Jeep Cherokee Sport Mode: Here’s Your Full Guide

As an incredibly versatile vehicle, one of the cooler features of the Jeep Cherokee is the variety of driving modes present.

Jeep Cherokee’s Sport Mode

The Sport Mode is just one of the modes offered in the Jeep Cherokee. When you enable it, one of the first things you’ll notice is how your vehicle will be quicker to accelerate. This is caused in part by the fact that the Sport Mode provides a more efficient throttle response.

You’ll also notice greater control over your vehicle whenever you enable the Sport Mode, among other perks. Keep reading to learn more about this Jeep Cherokee feature and how you can use it to maximize your driving experience!

What Is Jeep Cherokee Selec-terrain?

The Selec-terrain system in the Jeep Cherokee allows you to choose between different driving modes. You may use this feature to change the traction, suspension, and steer handling capacity of your Jeep Cherokee under various terrains.

Whether you’re riding the highway, dealing with snow, or trekking the desert, this feature of the Cherokee will allow you to customize your driving experience. 

Selec-Terrain has been available on all Jeep Cherokee models starting from 2011. 

What Does Enabling Sports Mode Do?

Sport mode offers increased acceleration over your car due to disabled traction control and more efficient throttle response. The increased zest is great for on-road driving and when you’re feeling a bit more adventurous off-roading!

Sport Mode is a great option on a road where you’ll be expecting to take sharp curves. You can thank the increased power on the rear for this, as this element enables your Cherokee to handle abrupt turns. 

This is also partly due to the lower ground clearance turned on during Sport Mode. The lowered drive places your vehicle in a better position when faced with a sharp curve.

It’s also advisable to use the Sport Mode when you require better control over your vehicle, such as when you’re driving uphill or descending. This is because engaging Sport Mode helps hold your current gear for far longer. 

When is it Not a Good Idea to Use Sport Mode?

Why Is My Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter Light On

The Jeep Cherokee also has an auto-mode, through which your vehicle will read what terrain it’s in and decide the driving mode accordingly. While this is a great feature, you can still switch modes manually. For this reason, it is imperative to know when not to engage Sport Mode.

It’s mindful to remember that while engaging Sport Mode can make driving a lot more enjoyable, it does use more fuel. This is because of the increased throttle and acceleration ability. Don’t be surprised if you make more trips to the gas station after enabling Sport Mode 24/7!

Sport Mode offers a quicker throttle response, which helps to achieve increased acceleration. However, this quickened throttle response can be disadvantageous when facing a rainy day. A more responsive throttle response means the tires of your Jeep Cherokee would be more likely to slip on a wet, frictionless surface and cause accidents.

For this reason, we’d advise avoiding Sport Mode on rainy days!

How can I turn on Sport Mode on my Jeep Cherokee?

It won’t take more than a few seconds to activate sport mode on your Jeep Cherokee.

Finding the knob switch and selecting Sport Mode are the only steps required to activate it. If you have an older Jeep Cherokee model, don’t freak out if you can’t find a switch. Instead, there will be a toggle button located near the gear stick.

You may disable sport mode in the same manner.

How to Drive Your Jeep Cherokee in Sport Mode

Despite the transformative ways sport mode can boost your driving experience, in terms of faster acceleration and increased rear power, it does not fundamentally change how you should be driving. 

Continue driving as you normally do while in sport mode. However, it is useful to remember that the quickened throttle reaction may require some getting used to.

It’s wise to familiarize yourself with sport mode on an empty road before you hit the highway.

Disadvantages of Sport Mode

In addition to the sport mode’s limitations due to the weather, there are a few other reasons that using this mode could eventually harm your car.

The suspension may be subjected to more impact from the fast driving and less cautious steering, resulting in gradual degradation. With less traction control, your brakes won’t function as well, necessitating hard braking. In the long run, this might also result in accumulated brake damage.

The Sport Mode also puts a higher load on your engine. Frequent use of it will lead to more wear on your engines. Other powertrain units too may be damaged by excessive use of the Sport Mode, such as the axles or the driveshaft.

Enabling the Sport Mode also makes your wheels more susceptible to wear, particularly the rear ones.


Your Jeep Cherokee’s sport mode is a great way to experience high-powered, enjoyable driving. The extra speed and power allow for an incredible driving experience.

While sport mode has its benefits, it’s important to know that there are certain disadvantages to its consistent use over time. Constant wear and tear of vehicle parts may lead to costly replacements. Not to mention the excessive fuel consumption when you engage in Sport Mode.

As with everything, moderation is key. Modern cars are built to withstand the abuse, but it is still preferable to avoid persistent use of the Sport Mode as damage is cumulative. 

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Does Sport Mode help in the snow?

Engaging in Sport Mode is not a great idea under snowy conditions. Your car can accelerate more quickly with less traction control, but in snowy conditions, you’ll have less control over the car. Under these circumstances, your tires will be more prone to slipping.

Does Sport Mode make your Jeep Cherokee louder?

You can hear a loud buzzing sound when you switch your Jeep Cherokee to sport mode. This is because of two factors. First, Sport Mode makes the throttle more responsive. As a result, the throttle body opens and generates noise. Second, using the Sport Mode makes the car burn more fuel, which results in more air being used. 

Is it possible to put your Jeep Cherokee in Sport Mode while driving?

You can easily shift to Sport Mode while driving. Depending on which model of the Jeep Cherokee you own, simply touch the button toggle or move your switch. Newer models tend to have a switch, while older models will have a button toggle. 

Does Sport Mode impact the comfort of your drive?

While Sport Mode has advantages, some drivers may find the ride less comfortable. The tightness of the steering could make driving less enjoyable.