Honda CRF-E2 Electric Dirt Bike – Light, Agile and Powerful

As a parent of two kids, I can tell you that children are very important and they love to spend as much time with their parents. However, teaching your kid how to ride a bike may be fun, but it at the same time can be dangerous. That is why Honda has launched its new youth electric motorcycle the Honda CRF-E2 recently. The great thing about this model is that they are extremely safe and will teach your kids how to drive in a much safer way.

The Honda CRF-E2 is an amazing electric vehicle for kids. It is perfect if you live in or near a city. With this motorcycle, your little rider can ride on bike paths, dirt roads, and many other paved roads that aren’t necessarily designed for motorcycles. These bikes have smaller tires and lower speeds than regular electric bikes, so they’re safer for young riders. They also come in lots of different colors and styles, so you can choose one that your child will love.

That being said, if you want to buy this electric bike for your little dirt bike enthusiast but don’t know much about it, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll look at the specs, review notes, and other notable features in this section to see if this is the bike worth your bucks.

Honda CRF-E2 History

Honda is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycles in the world. The company has a rich history that dates back to 1948 when Soichiro Honda founded the company with a vision to make motorized vehicles more accessible to people.

Honda CRF-E2 is the first electric motorcycle from Honda. This bike is released this year, and it is designed and manufactured by Greenger Powersports, but it is licensed and published by Honda. The company manufactured this bike for young riders who want to learn off-road bike riding.

Honda CRF-E2

About Honda CRF-E2

The Honda CRF E2 is a new entry-level electric motorcycle from Honda. This bike is specially designed for young riders who want to get started in dirt biking and offroading. The E2 is developed as an electric dirt bike, so it’s meant to be ridden off-road, where the extra torque of an electric motor can be used to get up steep hills or plow through deep sand.

The E2 has a small battery pack that can run for 2 hours before it needs to be recharged. The range is comparable to other electric scooters like the Razor MX 350 or MX 650 but falls short of other high-end eMTBs like the Specialized Turbo Levo S-Works Edition 6Fattie Pro, which gets more than twice as far per charge.

The CRF E2 weighs just over 106 pounds (48 kg), making it easy to lift when needed. The bike has a top speed of 20 mph (72 km/h), which can be reduced to 10 mph by using stage 1 power mode, it’s fast enough for most trail riding applications and is easy to pedal up hills when needed because there’s no shifting involved — just twist the throttle and go!

Honda CRF-E2 Design And Style

The Honda CRF-E2 has a new design from the previous CRF series bikes. It has a new look, with a more streamlined design. It also has some new features and upgrades. The electric motor is still the same as before, but there are some other changes as well.

The first thing you will notice about the Honda CRF-E2 is that it looks very different from previous models. It now has an aerodynamic shape and more rounded body lines. The front of the motorcycle is also different from previous models with a power mode feature and handlebars that are higher than before.

Honda CRF-E2 Design And Style

The bike is built with a lot of attention to detail, and it shows in the fit and finishes. The whole frame is made from twin-spar aluminum design patterns that are high quality and do not feel cheap at all. The same can be said about the rest of the components on the bike, from the electric motor to the bodywork. The paint job is also quite good, although there is some visible orange peel in places where you would expect it.

Inside, there are also some changes to make it easier to use. For example, the footpegs have been moved forward so they don’t get in your way while riding around town or on trails at high speeds. There is also an improved and adjustable seat which makes it more comfortable when riding long distances or when off-roading on rough terrain where bumps can cause discomfort in other models of motorcycles like this one by Honda.

Honda CRF-E2 Weight And Dimensions

The lightweight and sleek dimensions of this bike make it agile. The bike has an overall length of 55 in., a width of 27.1 in., and a height of 36.2 in.. It has a ground clearance of 7.2 inches and a wheelbase of 39 inches making it a comfortable ride for short legs. The handlebar height of this bike is 33.8 in and the seat is adjustable between 24.8 to 25.5 inches which are perfect for the reach of young riders because they have short arms.

Honda says the bike weighs in at only 106 pounds, which is about 10 pounds lighter than some of its gas-powered counterparts. The bike’s suspension is also designed to be more comfortable on longer rides.

Honda CRF-E2 Electric Motor, Performance, And Efficiency

The Honda CRF-E2 electric motor is a 1-kilowatt (rated power) motor that the company says can produce up to 2500 watts of peak power and has a continuous output of 1,000 watts. That’s about equivalent to an average appliance for heating or cooling. The system is also designed for maximum efficiency so it doesn’t waste energy as heat or noise.

Honda says the battery pack in the CRF-E2 system is a replaceable lithium-ion battery that can be charged either by plugging into a standard outlet or by connecting to a solar panel array. Moreover, it has a capacity of 20 Ah/960 Wh.

The CRF-E2 can reach speeds up to 20 miles per hour, making it ideal for city commuting or country rides. It also has a low-power mode that, when activated, limits the top speed to 10 miles per hour. The bike has a range of about 2 hours before needing a charge, which is more than enough for most commutes or weekend rides.

The CRF-E2 comes with a controller that displays important information like speed, battery life, and distance traveled on an LCD screen. It also has automatic gear shifting, which eliminates the need for your child to constantly push the gear shifter with his or her leg.

Honda CRF-E2 Suspension

The suspension on this bike is designed to be soft and absorb bumps in the road to provide a comfortable ride. It consists of 2 parts, the front fork, and the rebound rear. The front fork has hydraulic damping and preload adjustment, while the rear shock has rebound and preload adjustments.

Front Suspension

Front suspension is a well-known method of absorbing bumps and keeping the wheels in line. The CRF-E2 front suspension has a 33mm dia and 600mm length with a tube that extends from the top of the front wheel to the headstock. The tube is called the fork. Attached to this tube are two fork legs that have springs and dampers mounted on them. The springs are designed to compress when a force is applied to them, thereby absorbing much of the impact energy from bumps in the road surface.

The main benefit of using a traditional telescopic fork in this e-bike is that it provides a lot of stability and balance while riding.

Rear Suspension

On the rear, the CRF-E2 offers a 230 mmDNM rebound/preload adjustable suspension. This suspension can be tuned to the rider’s weight, riding style, and terrain. It allows you to adjust your suspension to suit any terrain. This gives you a better ride and allows you to go faster and further.

Lowering your bike’s center of gravity makes it easier to handle in rough terrain, especially on steep ascents.

A lower center of gravity also results in less tire wear, which saves money in the long run.

The CRF-E2 adjustable suspension is lighter and stronger than non-adjustable forks or shocks because it does not have any external hardware (levers, cables, etc.).

Honda CRF-E2 Transmission And Drive Modes

It is usually fairly simple for a child to learn to ride a bike. They sit in the seat, start it, and drive away. The same is true for the Honda CRF-E2. This bike has a fully automatic one-speed transmission, so the rider won’t have to think about shifting gears or using the clutch all the time.

As previously stated, this bike has two drive modes:

stage 1 power mode: The stage 1 power mode restricts the bike’s top speed to 10 mph, making it ideal for learners and young riders learning the bike’s mechanism.

stage 2 power mode: Stage 2 power mode is the other option. In this mode, the bike can reach speeds of up to 20 mph, making it suitable for more experienced riders.

Honda CRF-E2 Safety And Braking

Honda’s CRF-E2 is a great bike for beginners and young riders alike. The bike comes with a combined braking system that uses both front and rear brakes to ensure maximum stopping power at all times. Both these brakes are hydraulic and can be activated with a right and left-hand lever on the front. This makes it very safe and easy to use for young riders and learners.

Honda CRF-E2 Safety And Braking

The Honda CRF-E2 also has an electric start feature so you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty when starting the engine. The starter button is located next to the left handlebar grip, so it is easy to reach while riding without having to look down or take your eyes away from the road ahead. There are also no kickstands on this bike because it doesn’t need one!

Honda CRF-E2 Tires And Wheels

Whether you want to ride it on rocky, hard pack, or sandy, the Honda CRF-E2 tires work on every terrain without any skidding.  It got two 12-inch aluminum rims that are mounted with two strong and grippy 60/100 tires.

The front wheel is mounted with a 60/100 tire 12 Kenda Millville K771 knobby on a 12×1.6 spoke aluminum rim that works well on most hard surfaces but needs more traction when riding in sand or mud. The rear wheel also has a 60/100 tire mounted on a  12×1.6 aluminum rim that works well on all surfaces except for sand and mud where it will dig into the ground and cause your ride to feel unstable.

Honda CRF-E2 Riding

This mini E-bike rides beautifully. When you first ride this electric bike, you will notice how its speed and torque complement the riding experience. The engine is extremely responsive and it provides adequate power to climb even the steepest slopes. The engine does not make any noise but does produce some vibrations when you accelerate. However, this can be easily countered by increasing or decreasing the speed.

The acceleration is smooth and feels natural, unlike other bikes which require some practice to get used to them. The brakes are also very efficient and do not cause any jerks when applied suddenly during heavy traffic conditions or on mountain roads.

The battery life on this bike is impressive as well! It can last for more than 2 hours after charging it fully which is more than enough for everyday use. Also, there are multiple modes available in this bike so that you can select the one that suits your needs best!

Honda CRF-E2

Honda CRF-E2 Comfort And Convenience

The Honda CRF-E2 is a very comfortable and convenient electric bike. The adjustable seat height, keyed ignition, and fully automatic one-speed transmission make it easy to ride.

The seat height is adjustable from 24.8″ to 25.5″. This enables young riders of all sizes to find the best riding position for them. The seat is slightly higher than the CRF50F model at 24.8 inches. This seat height is appropriate for a 5 to 10-year-old with a height of 4 to 5 feet and a weight of 80 to 100 pounds.

The CRF-E2 also has a keyed ignition switch so you don’t have to worry about losing your keys while riding or having someone else drive off with your bike if they find a key lying around. Moreover, once the key is inside you can select one of the two power modes for your youngling. And once you have selected the power mode the rider just has to twist the throttle and it’s game on!

The fully automatic one-speed transmission means there are no gears to shift or maintenance required on the transmission. This makes it easy for anyone to ride this bike even if they’ve never ridden a bike before!

Honda CRF-E2 Pricing

The Honda e2 is one of the most affordable electric motorcycles on the market. That makes it an ideal candidate for buyers who are looking for a commuter bike that won’t break the bank or weigh you down with expensive maintenance costs.

Here are some key details about pricing:

The CRF-E2 model is $2,950. This includes a 960wh lithium-ion battery that provides about 2 hours run per charge, a 5-speed manual transmission, and a low seat height of 24 to 25 inches. Honda also includes a quick charging feature that allows you to fully charge it in 2 hours as opposed to the standard 4 hours.

Why Buy The Honda CRF-E2

The Honda CRF-E2 is an electric bike that is ideal for off-road riding. It has a compact frame, which makes it easy to ride through narrow trails and rugged terrain. This bike is also very lightweight and easy to control.

The Honda CRF-E2 has a number of features that make it an excellent choice for off-road riding:

Lightweight Frame – The frame on this bike is made from aluminum alloy, which reduces the weight of the bike by about 25 pounds compared to steel frames. This makes it easier to maneuver through tight turns and rough terrain.

Compact Design – The compact design of this bike makes it easy to control for young riders when riding over rough terrain or through tight corners. It also allows riders to easily put their feet down when stopped so they don’t have to move around as much while waiting for another rider or group of riders in front of them.

Good Suspension – The suspension system on this bike provides smooth travel over bumps and uneven surfaces without bottoming out or causing excessive vibrations in hands or arms during braking or acceleration maneuvers.

Incredibly easy to operate – The Honda CRF-E2 has an electric starter, so your child won’t have to worry about getting the bike going. The automatic transmission also makes it simple for them to operate. This bike has a few different features that make it ideal for children who are just learning how to ride.

Safe – The Honda CRF-E2 is built for adventure, but it’s also built for safety. The bike has a speed limiter that allows you to set the top speed for your young rider so that they don’t get carried away with speed. Furthermore, it has an automatic transmission, which makes it much easier for riders who are new to motorcycles or who have difficulty using clutches due to age or disability.


Q: How fast does the Honda CRF-E2 go?

A: The Honda CRF-E2 has 2 power modes. In stage 1 the bike can achieve a top speed of 10 mph and in stage 2 it can go up to 20 mph.

Q: How much does a new Honda CRF-E2 cost?

A: The price of a new Honda CRF-E2 starts at $2600 and can go up to $3000 depending on the options you choose.

Q: Is there any maintenance required for my Honda CRF-E2?

A: There is no scheduled maintenance required for your Honda CRF-E2 because it is an electric bike. There are no cables, no motor oil leaks, and everything is electric, so even if you don’t know much about cars, you can own an E2. However, depending on how frequently the bike is ridden, the chain may need to be adjusted from time to time.

Q: How much time does it take to charge the battery of a Honda CRF-E2?

A: It takes 4 hours to fully charge this motorcycle using a standard 110-volt household electrical outlet, or you can use its quick charge feature which charges it in 2 hours.

Final Words

The Honda CRF-E2 is a great electric bike for kids. It has many high-quality features and plenty of useful design tweaks that allow children as young as seven to safely ride this motorcycle. Furthermore, the bike itself is very durable and able to handle many situations without getting damaged. This is due to its high-quality steel frame construction that also helps to support children with a maximum weight of 99 pounds. Overall, we’d highly recommend this product if you’re looking for an electric bike for kids.

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