbon fiber$440 by 5
Avery white carbon fiber$290 by 5
Oracle silver carbon fiber$240 by 5

Factors that affect jeep wrangler wrap cost

Jeep wrap cost is affected by many factors, and these are as follows:

Size of a Jeep

The size of the jeep affects the cost despite the wrap types. You have to pay less for a two-door jeep wrangler, and expenditures are high for a 4-door jeep wrangler. Price is increased as more material is used for a bigger size. 

Moreover, in addition to size, the year and generation of your jeep wrangler also make changes. 

Wrap Design

Wrap design also has an effect on wrap costs. Different designs have different cost categories. A more complex design is costly compared to a basic one. It also has different prices if you choose to wrap it with thread, fabric, or pattern design. It depends upon your choice of what type of wrap you want and whether it is affordable.

Dimension of wrap

Dimensions also decide on wrap cost as thicker ones have more price. Tight vinyl wrap costs more compared with normal wrap. Suppose you want to wrap everything on the outside part of your jeep. Then it costs more than to wrap a single part of your jeep. 

Extra Services

Some companies offer extra services that cost more than normal, and these additional services include window tinting, customization, auto detailing, and much more. Using these services has more expenses, but it depends on whether you want them.

How Much Is It To Wrap A Jeep Wrangler If You Do It By Yourself?

If you want to wrap the jeep by yourself, it is not easy, but a fair one with jeep wrangler wrap kits which are used for wrapping a jeep. Its price starts at $70, an average cost that changes depending on different wraps and types of work quality and finishes.

Matte and gloss with basic colors and finishes are cheaper options to wrap a Jeep, but if carbon fiber or chrome wrap is used, it is a little pricey. 

Everage wrap cost according to size

The everage high-quality wrap price is $275 per 25-foot roll. The wrap is available in 5-foot to 25-foot rolls; you can buy it at the best value. Two rolls of wrap are required for two doors soft top jeep wrangler and approximately three rolls for a 4-door jeep wrangler. As a beginner, buy three rolls of wrap for wrapping your jeep as a first attempt.

So I will conclude that the average cost to wrap a jeep wrangler is around about $600 to $1,400, which varies with size.

How Much To Wrap A Jeep Wrangler If You Hire Professionals?

Hiring trained professionals to do this job is a little expensive, but you get high-quality work with some extra services as well. The average cost to wrap a jeep by professional lies between $3000 and $4500.

Chrome wrap costs professional

Chrome wrap is one of the most expensive wraps by professionals, and its price range from $6000 to $1,0000.

Vinyl wrap costs

The average cost to install a vinyl wrap is about $1200 to $4,500, but if you hire a highly professional or top installer in the industry, their price range varies from $2000 to $5000.

Custom printed wraps

The cost of design, printing, and installation of this type of custom-printed wrap is $4500. The more you customize and complex its design, the more the cost you have to pay for a printed wrap. 

Ways to cut down the price of the wrap of jeep wrangler

Some people cannot afford high prices and want to cut down the price to wrap a jeep wrangler. There are some points to consider to cut extra charges for wrapping a jeep wrangler cost.

  1. Painting a jeep is very expensive so you can use vinyl wrap instead of paint. It is a cheap option that will surely save money and give your Jeep a trendy and modern look.
  2. The companies that offer extra services increase expenses for these services; if you cannot use them, it automatically cuts costs and makes them affordable for you.
  3. Different designs and colors are available for the vinyl wrap at different prices, so choose the perfect one according to your taste at affordable prices. Options of many different designs also cut costs.
  4. Wrap a full jeep is costly, so try to wrap some specific parts of the jeep named partial wrap, which will surely make it cost-effective for you.


How can I wrap my jeep wrangler?

Wash and dry your jeep.
Disassemble the parts for easy working
Take a microfiber cloth and alcohol and clean the surface you want to wrap.
Wrap your jeep.

Is Jeep Wrap Durable?

Yes, it is and lasts for 5 to 7 years. If you add a protecting UV layer, the durability increases for several more years.

What are the benefits of Jeep wrapping?

Provide protection to the jeep surface and paint
Enhances its looks
Allow customization


How much does to wrap a wrangler? Wrapping a jeep wrangler is the cheapest option instead of paint and more beneficial for some obvious reasons. If you wrap it yourself, it is necessary to buy all materials and have the availability of all necessary tools and exactly follow the instructions to wrap the jeep properly. If you hire a professional, then keep in mind to get the best one with exceptional services and affordable prices. Ask them for free quotes and use recommendations and reviews to calculate their credibility.

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