Jeep Wrangler Easter Eggs Location

People are only familiar with the colorful eggs of Easter, also known as Paschal eggs. They would never think that they may find them on their Wrangler jeeps. Though their name is Easter eggs, neither they are eggs nor have any relation with Easter. 

What Are The Jeep Easter Eggs (History, Types and Purpose)

Instead, they are hidden animals playing hide and seek with you while hiding themselves in different parts of your jeep wrangler. Don’t worry; they are not real animals, and also not always animals; you can call them some really enjoyable stuff the jeep designers added and hide them in your jeep so that any jeep owner once finds them and feel pleasure. 

The first easter egg in wrangler was a seven-slot grille, which the owners found twenty-five years back. But finding all over 1997 to 2021 jeep wrangler easter egg locations is not easy, and the designers do not give any clue to the buyers when they buy one. Through this article, I’ll help you find your wrangler easter egg location. So, let’s begin this exciting and enjoyable journey with me.

Jeep Wrangler Easter Egg Location

Have you seen any hidden animals on the jeeps wrangler? Instead of finding them on your own, though it’s enjoyable, you can ask any person who has previously found them, it will be really helpful. So. let’s see where your jeep hidden easter eggs can be.  

Why Do I Need To Find My Jeep Wrangler Easter Eggs 2023?

However, it will be okay if you don’t want to get some enjoyment. But what if your fellow jeep wrangler owner asks about which hidden animals are in your jeep? How do you feel when the jeep aficionados talk about the hidden animals on jeeps? 

It is quite boring to listen to such a convo that you can’t participate because you have no information or nothing exciting to say about it. I feel not knowing about Jeep’s hidden easter eggs makes you feel outside among the jeep wrangler lovers.

Finding these secrets is always enjoyable, and I don’t see anything bad in finding jeep wrangler jk easter egg locations. 

Jeep Wrangler Easter Eggs Location

When it comes to the jeep wrangler’s easter egg location, you will find many similarities in the location of hidden animals with other jeeps mentioned below. Here I’m giving a list of jeep hidden animals that I found in my big cat. So, let’s see jeep easter egg locations, wrangler.

The first one is so obvious, which is the sandal’s graphics on the cowl. You will also find several silhouettes of the Willys MB in the windshield, shifter, and floor mat. Then comes the seven-slot grilles under the windshield, front grille, under the hood on both sides, above rare view mirror, and on the back of the tailgate, where you will also get a cup holder, not in all jeeps. 

In the jeep wrangler JL, you will also find some Morse codes the “JL.” The next is to check the formats, where you find an off-road map of Moab, a graphic image of a shovel and pick, and a dinosaur’s skull. 

If you have a wrangler rubicon 392, it’s amazing to see the visual transformation of the old Willys into the new jeep that you will see on the screen once you start your jeep. Moreover, you can also see a running mini jeep on the screen. 

The jeep wrangler has a Jeep logo on the steering wheel with three spokes that show a call for the old jeep of 1941 with a similar steering wheel. 

Some have Willys jeep on the screen as a vehicle to show the driver the distance from the next car. However, I did not have this feature on my jeep. 

How To Find Jeep Wrangler Easter Egg Locations?

Finding the jeep wrangler’s hidden animals is the easiest if you know the areas where the jeep designers creatively hide easter eggs. But the problem is that the company designers never say anything about it, so only jeep lovers can offer help. So, here I’m giving a sort guide to tell you how to find 2022 jeep wrangler easter egg locations. 

  1. The first thing is to have a jeep. I’m not kidding, as many people think they can explore any other person’s jeep. Though it’s a good idea; however, you know the easter eggs are inside the jeep, so you might get arrested for your adventure. 
  2. Check articles, blogs, forums, and YouTube videos to know what other jeep owners have found in their jeeps. 
  3. Ask your friends, family members, and neighbors did they find any hidden animals on jeep wrangler. 
  4. List all possible locations where other people find the secret animals. 
  5. Go to your jeep and check all those places like
  • gear shifter closer plastic, 
  • under the windshield wipers, 
  • floor mats, 
  • headlights, 
  • driver-side dead pedal, 
  • roof panel, 
  • cubby, 
  • dashboard, 
  • back windshield, 
  • cowl, 
  • Under the passenger seat cover cloth,
  • air recirculation button
  • fuel cap, 
  • menu options 
  • gauge cluster 
  • RPM gauge
  • Horn

If your list has other places, check them also; maybe your jeep has something special for you.

All Jeeps Easter Egg Location

All jeeps have hidden animals or easter eggs in different parts, and you would love to find them. Instead of going straight into the wrangler, I’ll first tell you about the other jeeps’ hidden animals. Check the table below to get quick knowledge. 

Jeep Renegade

LocationEaster Egg/ Hidden Animal
fuel-filler doorarachnid
console matsMoab map
headlampsseven-slot grille
Roof huge X-marking
RPM meter Orange paintball splotch
Floor matsJeep 
rearview-mirrorseven-slot grille
Under Seat fabricBig jeep Logo
Windshield Silhouette of the Willys MB
below the start button“to new adventures” moto

Jeep Grand Cherokee

LocationEaster Egg/ Hidden Animal
Under the hoodmap of Detroit
Under the hood313 area code
Underneath the fuel doorjeep
On the exteriorAmerican flag
End of dashboardSince 1941
Windshield of passenger sideSeven-slot grille
Windshield of passenger sideheadlights
third-row seat of the driver’s sideJeep climbing the glass

Jeep Cherokee

LocationEaster Egg/ Hidden Animal
WindshieldWillys Jeep
Wheels Willys Jeep
Rubber above the gear shiftertopographical map of Moab
Windows Loch Ness monster
Windows T-Rex driving or chasing a Willys Jeep
Passenger-side Cowl Flip flops
Underneath windshield wiperslurking lizard
Fuel doorJeep spider
Floor matT-Rex skull
Through out jeepSeven-slot grille
On infotainment system, buttons, steering wheel. silhouettes of a spider, bat, T-Rex, BigFoot, or a Willys Jeep.

Jeep Compass

LocationEaster Egg/ Hidden Animal
underneath windshield wipersGecko
Rear-window Loch Ness Monster
Under floor mat of driver’s sideJeep logo
hidden in plain sightMorse Code

Jeep Gladiator

LocationEaster Egg/ Hidden Animal
Passenger-side Cowl Flip flops
Wheels Willys MB
Left side of bedheart with number 419
Air recirculation buttontwo-door Wrangler picture
Windshield Jeep 
Gauge clusterjeep
Steering wheelJeep logo with three-pronged design


Do all jeeps have hidden animals on them?

Not all jeeps from the first manufacturing year, but the easter eggs were first hidden in 1997 in a jeep wrangler; after that, they are present in all jeeps. 

Is there any difference in the 2012 jeep liberty easter egg location?

If you haven’t found any, go and check your 2012 jeep liberty hoods, you will find a “JL” stamped under it. Also, you will find an “L,” a Morse code that stands for “JL.”

How many easter eggs are on a jeep?

There is no specific number of hidden easter eggs. Maybe you got a few, and after a year, another one might surprise you by appearing in front of you. But the highest number recorded is more than 30 easter eggs on Jeep Renegade.


you should carefully examine different parts of your Jeep’s interior and exterior, paying attention to details such as textures, patterns, and designs. Some of the most common locations for Jeep Easter Eggs are the headlights, taillights, and dashboards, but they can also be found in other unexpected places. Keep an eye out for small details or hidden shapes that may be placed in discreet locations, such as the fuel cap door hinge or the side of the vehicle near the front wheels.


I hope you know about all the possible jeep wrangler easter egg locations. Suppose you find them in your jeep wrangler so you can give proof that you are among us, a true jeep aficionado. Let us know if you see something exciting in your jeep, as I found a bulldog and a hound. I’d love to listen to from you. 

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