How to Turn Off ABS Light on a Jeep Wrangler?

First and foremost, you must go through your brake system to see if they are working ideally; if so, try resetting the ABS Lights. If they still don’t disappear, you need to get yourself an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) code reader. 

Why Are Jeep ABS And Traction Control Lights On

Connect the OBD scanner with the instrumental panel to get a specific code and then drive to get the reading for all the components if any section fails to show any reading or is stuck at zero. A clear indication of an issue that needs to be addressed by involving a professional mechanic.

How To Reset the ABS Lights?

Primarily the computer systems of the wrangler need to be reset, which happens by removing the positive cable from the batteries and draining the electric system by holding the brake pedal.

Then plug all the cables back to restore power on the wrangler; if Everything is fine, the ABS will start resetting its light. After resetting the ABS sensor by removing the wheel hub, mount the new sensor by removing the wires from the wheel hub and start the system again.

Let’s dig more into the ABS Light system and see how efficiently it has made our journeys safer and speeding our jeeps more fun and secure.

Why Prioritize Buying A Jeep Wrangler 

Who Makes Jeep Wrangler

Jeep wranglers are the best choice regarding their off-road capabilities and resilience. It can flawlessly go through snow, mud, sand, and any state an off-roader might encounter. As a result, SUVs have been the most popular segment for sales in the USA, with an increase of 14.5 percent annually. 

As long as their durability is considered, it could take on the roughest and most challenging of environments while ensuring the safety of the person riding it. So far, they have offered tremendous protective features; the best part is they aren’t yet done improving. The only reason SUV sales have been expected to double between 2017 and 2023 and exceed 50 million units by 2023. 

What Exactly Is An ABS Light System?

ABS ( Anti-lock Braking System) is one of its fabulous security features that makes braking even more reliable and lets the tires have a stronger intact with roads while braking. In addition, it saves the vehicles from sliding off. Moreover, the best thing about this feature is that it does a self-test every time the machine starts, making it easier for the passenger to be aware of the vehicle’s condition.

However, if it finds any troubles in the system, it will automatically pop up, indicating the deficiencies related to the braking system. 

How Does It Work?

 The ABS security system uses its sensors to judge the speed of the wheels when braking. Meanwhile, if any wheels start to lock up, they will exert maximum power to keep the vehicle from skidding. 

Furthermore, when the vehicle turns, it will slow down the jeep rapidly compared to other locked wheels. This system helps the driver steer the jeep while slowing down compared to others, where skidding tires usually cause danger and inconvenience for the drivers.

Four Common Reasons Why ABS Light is On

A few of the main reasons behind the pop-up of this alarming light are 

Low Brake Fluid

The brake fluid plays a significant role in controlling the brake’s pressure in the Anti-Brake system. There is a fluid reservoir for the ABS that helps in maintaining the cycle. However, sometimes the tank’s lower fluid level or excessive air might lower the pressure on the braking system. As a result, it might not function as it should, hence lighting up the ABS indicator.

Inadequate ABS module 

The reason for ABS failure is corrosion that happens after some time. If the system is corrupted, it fails to communicate with the speed sensor. Even the slightest damage to a system will lead the ABS Light to Illuminate on the dashboard. This module controls the brake system physically. Once the system has been corrupted, the ABS module must be replaced; otherwise, it won’t hold the four brakes utterly.

The Defective Wheel Sensor

Every wheel is designed with a speed sensor that makes the vehicle’s computer system aware of the speed of the rotation. If any wheel is following behind in rate, the ABS plays its role here and exerts maximum pressure through the fuild to balance the speed. Meanwhile, if this sensor is somehow damaged or not working, the ABS light indicator will pop up. The automobile global intelligent tire and sensor market is expected to increase to 77.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2024.

Bulb Check And Low Battery

It is just a reminder for the drivers to be aware that their vehicle’s systems or warning lights are working efficiently. Thus, these lights will be turned off automatically in a while; if not switched off, there might be a glitch that lets it on even after the bulb check. It might appear if the battery power drops, but other factors also need to be examined.

Is It Still Secure To Drive When The ABS Light Is On?

The whole point of this security feature is to prevent the vehicle from any damage caused due to the skidding of the tires or unorganized brakes; it simply makes your brakes more powerful and accessible. However, the brakes will still work, but it won’t help in any emergency stop.

However, It is safe to drive the car even if it’s switched on, but if it appears along with the brake signs, it’s super alarming and needs to be addressed immediately. Otherwise, it’s a threat to life as ABS is the feature that helps you to control the wrangler and maintain safe distances. So it is necessary to keep them active as you don’t know when you will need them. 

If you find ABS or brake signs, they work effectively. When they combine, they let the characters have a pulsating motion not to lock up the wheels. It indicated that ABS is running a self-test to check the system’s accuracy when the vehicle starts, so do not worry when it happens.

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