The Biggest Causes For The Jeep P0700 Code And The Best Fixes

It looks like you have gotten a P0700 code in your Jeep vehicle. Don’t worry; these codes are part of owning a Jeep. Anyway, you have come to the right place for help!

Jeep P0700 Code

Most Jeeps are reliable straight from the factory. They have an excellent dealership network, and parts are readily available. Still, issues and problems usually pop up as the vehicle gets old. More often than not, these problems are diagnosed with the help of an error code sent by the vehicle’s computer.

By the looks of it, your Jeep’s computer has sent out a P0700 error code which indicates a problem with the Transmission Control Module(TCM).

What Does the Jeep P0700 Code Mean?

The Jeep P0700 Code means an issue with your Jeep’s Transmission Control Module, or TCM for short.

The TCM works with the vehicle’s Powertrain Control Module(PCM) and Engine Control Module(ECM) to shift the transmission’s gears at the right time. The TCM is an integral part of a modern automatic transmission vehicle.

What are the symptoms of the Jeep P0700 code?

Depending on the severity of the TCM malfunction, the symptoms of this problem become clear. While driving your Jeep with the P0700 Code, the following problems might appear:

  • The check engine light is on.
  • Rough or Erratic shifting of the transmission while driving.
  • The fuel economy is lower than expected.
  • The engine is stalling or running very poorly.
  • Problems shifting past the 2nd gear.

How can you diagnose the Jeep P0700 code?

Diagnosing the P0700 Code in your Jeep is quite simple. The two things you need are an OBD-II Scanner and your smartphone. Simply plug the scanner into your vehicle’s diagnostic port.

If you can’t find it, look in the driver’s pedal area, and you’ll see a socket where you can plug the scanner in.

The OBD-II Scanner then scans the vehicle for any error codes. If it finds one, you can check it with the help of an app on your smartphone. In this case, the scanner detects the P0700 Code in your Jeep.

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What Causes the Jeep P0700 Code?

Many factors can cause the P0700 Code in your Jeep, and we’ll help you identify the exact cause below.

Faulty Transmission Control Module

Jeep P0700 Code (Transmission Control Module)
Source: GoMechanic

One of the main reasons that may cause the P0700 Code in your Jeep is a faulty Transmission Control Module(TCM). The TCM is the main control module of your Jeep’s transmission.

It could also be if your TCM is dirty; in that case, get it cleaned thoroughly. Another issue is whether your transmission fluid is low or dirty. Lack of transmission fluid causes the transmission to overheat, leading to errors in the TCM.

If it fails, it could very well mean that your Jeep is undrivable. Driving your vehicle with a failed TCM can further damage the transmission and cause the whole transmission to fail.

Faulty Wiring

The TCM in your Jeep vehicle is a fragile device. Sometimes a short circuit in the vehicle’s wiring can prevent the TCM from communicating with the vehicle’s computers.  

Problems with the shift solenoid can also result in the P0700 Code in your Jeep. The shift solenoid controls the fluid flow in your vehicle’s transmission.

Not Enough Oil

The P0700 Code can also result from insufficient oil in the vehicle’s transmission. The transmission oil is essential in keeping the insides of the transmission lubricated.

Insufficient lubrication causes metal flakes of the transmission’s internals to accumulate. These flakes cause significant damage.

Defective Valve Body

The Valve Body in the transmission is essentially a maze-like control center. It diverts the transmission oil through passageways and solenoids to where it needs to go for changing gears.

Defects on the Valve Body may cause gear slippage, banging, or knocking sounds in the transmission and indicate a P0700 code.

Common mistakes and misdiagnosing

Many people end up misidentifying the problem. They think that it’s a mechanical issue with the transmission. Transmission repairs are super expensive, and a misdiagnosis can lead to costly repairs. 

Another mistake people make is not checking the wiring harness carefully. This could lead to the replacement of your TCM even if it had no issues. This can leave the real problem unaddressed.

How to Fix the Jeep P0700 Code

Now that you know the meaning and cause of the Jeep P0700 Code, we can go into the details of how to fix this problem.

Replacing the Transmission Control Module

Most often or not, when the P0700 Code arises, the part that’s creating the problem is a faulty TCM. Replacing this defective component may cause the problem to go away.

Though this expensive route costs around 500$ to 900$, including the parts and labor cost, this is the most hassle-free method.

Fixing the Wiring Harness

Short-circuited or open wires may also be the culprit in causing the P0700 Code. Replacing the short-circuited wires of the TCM might alleviate your Jeep of the P0700 Code.

The wiring harness of modern vehicles is quite complex due to surplus electrical components. They can get damaged or roughed up, causing problems in the vehicle.

Topping up the Transmission Oil

Sometimes, the solution to the problem is quite simple. Many vehicle owners forget to top up the transmission oil. 

Lubrication is necessary for your vehicle’s metal parts for optimal performance. Otherwise, it may start struggling.

Replacing or Fixing the Defective Valve Body and Shifting Solenoid

The Valve Body of your vehicle’s transmission acts as a brain center. It directs the transmission oil to where it needs to go. Replacing the Valve Body of the transmission is expensive, ranging from 380$ to 900$.

Rebuilding the Valve Body is also very expensive and time-consuming. Rebuilding the Valve Body is only recommended if you have lower mileage. If your Jeep has a mileage of more than 100,000 miles, then replacement is recommended.

The Shifting Solenoid may also cause the P0700 Code. Replacing it might also help and not cause a massive dent in your wallet.

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So there you have it, folks! A detailed run-down of the Jeep P0700 Code. Getting an error code in your vehicle might be scary, but most times, it’s nothing to worry about.

With the help of this article, you can easily find the problem and fix it in time.

Replacing a transmission is expensive, but with the knowledge you have gained in this article, we hope your Jeep won’t have to face that reality.

FAQs for P0700 Code

Is fixing the P0700 Code expensive?

Depending on the severity of the problem, it might be expensive, but most times, it’s a simple and cheap fix.

Can resetting my vehicle’s computer fix the P0700 Code?

Sometimes the vehicle’s computer accidentally marks this Code as a positive; if this is the case, resetting the vehicle’s computer may fix the Code.

Can a vehicle other than a Jeep get the P0700 Code?

Because this is a generic code, vehicles other than Jeep’s may get the Code.

In case of transmission failure, does insurance cover the cost of repairs?

Yes and No. A standard car insurance plan does not cover it. Premium insurance plans cover it.