Ideas to Improve Your Jeep Wrangler Sound System

If you are unhappy with the bass and audio quality, installing woofers and amplifiers or upgrading speakers and sound bars are great ideas to improve your Jeep Wrangler Sound system.

Ideas to Improve Your Jeep Wrangler Sound System

For many adventurers, the Wrangler sound system is not as powerful and aggressive as the off-roader itself.

However, you don’t have to compromise on the music experience when wandering in nature as you can improve your Jeep Wrangler sound system through stereo modifications covered below;

What Sound Systems Do Jeeps Use?

Jeeps have had different sound systems varying with model year and trim levels. The general features of sound systems of different Jeep generations are as follows;

(1987-1996) YJ Wrangler2 speakerssome trims also included a rear soundbar
(1997-2006) TJ Wrangler2- 4 speakers depending on trim level
(2007-2014) JK Wrangler6 speakers, including dashboard tweeters
(2015-present) JL Wrangler8 speakers with mid-range dashboard speakersOther features include 2 sound bars and tweeters.
Premium sound system= 9 speaker alpine package including a subwoofer 

5 Ideas To Make Jeep Wrangler Stereo Sound Better?

1. Switch To Bigger Front Speakers

For speaker modifications, the first thing to do is upgrade the front speakers to get better and clearer audio. Factory-installed speakers are small for often users. Hence, switch to bigger front speakers or install a complete speakers kit.

If you are an expert at Jeep mechanics, you can upgrade the speakers yourself. Otherwise, leave the task to professionals because it may become tedious and overwhelming for an inexpert.

2. Get Extra Speakers

If you are even dissatisfied with upgraded speakers, you can add additional speakers to further level the sound. With this upgrade, you will get louder, thundering audio, but it will also cost you good storage space.

However, you can save some space by opting for high-quality but compact speakers or installing them under the driving seat!

3. Upgrade The Sound Bars 

Soundbars carry small speakers and are present at the top right and left corners for a complete music experience.

When sound bars don’t match the power and size of front speakers, the overall audio quality would likely be lower than what you want. Hence, it is better to upgrade the sound bars along with the speakers.

Upgrading the sound bar even helps if you have not upgraded the front speakers, making the sound loud, clear, and punchy.

4. Get an Amplifier

Amplifiers are the option to go for when you want the audio to match the power zeal of your off-road trip. If you have already installed the bigger speakers, you will need a better amplifier to get the desired performance from your upgraded audio system.

This is because the factory amplifiers can only power up the small speakers’ sound output. Hence, get the stock amp out and install a powerful one to improve the speakers’ performance.

And where would you find an amplifier in your Jeep?

  • If you use an earlier JK model, the amplifier would be below the steering wheel. First, take off the plastic panel and metal plate to access it.
  • In newer JL Jeeps, Amp is present behind the kick panel speaker. So, you would need to detach the speaker first to access the amplifier.

5. Install A Subwoofer

Last but not least, install a subwoofer to improve the Wrangler sound system. In fact, this modification would be the most significant upgrade.

It improves the overall sound quality and levels up the bass in your car. Hence, with a quality subwoofer installed, you will hear deeper and clearer sounds. If you want a louder performance, go for a high-ohm subwoofer.

However, it is a high-price solution as high-quality subwoofers are also priced higher. You will have to compromise somewhat on the sound output when you go for the cheaper option.

Which One is Better: a 4-ohm subwoofer or a 2-ohm sub? 

You all must have read about 4-ohm and 2-ohm subwoofers, but here the question is, which is better? In actuality, both of them have their qualities. 

With a 2-ohm sub, you’ll get a louder and punchier sound, while with the 4-ohm sub you’ll hear a more profound and clearer sound. It also depends on your taste and which kind of sound you would like to hear. 

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Is Jeep Wrangler Sound System Good?

Jeep’s sound quality is good, but you cannot consider it the best. It provides you with an optimized music experience with 8 speakers and a large screen to manage the controls easily. However, many people aren’t satisfied with its bass, while others want more powerful output, especially with the open-roof trips.

How To Improve Jeep Sound System Without A Subwoofer?

Subwoofers are pretty expensive, but you can improve the Jeep sound system without them by upgrading sound bars or speakers. Installing an amplifier also makes a significant difference.

Where Are Speakers JL Wrangler?

JL Wranglers come with 8-speaker sound systems with sound bars and tweeters. A premium Alpine sound system package is also available for most trim levels.

What is Jeep Wrangler Premium Sound System?

Besides the 8-speaker setup, Wrangler models are also an option for the Premium sound system. It includes 9 speakers and a rear subwoofer from Alpine.

Final Words

If you are not happy with the audio results of the factory-installed sound system of the Jeep Wrangler. You can make some modifications to upgrade the audio quality. Try installing bigger front speakers or add some additional speakers to get a better output.

Upgrading the rear sound bars also helps in this regard. If speaker modification doesn’t give the desired result, go for an amplifier or a subwoofer to get the power and bass you are looking for.

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