How To Unlock Jeep Wrangler With Keys Inside?

Suppose you have arrived at a place you want to explore along with your pet. You get out of the jeep to find a nearby restaurant for something to eat. Suddenly, you realise that you have accidentally locked the jeep with a key inside, and your pet is also locked in it. Your happy day turns into a terrible one as you cannot find anyone to unlock your jeep.

Unlock Jeep Wrangler With Keys Inside

Don’t panic; every problem has a solution, and we are here to find that solution. In this article, you will find many ways to unlock the jeep wrangler when you accidentally forget your keys inside the jeep. So, let’s read with me. 

Ways To Unlock The Jeep Wrangler At A Crucial Stage

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes you have accidentally locked your jeep wrangler with keys inside, and the situation is critical because your pet or baby is inside the vehicle. Then two options are best to choose in such high-risk cases.

  1. Call the police
  2. Roadside assistance provider

Call The Police

The most convenient and excellent option is to call police authorities to handle the situation. They have the best plans to unlock your jeep. They have tools to open the jeep’s window by applying force, or they are able to break in by breaking the jeep window to keep your pet and baby safe.

Roadside Assistance Provider

The second option is to call roadside assistance providers if they are available and seek their help. They are not available all time, but if they are available, avail of their services and pay them for their assistance in this critical situation.

Locksmith Help

The easiest option is to call a locksmith as he has the tools to open a jeep without any keys, but you have to pay him charges according to work difficulty, which depends upon the jeep model, and distance travelled by the locksmith. The average payout is approximately $50 to $100. 

Sometimes you cannot access the option discussed earlier; then, you have to choose some other options as well.

How To Unlock Jeep Wrangler Without Key

Crazy Tricks That Work Perfectly

Here I’m going to discuss some crazy tricks of how to break into a jeep wrangler without a key or key inside that will surely help you. 

Hanger And Flathead Screwdriver

Do you know how to unlock a jeep wrangler with a coat hanger? Let’s see. Use a flathead screwdriver to open the jeep door. Insert a screwdriver in the jam door through the door handle lock and try to pry the door open. Once the door opens enough that you wedge something in, then use a hanger to unlock the jeep.


It is a crazy thing to do, but when we have no options, we have to use this option despite the fact that it is a little risky and causes damage. Many of us have hammers in our jeep toolbox for obvious reasons. Use this hammer to break the master lock. Slightly tap the master lock with a hammer until it comes off. Now you get access inside the car as you unscrew the door panel.

Use Tennis Ball

The craziest method that I didn’t use, but people think it works. Though the chances seem impossible, some people still claim that this trick worked on their jeeps. So, the process is here.

Take a tennis ball and make a small circular hole in it with the cutter. Press the gap towards the door keyhole and push the tennis ball. Pressure built by the tennis ball creates enough suction that is required to depress the unlock button. Though it is a must-try option, it only works on some jeep models.

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If you are unsatisfied with all options discussed earlier or don’t have access to them, then I have better options for you.

Use An Auto Jiggler Or A Spare Key

Auto jiggle is a special type of key used to unlock different vehicles and, luckily, jeeps. Always have these auto jigglers keys in your bag with another keychain from your regular keys so that you can find it easier. Take the keys, insert them in the lock, and jiggle them around in all directions. You will see in a few seconds a lock pop up, and your jeep door is unlocked.

Secondly, you can use the spare key to unlock the door if you have a pair of them. And this is a better, easiest, and damage-free option than any other discussed here. 

Uconnect And Use A Smartphone

Every newer jeep model is getting more features and becoming smarter than the older ones, and one of the features that are the best is “Uconnect,” an app you can use to unlock the jeep door. Download an app named Uconnect, if your jeep has this feature, on your smartphone and connect it to your jeep. Open the app dashboard and simply click unlock, and the magic is done in front of your eyes. It’s so simple and completed in a blink of an eye.

Soft Roof Top

You can also enter the jeep through the soft rooftop to unlock the door if your jeep has one. Find a gap by moving your hand around the seam of the soft rooftop. Once you find one, stretch your arm to reach the inside lock. If you are lucky enough to get it, that’s perfect, but if you find it difficult, you can unlock the lock through a hanger or reach tool. But remember, the rooftop is soft; make sure your act doesn’t damage it. 

Use Trunk Access

Insert a screwdriver from the small opening in the trunk behind the license plate. Once you can open the latch carefully, unlock the lock with a cloth hanger or any reach tool. Your hard work pays off, and you can unlock your jeep door, but keep patience during this process.

Slim Jim Tool

Do you know how to slim jim a jeep wrangler? It is a damage-free way to unlock the jeep. The slim-jim tool is available in all access-tool companies, and the most used is the access airbag, which is used in a certain way.

  1. Insert deflated airbag in the jam door.
  2. Pump up the attached bag until the door is open enough to enter some tool to unlock it ultimately.
  3. Insert the reach tool when the door is half opened. Move it around to unlock the door.
  4. Deflate the bladder on the airbag and unlock the door.

Break The Window 

When all other options for retrieving jeep wrangler keys fail, then your only option is to break the window and get into the jeep; it causes damage, but there is nothing to do, so you have to use it. Damage can be less if you use a tool or rock to break the window.

But remember, it will be your last option once you have used all the possibilities, including calling the emergency because it will cause damage to you and your jeep. 

Different Types Of Jeep Key

Unstocking the jeep key depends upon the types of keys that jeep models have in today’s world. Modern-age jeeps are more complicated as technology has progressed, and jeep brands added different style keys in their vehicles, like the keyless. As old and modern keyless jeep models have other ways to unlock, it is necessary to learn about different key types first. So, here we have some popular jeep key types.

Ignition key 

Mid-90s jeep has a regular ignition key system. It does not have an automatic lock system, fancy buttons, or anti-theft technology, and it locks the door and starts your jeep manually. 

Remote key

The remote jeep wrangler key fob is an automatically programmed key system that connects with your vehicle and lock and unlocks doors automatically; as it is designed with the latest technology, you don’t have to insert keys to unlock the jeep. Though it is good, sometimes it causes you to forget to take it outside but only if the key fob is not detected. 

Transponder chip key

It is the most advanced form of key system. If you have the transponder chip key, you don’t even have to take it out of pocket if you are standing near the vehicle. And this works on the basis of a serial number; each key is programmed with a unique serial number that transmits signals that are received and read by the RFID receiver in your jeep.

That’s why it makes locking and unlocking the jeep easier; even it starts ignition while residing in your pocket (but the condition is that the jeep recognizes the key’s serial number.)

Keys with transponder chips are also compatible with keyless and push-start button vehicles. If you accidentally slip the key inside the jeep or lose it, you have to buy a new one and make it compatible with your jeep by reprogramming it. 

Why Is My Jeep Key Fob Not Detected?

The latest anti-theft technology helps jeep owners get a little rest, especially in a key fob or push-start button. Because according to this technology, if you accidentally leave your key inside a jeep, your doors will not lock because the sensors tell the jeep that the key is inside the jeep. 

But what if your jeep still locks down while your key fob is inside? Why is it happening?

Is your jeep key fob not working? It means something happened to your wrangler key fob, but what? The reasons are several; the most common is battery drainage of the key fob or car, any damage that causes hindrance in detecting the key fob, or sensor problem. 

In case you have only the jeep tricks to do that I mentioned above, but if you want to know how to change the battery in the jeep key fob so that it doesn’t get stuck inside the jeep, this article related to jeep wrangler key fob tricks will help you out. 


Unlocking a door without keys is a problem, but it becomes easy for you if you have the basic knowledge to do this. After reading this article about how to unlock a Jeep Wrangler with keys inside, I hope you know about opening your jeep without keys. Now you have several options to unlock a car without any tension and hassle if you accidentally leave your keys inside your car.