What Are The Jeep Easter Eggs? (History, Types and Purpose)

If you are a jeep owner, you must have the urge to know everything about your vehicle. Some of us don’t remember anything even after driving SUV for years, like Easter eggs. 

What Are The Jeep Easter Eggs (History, Types and Purpose)

What are the jeep Easter eggs? Do you know about them?

There are some fun, hidden, amazing secrets in your jeep. These may be multiple animals, Willy logos, hidden objects, or other signs referred to as “Easter eggs.” 

Easter eggs represent the iconic history of jeeps with little hidden signature features that exhibit even the smallest detail. Not all jeeps have these fun mysteries, so before going through this article, you have to check whether your jeep has this mystery signature feature or not. 

What Are The Jeep Easter Eggs?

When we talk about Easter eggs, the first question that arises is where these Easter eggs start and the main motive of these hidden fun elements on the jeep. 

History Of Easter Eggs

All this was done in the ’90s when we got the 1997 jeep wrangler TJ. Easter eggs were not only created to make fun design, but one of the most fundamental and significant purposes was to allow more fresh air to get into the car. 

The jeep wrangler was the first vehicle to be designed with these fun features: Easter eggs. Jeep designers had put these hidden animals to make them unique and different for every vehicle. Every jeep owner can find its jeep easter egg in a head, window trims, cup holder, taillight, instrument cluster, or some other secretive places.

First Jeep Easter Eggs

Michael Santoro redesigned his jeep wrangler by using the iconic seven-slot grille imprint into the jeep cowl in 1997. This unique grille design was helpful for better airflow through the jeep, later called Easter eggs. 

Later 2011, Grand Cherokee is build-in with a small grille inside the headlamp shield. So, according to this information, the jeep wrangler was the first to get the Easter eggs in vehicles history. 

Afterward, many other models got their hidden Easter eggs, such as Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and Jeep Renegade. With every year, jeep designers make this hidden feature more creative and secretive ways to increase the fun and surprise element for jeep owners.

Types Of Easter Eggs

There are many styles or types of hidden animals, like dinosaurs, snakes, an old world war 1 logo, strange maps, bigfoot, loch Ness Monster star war machine, and much more. Automakers always keep in mind to never reveal the meaning and location of hidden animals and let it be secret for drivers and jeep owners to find it through their inner detective qualities. 

It was tough to find in the ’90s, and finding their place with every passing year is more complicated. Some of the most common Easter eggs and their location are discussed here so that you can find your ones conveniently.

Spider Easter Egg

Let’s find where the spider Easter egg is. Its place is very secretive unless you thoroughly inspect or clean the gas cap. The spider signature is just inside the gas cap with “ Ciao baby” in Italian, which means “Hi” or “Hello.” 

Morse Code Easter Egg

Stop… I found one of the most excellent Easter eggs written in morse code that stands for “sand, snow, river, and rock.” You can find it on your left footrest, down by the pedal. Find your one, and let me know what yours stands for.

The Gecko’s Easter Eggs

A gecko is a small carnivorous lizard type of Easter egg. Sometimes you find its place easily as it is one of the giant Easter eggs visible easily. Most of the time, you can see it underneath windshield wipers. You only miss it if it is in some weird position.

Logo Easter Egg

This Easter egg is the actual logo of your jeep, and it is easy to find. It is placed in multiple places, but mainly on the edge of the windshield or the rims.

Willy’s Logo Easter

Willy’s logo is imprinted on the jeep as an Easter egg. It can be in multiple places. Some of you can find yours on head/tail lights, as I can see my Easter egg on the rearview mirror mount.

Purpose of easter egg on jeep

Easter eggs are designed as a hidden feature on any vehicle, so there is no particular purpose except to surprise and delight your vehicle customer. The designer made these fun elements to excite curiosity and to pull out the hidden detective in you. But besides all this fun, remember that it helps improve your vehicle’s airflow.

Famous Jeep Easter Eggs And Their Place

Not all jeeps need to have Easter eggs. Jeep patriots have no Easter eggs; some have more than one, while others have many, like Jeep Renegade, with more than 30 Easter eggs. Some of the popular jeeps with Easter eggs are as follows:

Jeep Wrangler JL

In this jeep, you probably have Vintage Willy, Morse code message, and text 1941. You can find it underneath a 12v plugin, gauge cluster, or on the horn.

Jeep Wrangler

The most common Easter egg is the Vintage Willy jeep climbing a rocky hill on the windshield. In some models, it is under the windshield wiper with a black lizard staring at you.

Jeep Renegade

It contains more than 30 Easter eggs; some are spiders, grille, Willys, map, and splatter on redline. It must also be in the exterior or interior, RPM gauge, fuel cap, and headlight.

Jeep Cherokee

It may be a map, grille, or a Cherokee parked between two 1941 jeeps. You can find it on the passenger seat, air recirculation button, and near the windshield wiper.

Grand Cherokee

A little easier to find because it is an original jeep or an image of a grand Cherokee front. It’s on the menu option and headlight. 

Jeep Compass 

You can find lizards, hidden animals, and Loch Ness monsters on the rear windshield.

Jeep Gladiator

It is a flip-flop design to pay tribute to an auto journalist, Rick Pawe, hidden in a cowl.

Bryant Motors Jeep Easter Eggs

Bryant motors have also added some hidden elements for their jeep users. Some of them are bigfoot, T-rex chasing a willy, star Wars all-terrain armored transport chasing a jeep, or T-rex skull. Their location may be on floor mats, windshields, or carved in some other vehicle auto parts.

Easter eggs are not specific for jeep models in most cases, but here we discuss some of them with specifications.

  • Jeep Liberty has the morse code written as JL underneath the logo in plastic molding. If you are a liberty owner, go and find your one with ease.
  • Jeep Gladiators have a flip-flop on the cowl, as discussed earlier.
  • When you fuel up your Renegade, you are amazed to see a charming spider saying “Hello” in Italian, written as “Ciao Baby.”
  • A Nessie happily swam on the rear windshield. It indicates you have jeep compasses.
  • Gladiator has the number “419,” which indicates the Ohio area code where these jeeps are manufactured. Because these signs also depict the history of a particular model.

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Easter eggs with different styles and types representing other purposes are a fun game to do. Finding their location is a great challenge for every vehicle owner. Automakers design these fun features to make their customers happy. They will enjoy and discover many auto parts by finding these little creatures on their specific vehicle; that’s why I give you some hints to quickly locate your Easter egg by reading this article. 

What are the jeep Easter eggs? Is it solved now? If you are a new jeep owner and don’t even know the name of an Easter egg, this detailed information will help you to know about them and find your vehicle hidden animals with proper knowledge about the subject.

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