How To Store A Jeep Hardtop? (Step-by-Step Guide)

The spring season is upon us, and it’s about time to remove that hardtop and store it until the coolness of winter. It’s time to enjoy the sun and feel that gentle zephyr touching our faces as we cruise away past beautiful terrain or grasslands on our jeep. But it is easier said than done.

How To Store A Jeep Hardtop

Everyone wants to, but many don’t know How To Store A Jeep Hardtop. It might not seem a big deal, but small negligence can damage the hardtop.

Removing it also isn’t child’s play. And storing it needs proper guidance. Removing and storing the hardtop might require some extra hands or some investment. Most people have little info in this regard.

But it is better to spend some time learning about it than damaging your pretty investment, right?

So, if you are among those people who want to properly store their hardtop for the incoming summer, you have reached the right place, as we shall describe every bit of detail in this article.

How to Store a Jeep Hardtop? A step by Step Guide

1. Removing Hardtop

The first step is removing the hardtop from the jeep without affecting any harm to yourself and the jeep. You are going to need a hand or two for this, so you better call your friend or a family member.

 If you try to do it alone, there is a risk, and you might drag it in the process as it is not a one-man work.

2. Separation

The next step is separation. Removing and separating every accessory and connection from inside and outside. There are not going to be too many nuts, just four in the corner for most cases.

This will also include removing the front and side panels. While doing it, any part must not be dragged. Then comes the main feast, removing the hardtop itself. Hold it up and then carry it to the garage or the place where you are going to be storing it.

3. Storing the Jeep Hardtop

There are different storage options, not many, though, for the hardtop. There are usually three options that are most frequently used.

  • ü Storage Hoists
  • Manual Storage Hoist
  • Electric Storage Hoist
  • ü Storage Carts
  • ü DIY Option
  • ü Hardtop Cover

Every one of these requires some investment of cash and time. But compared to the investment of the hardtop itself, this shouldn’t be much. It is wiser to invest in such things as it is to protect your already made more significant investment.

One important thing regarding the storage of hardtops is Space. Hardtops are large in size, heavy, and bulky. So, to store them, one must have enough vacant Space in the garage or any other place.

One should make sure of it before starting the removal process. Try not to force it in narrow places as it might cause some problems for you. It is advised that one should clean up the place first and place the hardtop near the back wall or in one corner.

3.1 Storage Hoists

Storage Hoist

Storage Hoists are most widely used for this purpose. They have a professional look but can sometimes be expensive. For the best care of the hardtop, they can be seen as a promising option. Hoists save much Space in the garage as you can leave it hanging.

Before getting a hoist for your jeep hardtop, there are several important things to consider

3.1.1 Required Space for the Hoist

There is no point in buying a storage hoist if it can not even fit into your garage. So better, pay attention to this before buying and make sure the width, length, and height are according to your liking.

3.1.2 Load Carrying Capacity

Different Hoists have different load-carrying capacities. The choice of a hoist depends on the weight of your hardtop. Usually, motor-powered hoists have the more load-carrying capacity, but others can also be used according to the situation.

3.1.3 Price and Installment

Research a bit beforehand to find out what kind of tools are needed and whether you can install them alone or professional assistance is required.

Last but not least, the price. The research will help you find a genuine hoist and not a fraud. As mentioned above, there are two types of storage hoists.

3.2 Electric Storage Hoist

As apparent from the name, it uses electricity to make our work easier. An electric storage hoist or motor-powered mechanical hoist is the most convenient form of storage hoist. 

It consists of big heavy motors to lift the hardtop. This creates much pressure on the ceiling. So, make sure of it whether the ceiling can bear the weight of the hoist plus the hardtop.

It is preferred to seek help from a professional in this regard. Though, they can be more expensive than a regular hoist.

3.3 Manual Storage Hoist

Manual Hoists use systems of pulleys and ropes to lift the weight of the hardtop. It is the most economical storage hoist available in the market, plus it is convenient to use.

Unlike motor-powered hoists, it is comparatively lightweight as it is void of motors and does not put too much pressure on the walls. It can be placed anywhere inside the garage, so Space is also not an issue here.

3.4 Carts

Storage cart

Storage carts are cheaper than hoists but provide more functions. And unlike hoists, they need Space on the ground. Though they don’t occupy much Space, they are moveable.

They can be rolled anywhere, even inside the house, and are not necessarily limited to the garage only; it will just drift away to wherever you want to move them to. They save us from dragging the hardtop from place to place and the damage resulting from dragging.

To store the hardtop, you need to place it on the cart in such a way that its rear side faces the floor of the cart. To make sure it is stable and won’t stumble while moving, you can also tie it with a rope or something though most carts have attachment places already.

Many carts also come with the option of a lift, meaning you can not only just drag it around easily but also lift the hardtop and thus killing two birds with one stone.

With a well-matted cart, one can prevent scratches from falling on the hardtop. And to be more cautious, one can also put a cover on the hardtop to make it spotless. Or you can put a form also to prevent damage.

Not only cart is used for the storage of hardtops, but it can also be used for storing freedom panels or doors, etc. They come in all forms, designs, and shapes.

3.4,1 DIY Option

For a cheaper option and for more creative minds who like to spend their free time doing DIY projects, a Storage cart for hardtop can be very interesting. DIY storage cart is a time taking project.

Interesting it might be, but one must be careful while doing so. Ultimately, it can affect the head top.

For the DIY, you need the following things:

Wood: Light but strong quality wood and immune to termites. Wood is going to make the whole structure of the storage dolly.

Tools: Hammer, drill machine, nails, seesaw, and other tools according to the project

Wheels: Either you can buy it from the market or make your own, which is, then again, time-consuming. Good quality wheels are essential to bear the weight of the hardtop.

Matt or Foam: This is for lining the inside of the dolly. This is done to make the inside smooth so that it won’t afflict any damage to the hardtop.

One can easily make the dolly with all the materials, but one should not compromise on the quality.

Instructions: For someone new to DIY projects, exact instructions and step-to-step guidance are easily available on lots of websites with versatile designs and shapes.

One thing to keep in mind is the size of your hardtop so that you won’t make it too smaller or bigger.

Jeep Hardtop Covers: Covers are the most convenient way of covering the hardtop. However, they are not for storing actually but can be used along with carts or even hoists.

They keep the dust and bugs away. Or if you have children or pets in the house, you can keep them hidden from them. They are not very expensive either.


Where Should the Jeep Hardtops Be Stored?

Most people store their jeep hardtops in their garages or storage area in their houses. Some people also store them on a cart which takes less space and can easily be moved around the place.

But the most convenient place for most people to store will be the garage with the help of a hoist, as the hardtop can easily be installed back on the jeep and removed using a hoist.

Is It Fine to Store a Jeep Hardtop Upturned?

Sure, with proper measurements taken into account, a jeep hardtop can be stored upturned. You can use cushioning beneath the jeep hardtop with a sheet of some soft material.

To create a soft plane that will prevent the hardtop from getting any unnecessary scratches or cracks. This will keep your jeep hardtop safe and scratch-proof.

Is Storing the Jeep Hardtop on Its Side Safe?

Nothing can be more damaging to a jeep hardtop than to be stored on its side, as this would damage the side panels or windows of the hardtop. A jeep hardtop has a special structure that helps it to be stored upturned as it helps to brace its weight.

The hardtop forms a “C” like shape, and storing it sideways will put pressure on its weakest point, which will cause the hardtop to develop cracks. This is bad for the lifespan of your hardtop and should be strictly avoided in all cases.

How To Store Freedom Panels?

There are freedom panel bags available in the market for the sole purpose of storing the freedom panels. One can use these bags to put their freedom panels in them and prevent them from having any scratches or potential cracks.

Is It Possible for One Person to Remove a Jeep Hardtop?

It is not recommended to remove a hardtop by oneself, and without appropriate equipment, it is quite a challenge and may put the hardtop in harm’s way.

It is always advised to have an extra pair of hands and proper equipment to ensure optimal safety and success.

How to suspend a Jeep Hardtop in a Garage?

A jeep hardtop can be hung to the roof of the garage by using a manual or electric hoist. The hoist is first installed in the ceiling with the help of tools and some extra hands.

After installing the hoist, you just have to remove the hardtop off your jeep and put it on the pullers of the hoist, and then pull it up so it does not hang too low.

With a manual hoist, you need to manually pull the hoist up, but in the case of an electric hoist, it pulls the hardtop up just with a single push of a button. 


Truth be told, for people curious why it is important to learn How To Store A Jeep Hardtop. So even if jeep hardtops are pretty tough and bulky, if not properly taken care of, they won’t last very long.

Besides, not everyone can buy hardtops after every year or two as they are somewhat expensive. With that in mind, every jeep hardtop owner should take into account the proper storage and take care of it. In the ways mentioned above, one can store their hardtop pretty easily.

Even if one is short of cash or Space to keep it, one can pick an appropriate way from above to take care of his hardtop.

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