How To Replace A Jeep Compass Key Fob Battery?

Like any other battery-operated device, your Jeep Compass key fob may seem inefficient after some time. There’s nothing to get frustrated about! Try changing the battery to make it function properly again. 

How To Replace A Jeep Compass Key Fob Battery

Changing the battery of a Jeep Compass key fob is no big deal. All you have to do is disassemble the key fob and replace the battery. However, things can go downhill sometimes, so here are some instructions you can follow to make life easier. 

Signs that the Jeep Compass Key Fob Needs Replacement

Even though your key fob may look like it’s working properly, some signs show it needs replacement. These small indications go unnoticed but cause bigger trouble if ignored entirely. Here are some signs that you need to take care of the fob battery:

Delay in unlocking

Who doesn’t love an instant response after clicking the unlock button on their key fob? With a deteriorating battery, delayed unlocking is quite common. Initially, you may not notice that your car lights aren’t blinking when you unlock your car. 

Be careful about this sign, and observe your car and key fob when unlocking. 

Decreasing signal range

Do you have to unlock your Jeep Compass manually despite using a key fob? Do you have to stand right next to your vehicle to ensure the key fob is working? This is a sign that your key fob battery is dead.

A Jeep Compass key fob has an operating signal range between 30 to 60 feet. With a weak or dead battery, your remote won’t be able to send the signal from across the parking lot. 

Beeps change frequently 

You’ll have to press the buttons on your key fob repeatedly for your vehicle to get the signal. No power in the key fob means the battery is defective and needs replacement immediately. 

How to Replace the Jeep Compass Key Fob Battery

It’s better to be prepared rather than get frustrated when changing a Jeep Compass key fob battery. Knowing crucial information will help you rather than let you scramble during the process.

Here are 5 easy steps for you to replace your Jeep Compass key fob battery:

Step 1: Keep tools ready. 

Before replacing the battery, you should know what tools you need and keep them close during the procedure. You need two things for the entire process: a flathead screwdriver and a new CR2032 battery.

Step 2: Dismantle the Jeep Compass key fob.

First, you need to open the key fob using the help of a flathead screwdriver. Place the screwdriver in the gap in the seam of the key fob. This may not happen on your first try, so keep trying if you can’t insert it. 

Push the screwdriver head in slightly, and the key fob will separate into 2 pieces. Be careful while applying force since the key fob case is made of plastic and may bend or break with excessive force. 

Step 3: Remove the old battery 

After opening up the Jeep Compass key fob, you will find three components inside: 

  • The first part of the case with holes designed for the keypad.
  • A safety chain.
  • The second part of the case is ingrained for the battery.

Remember the steps to remove the old battery and place a new one so you don’t get confused. While removing the old battery, look at the power source, logistics board, and polarity. 

Disconnect it carefully, so there are no scratches or pieces of the removed elements. 

Step 4: Place the new battery 

While inserting a new battery, ensure that the negative side faces downward and the positive side faces upward. A battery without the Bi-Directional drawer option will need the center panel to be trimmed so the drawer can be installed properly.

Some Jeep key fobs have inbuilt labels that guide users about the exact placement of the battery. 

Step 5: Put it all back together 

Other parts of the key fob also require changes when replacing the battery. The keypad housing fits with the keypad and then the circuit board. 

The entire procedure becomes easier if you place the half with the battery first. 

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How to Reset the Jeep Compass Key Fob After Battery Replacement 

We advise changing the battery regularly to maintain control over the functioning of a Jeep Compass. Even though it isn’t difficult, you may need to reprogram it afterward. 

Here are two methods to reset your fob after a battery swap:

Method 1: Jeep Compass key fob resetting

The first step of reprogramming begins with resetting the key fob. Here’s how you can reset your Jeep Compass key fob:

1. Turn the ignition on: 

After parking safely, close the door and place the key in the car. Don’t start the engine but place the ignition in the on position. 

2. Press lock:

While the key is in the ignition cylinder, press the lock button on the key fob. Turn the key to the off position. 

3. Repeat: 

Repeat the two steps above at least three times. The car’s receiver will get the data sent by the key, and once this happens, you will hear a lock sound. This shows that you’re in programming mode. 

4. Begin programming:

To initiate mobile programming, press the lock button within 5 seconds. If your key fob uses the lock function in 10 seconds, then press the lock button on each after turning all the buttons off. 

Method 2: Jeep Compass key fob resetting 

Some of these vehicles follow another sequence so if the first one fails, give this one a try. 

  1. Press the button on the key fob to lock the car door manually. 
  2. Put the key in the ignition and then take it out. 
  3. Follow the steps 6 times within 10 seconds.
  4. Wear your seatbelt and put your foot on the brake. The interior, exterior, and hazard lights will begin flashing. 
  5. Place the key in the ignition and turn to the accessory position. Then press any button on the key fob. 
  6. The hazard lights will flash if this is the correct sequence. 
  7. Now check if the fob is working properly. 


Can you start your Jeep Compass with a dead key fob?

Yes. Most Jeeps come with an inbuilt method that lets users start the car without difficulty, even with a dead key fob. 

What happens when your Jeep Compass key fob battery is low?

A weak signal response is normal with a low key fob battery. It may be difficult to start the car when it can’t detect signals properly. 

Which battery should I use for the Jeep Compass key fob?

Currently, a CR2032 battery is used in all Jeep Compass key fobs. 

How often should you change the battery in your Jeep Compass key fob?

This entirely depends on the usage of the key fob and its quality. A regular Jeep Compass key fob battery may last 3 to 4 years. 


The key fob is only a small part of the vehicle but is most important in running a keyless entry system. If you feel something is wrong with your key fob apart from a drained battery, it is best to consult a professional. 

To save you from hefty spending, we have put together the steps you need to follow to change the battery in your Jeep Compass key fob. We hope you have learned the steps properly and can replace a battery yourself now!

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