The Top Best Jeep Tours In Sedona

Offering views of the unique red rock formations and desert vegetation you won’t get to see anywhere else, Sedona has to be seen to be believed.

Best Jeep Tours In Sedona

Jeep tours are a great way to acquaint yourself with the scenic beauty of a place while still keeping away from jam-packed tourist hotspots.

It is no surprise then that you’d want to know where to find the best Jeep tours to explore this beautiful corner of the Southwest.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Jeep Tours in Sedona for you, complete with pricing information and what type of ride you’ll be sitting in!

What to Know Before Going on a Jeep Tour

A Jeep tour can be a great way to spend your day and have fun. It’s good to know what to take along with you before you go.

It’s always smart to have a bottle of water at hand. Some Jeep tours will offer water and other refreshments, but it’s best to err on the side of caution. Plus, keep in mind that the hot weather can get to you quite quickly, especially in the harsh Arizona desert.

Also, consider wearing a hooded jacket just in case the weather goes south. This is especially true if you’re going in the late summer months, as Sedona experiences bouts of rainfall during summer.

You should wear any outdoor shoes of your choice. We say this because you might get off the Jeep to walk around and explore, in which case flip-flops might be inconvenient.

The Best Jeep Tours in Sedona

Private Canyons and Cowboys Jeep Tour

This off-road tour will take you deep into the Sonoran Desert. You’ll get to see the historic Dry Creek Basin. You will also be taken to a log cabin used in multiple Wild West Films! Another interesting spot you’ll be able to see is the rock that has supposedly inspired a ride at Disney.

Aside from this, you’ll see Sedona’s famous rock formations and its native animal species. This Jeep tour will set you back $299 for two people.

The ride is slightly bumpy, which is to be expected considering the rough landscape. That said, you’ll still be comfortable. 

If you have children or elderly family members with you, our next option might be perfect for you!

Outback Trail Jeep Tour

On this tour, you’ll see distinct features of Sedona’s landscape, such as red rock formations, including Thunder Mountain, Cathedral Rock, and Bear Mountain. You’ll also be given valuable knowledge about the region’s history, geology, and local plants and animals.

If you’re somebody that experiences motion sickness and does not like bumpy rides, you’ll love this Jeep tour. You’ll have a smooth, bump-free ride, so you can feel free to bring children or the elderly without worrying if they’ll stay comfortable.

This tour will cost you between $102 per adult and $90 per child. 

Rim Run Supreme

If you’re willing to hit a few bumps for the sake of adventure, consider choosing this package. This 3-hour tour will take you through the Mogollon Rim, a unique rock formation extending 200 miles. On this tour, you’ll get to see areas that are typically not explored by other companies.

You’ll also have a knowledgeable guide accompanying you to feed you interesting facts about Sedona’s history and geology. This option also gives visitors the choice between a morning and evening tour, which is an excellent opportunity for wildlife viewing.

If you’re an adult, this tour will cost you $109. Children between the ages of 3-12 will be charged $89 per head. Remember, though, that these charges may differ depending on the weekday.

Wildlife Tour

Those who are interested in seeing as much wildlife as possible will find this tour to be perfect. The Wildlife Tour will take you through 3 different areas. You will get to see black bears, foxes, as well as turkeys, and other animals.

This tour only offers early morning timings, when wildlife is usually the most active. You’ll have to get up quite early, as the tour starts before sunrise and lasts between 3-3.5 hours.

The Wildlife Tour is not offered throughout the year. The cost per adult is $109, which includes those above the age of 13. Children will have a per-head cost of $99. Charges may differ depending on the day of the week.

Sedona Highlights Scenic Tour

This tour offers visitors a glimpse of Sedona’s most visited spots. The Sedona Highlights Scenic Tour is also perfect for those who dislike off-roading, as the Jeep will only be moving on pavement. Perfect for those that experience motion sickness!

This tour offers morning, afternoon, as well as evening timings. On the Highlights Scenic tour, you’ll see the Bell Rock, Snoopy Rock, Coffee Pot Rock, Chapel of the Holy Cross, and Cathedral Rock formations.

This tour is offered throughout the year. The cost per adult for this tour is $89, while the cost per child is $79.


Sedona is a beautiful spot to experience the Southwest in all its glory. It offers everything from world-famous rock formations and unique wildlife to a rich history that has left its mark at multiple spots in the region.

With all sorts of options for Jeep Tours available, it’s easy to get caught up over which one to choose. We’d advise you to keep two things in mind: comfort and pricing. If you’re keen on comfort, a Jeep tour that runs on pavement may be better than an off-roading tour. As for pricing, it depends on how much you’re willing to splurge.

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Are Jeep Tours in Sedona affordable?

Most Sedona Jeep tours will cost anywhere between $80-$200. Remember that tickets are generally less expensive in the winter months and cheaper on weekdays than on weekends.

Can you bring kids on a Jeep Tour?

Most Jeep Tours are safe and comfortable for children. If you have younger children with you, a pavement tour would be a better option. Remember that you will have to bring a child seat if you have a child under the age of 5 accompanying you.

Are there any transportation accommodations for Jeep Tours?

Pickups from the hotel are available for all Jeep tours. However, call your tour provider to confirm this.

Are last-minute cancellations accommodated for refunds?

To be eligible for a refund for most Jeep tours, you’d have to cancel 2 days prior.

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