How Much Does A Jeep Wrangler Weigh?

How heavy is a jeep wrangler? Mostly you will see that jeep owners don’t know about the weight of their jeeps. A few of them know about the weight capacity of their particular jeep wranglers but not the actual weight. 

Best Jeep Wrangler Model and Year

The weight of all jeep wranglers isn’t the same; there is a huge difference in it depending upon different factors. But an estimate says the curb weight of a jeep wrangler lies between 2855 lbs and 5222 lbs. The weight of 4 door jeep wrangler 2022 is between 5,400 lbs to 6,100 lbs (GVWR)

So, let’s discuss in detail how much does a jeep wrangler weigh and why you need to keep this in your knowledge. 

How Much Does A Jeep Wrangler Weigh

Before going directly to the weight list of jeep wranglers, let’s check what type of connotations are associated with it and how you can calculate your jeep wrangler’s weight. 

How To Check Weight?

There are many methods to check the weight of a jeep wrangler. The most widely used connotations are as follows:

  1. Dry-weight/mass 
  2. Curb weight
  3. GVWR 


Dry weight is the total weight of a vehicle’s body with an empty transport without any people, fluids, or cargo. 

Curb weight

In contrast to the previous, the curb is the vehicle’s weight, which includes the body’s weight in addition to the weight of the full fuel tank and all other standard equipment. Curb weight is not an approximate weight; instead, it is considered closest to the vehicle’s actual weight.


It is a gross vehicle weight rating, which tells how much a vehicle can be heavy (in other words, how much weight it total lifts, including its own body), including the weight of all types of fuel, equipment, accessories, number of passengers, and cargo.

Why I Need To Know About The Weight Of My Jeep Wrangler

As I mentioned earlier, the weight of a jeep wrangler is discussed in two ways; curb weight and dry weight. And the reasons to know about both depend upon several factors, which I mentioned below.

  • It is essential to know about the curb weight of your jeep wrangler to understand where you take it in terms of bridges and particular roads.
  • While in need of towing and hauling a jeep, the knowledge about weight helps you a lot. 
  • Your jeep’s GVWR or GVM decides your driving license type, so knowing about the weight helps you at this point also. 
  • It also helps in the jeep’s routine checkups and choosing extra parts you will use with your jeep.
  • Also, some states prohibit heavy-weight vehicles, so it’s better to purchase a vehicle after knowing its weight. 
  • Knowing the weight helps you learn how much you can put in your jeep wrangler. 

How Much Does A Jeep Wrangler Weigh?

Models of jeep wrangler vary in trim, wheelbase, standard equipment, and overall dimensions. Hence, it is impossible to suggest a specific curb weight for all wranglers or generations. However, an average weight of a jeep wrangler is between 2,855 lbs (1,295 Kg) and 5,222 lbs (2,369 Kg). The lightest trim of the 1987 jeep wrangler weighs 2,855 lbs. Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon 4xe 2021 is the heaviest, weighing 5,222 lbs, and the jeep wrangler 2012 brute, with 5,200 pounds (2,259kg), takes the second position.

Jeep Wrangler Weight Generation Wise (Curb)

In the below tables, you will see a rise in the weight of the 4-wheelers with every passing year or generation. The reason is obvious the change from 2-door vehicles to 4-door, the innovations in parts, and the addition of features enhance the weight. So, let’s see: how much do jeeps weigh?

Generation (YJ)Year2-Door4-Door
SE 1987 – 19952,855 – 3,241 lbs1,295 – 1,470 KgNot Available
Laredo1987 – 19952,954 – 3,197 lbs1,340 – 1,450 KgNot Available
Sahara 1987 – 19952,954 – 3,197 lbs1,340 – 1,450 KgNot Available
Sport 1991 – 19952,954 – 3,371 lbs1,340 – 1 ,529 KgNot Available
Rio Grande19952,934 lbs1,331 KgNot Available
Islander1988 – 19933,164 – 3,371 lbs1,435 – 1,529 KgNot Available
Renegade1990 – 19943,164 – 3,371 lbs1,435 – 1,529 KgNot Available
2nd Generation (TJ)Year2-Door4-Door
SE1997 – 20063,045 – 3,274 lbs 1,381 – 1,485 KgNot Available
2002 – 20063,438 lbs1,545 kgNot Available
Sport1997 – 20063,539 lbs1,565 kgNot Available
Sahara1997 – 20043,362 lbs1,525 KgNot Available
60th Anniversary Edition 20013,549 lbs1,610 KgNot Available
Rubicon 20023,097 – 3,832 lbs 1,405 – 1,686 KgNot Available
Apex Edition2002 – 20033,241 – 3,274 lbs 1,470 – 1,485 KgNot Available
Freedom Edition 20033,241 – 3,274 lbs 1,470 – 1,485 KgNot Available
Rocky Mountain Edition2003 – 20053,241 – 3,274 lbs1,470 – 1,485 KgNot Available
Tomb Raider Edition20033,241 – 3,274 lbs1,470 – 1,485 KgNot Available
Columbia Edition20043,241 – 3,274 lbs1,470 – 1,485 KgNot Available
Willys Edition2004 – 20053,241 – 3,274 lbs1,470 – 1,485 KgNot Available
Unlimited Sport Edition2004 – 20063,721 lbs 1,688 KgNot Available
Sahara Edition Unlimited Rubicon20053,781 lbs1,715 KgNot Available
65th Anniversary Edition20063,832 lbs1,686 KgNot Available
Golden Eagle 20063,438 lbs 1,545 KgNot Available
3rd Generation (JK)Year2-Door4-Door
Base or SE3,759 – 4,262 lbs1,705 – 1,933 Kg4,079 – 4,123 lbs1,850 – 1,870 Kg
Sport or X / X-S or Sport S3,759 – 4,262 lbs1,705 – 1,933 Kg4,075 – 4,691 lbs1,848 – 2,128 Kg
Sahara (includes Unlimited trim)3,876 – 4,211 lbs1,758 – 1,910 Kg4,054 – 4,530 lbs1,839 – 2,055 Kg
Rubicon (includes Unlimited trim)3,792 – 4,104 lbs1,720 – 1,861 Kg4,315 – 4,691 lbs1,957 – 2,128 Kg
Rocky Mountain 2009 Edition 3,759 – 4,262 lbs1,705 – 1,933 Kg4,075 lbs1,848 Kg
Islander 20103,759 – 4,262 lbs1,705 – 1,933 Kg4,075 lbs1,848 Kg
Mountain 2010 Edition 3,759 – 4,262 lbs1,705 – 1,933 Kg4,075 lbs1,848 Kg
70th Anniversary 2011 Edition 4,005 lbs1,817 Kg4,269 lbs 1,936 Kg
Unlimited Altitude 2012 Edition N/AN/A4,054 – 4,530 lbs1,839 – 2,055 Kg
Call of Duty: MW3 Special EditionN/AN/A4,315 lbs 1,957 Kg
Unlimited Brute2012N/AN/A5,200 lbs 2,359 Kg
Freedom 2012 Edition 4,075 lbs1,848 Kg4,277 lbs1,940 Kg
Arctic20124,262 – 4,288 lbs1,933 – 1,945 Kg4,570 – 4,691 lbs2,073 – 2,128 Kg
Moab 2013 Edition 4,262 – 4,288 lbs1,933 – 1,945 Kg4,570 – 4,691 lbs2,073 – 2,128 Kg
Polar 2014 Edition 4,262 – 4,288 lbs1,933 – 1,945 Kg4,570 – 4,691 lbs2,073 – 2,128 Kg
Overland 2013 Edition 4,217 lbs 1,913 Kg4,691 lbs2,128 Kg
Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition 4,262 lbs1,933 Kg4,570 lbs 2,073 Kg
Rubicon X 2014 Edition 4,262 lbs1,933 Kg4,570 lbs 2,073 Kg
Dragon 2014 Edition N/AN/A4,054 – 4,530 lbs1,839 – 2,055 Kg
Willys Wheeler20154,075 lbs1,848 Kg4,277 lbs 1,940 Kg
Golden Eagle 20174,075 lbs1,848 Kg4,277 lbs1,940 Kg
Rubicon Hard Rock 20154,104 lbs1,861 Kg4,315 lbs1,957 Kg
75th Anniversary 2016 Edition 3,951 lbs1,792 Kg4,269 lbs1,936 Kg
Backcountry 2016 Edition 3,951 lbs 1,792 Kg4,269 lbs1,936 Kg
Black Bear / Black 2016 Edition 3,759 lbs1,705 Kg4,075 lbs1,848 Kg
4th Generation (JL)2-Door4-Door
Sport3,919 – 4,010 lbs 1,778 – 1,819 Kg4,167 – 4,654 lbs 1,890 – 2,111 Kg
Sport S3,948 lbs 1,791 Kg4,167 lbs 1,890 Kg
Sahara (includes 4XE plug-in hybrid)4,178 – 4,406 lbs 1,895 – 1,999 Kg4,451 – 5,100 lbs 2,019 – 2,313 Kg
Rubicon (includes 4XE plug-in hybrid)4,145 – 4,332 lbs1,880 – 1,965 Kg4,449 – 5,222 lbs 2,018 – 2,369 Kg
Rubicon 392Not AvailableNot Available5,103 lbs 2,315 Kg
Moab EditionNot AvailableNot Available4,345 lbs 1,971 Kg
Sport AltitudeNot AvailableNot Available4,167 lbs 1,890 Kg
Sahara AltitudeNot AvailableNot Available4,263 lbs 1,934 Kg
High Altitude (includes 4XE plug-in hybrid)Not AvailableNot Available4,549 – 5,000 lbs 2,063 – 2,268 Kg
Sport RHD4,196 lbs 1,903 Kg4,921 lbs 2,232 Kg
Willys3,948 lbs 1,791 Kg4,167 lbs 1,890 Kg
Willys Sport3,948 lbs 1,791 Kg4,167 lbs 1,890 Kg
Islander Edition3,948 lbs 1,791 Kg4,167 lbs 1,890 Kg
Freedom Edition3,948 lbs 1,791 Kg4,167 lbs 1,890 Kg
80th Anniversary Edition (2021)3,948 lbs 1,791 Kg4,505 lbs 2,043 Kg

Factors bring difference

The Difference In Weight Due To Fuel Capacity

When it comes to 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers, the size and requirements of a fuel tank increase, for example, 3 gallons. That is why the size of the tank and the fuel it contains makes the 4-wheelers 25 lbs and 11.3 kilograms heavier than the 2-wheelers. 

Tires weight

Different size of tires also enhances the weight of your jeep wrangler like the Sport has 31 inches, Sahara has 32 inches, and Rubicon has 32.7-inch tires, and as the dimension increases, the weight also increases. 


Adding a removable hard top and soft top also increases the weight of wranglers. Check the following 


1st Gen Jeep Wrangler (YJ) = 3,175 lbs to 3,371 lbs 

2nd Gen Jeep Wrangler (TJ) = 3,097 lbs to 3,241 lbs


1st Gen Jeep Wrangler (YJ) = 2,954 lbs to 3,371 lbs

2nd Gen Jeep Wrangler (TJ) = 3,097 lbs to 3,274 lbs


Do you know how much a Jeep door weighs? The weight of doors varies in every generation, but approximately the front door has 60 to 70 lbs, and the rear door weighs between 30 to 50 lbs. The JL wrangler generation has 12 lbs lighter doors than JK jeeps. The front doors have approximately 47 lbs weight, and the rear doors weigh nearly 34 lbs. 

How Much Does A Jeep Weigh? Jeep Wrangler Engine, Transmission, Weight 

The jeep wrangler engine also changes the weight, which is why I’m giving detailed information in the tables below. 

Jeep Wrangler 1st Generation (YJ)Weight
Engine NameCapacityYear SpeedTransmissionAuto/ManualLbsKg
AMC Inline-42.5 L1987–19955-speedAisin-Warner AX-5Manual2,954 lbs1,340 kg
AMC Inline-42.5 L1994–19953-speed30RH (A904)Automatic3,197 lbs1,450 kg
AMC Inline-64.2 L1987–19903-speedA999Automatic3,197 lbs1,450 kg
AMC Inline-64.2 L1987–19895-speedPeugeot BA-10Manual3,186 lbs1,445 kg
AMC Inline-64.2 L1989–19905-speedAX-15Manual3,186 lbs1,445 kg
AMC Inline-64.0 L19913-speedA999Automatic3,164 lbs1,435 kg
AMC Inline-64.0 L1991–19953-speed32RH (A999)Automatic3,164 lbs1,435 kg
AMC Inline-64.0 L1991–19955-speedAX-15Manual3,371 lbs1,529 kg
Jeep Wrangler 2nd Generation (TJ)Weight
Engine NameCapacityYear SpeedTransmissionAuto/ManualLbsKg
AMC Inline-42.5 L1997–20023-speed30RHAutomatic3,197 lbs1,450 Kg
AMC Inline-42.5 L1997–20025-speedAisin-Warner AX-5Manual3,097 lbs1,405 Kg
PowerTech2.4 L2003–20064-speed42RLE Automatic3,326 lbs1,509 Kg
PowerTech2.4 L2003–20045-speedNV1500Manual3,274 lbs1,485 Kg
PowerTech2.4 L2005–20066-speedNSG370 Manual3,265 lbs1,481 Kg
AMC Inline-64.0 L1997–20023-speed32RHAutomatic3,241 lbs1,470 Kg
AMC Inline-64.0 L2003–20064-speed42RLE Automatic3,294 lbs1,494 Kg
AMC Inline-64.0 L1997–19995-speedAX-15Manual3,254 lbs1,476 Kg
AMC Inline-64.0 L2000–20045-speedNV3550 Manual3,241 lbs1,470 Kg
AMC Inline-64.0 L2005–20066-speedNSG370 Manual3,233 lbs1,466 Kg
Jeep Wrangler 3rd Generation (JK)Weight
Engine NameCapacityYear SpeedTransmissionAuto/ManualLbsKg
AMC Inline-43.8 L2007–20114-speed42RLEAutomatic3,792 – 4,123 lbs 1,720 – 1,870 Kg
AMC Inline-43.8 L2007–20116-speedNSG370 Manual3,759 – 4,315 lbs1,705 – 1,957 Kg
AMC Inline-63.6 L2012–20175-speedW5A580Automatic3,810 – 4,691 lbs1,728 – 2,128 Kg
AMC Inline-63.6 L2012–20176-speedNSG370Manual4,269 – 4,315 lbs1,936 – 1,957 Kg
AMC Inline-62.8 L2007–20105-speed545RFE Automatic3,990 – 4,530 lbs1,810 – 2,055 Kg
AMC Inline-62.8 L2011–Present5-speedW5A580Automatic3,990 – 4,530 lbs1,810 – 2,055 Kg
AMC Inline-62.8 L2007–20156-speedNSG370 Manual3,924 – 4,691 lbs1,780 – 2,128 Kg
AMC Inline-65.7 L2013-20175-speed545RFEAutomatic5,200 lbs2,359 Kg
Jeep Wrangler 4rth Generation (JL)Weight
Engine NameCapacitySpeedTransmissionAuto/ManualLbsKg
Hurricane I4-T (gasoline/gasoline hybrid)2.0 L8-speed850RE TorquefliteAutomatic3,948 – 4,549 lbs1,791 – 2,063 Kg
Hurricane I4-T (gasoline PHEV; 4XE plug-in hybrid)2.0 L8-speed8P75PH PHEVAutomatic5,000 – 5,222 lbs2,268 – 2,369 Kg
Multijet II I4-T (diesel2.2 L8-speed850RE TorquefliteAutomatic4,178 – 4,623 lbs1,895 – 2,097 Kg
EcoDiesel V6-T (diesel3.0 L8-speed850RE TorquefliteAutomatic4,654 – 4,862 lbs2,111 – 2,205 Kg
Pentastar V6 (gasoline/gasoline hybrid)3.6 L6-speedD478Manual w/ overdrive3,948 – 4,478 lbs1,791 – 2,031 Kg
Pentastar V6 (gasoline hybrid)3.6 L8-speed850RE TorquefliteAutomatic3,919 – 4,921 lbs1,778 – 2,232 Kg
Hemi V8 (gasoline)6.4 L8-speed8HP75 Manual w/ overdrive5,103 lbs(2,315 Kg


How much do jeep wranglers weigh? After this detailed discussion, I hope you can easily understand what factors play a part in increasing your jeep weight and how you can calculate and know about your jeep wrangler’s weight. Just remember the maintenance, customization, and adding new parts in your big cat change its weight.

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