Hidden Falls Adventure Park (Marble Falls) ; TX

The truth is that riding parks like Hidden Falls which is located about eight miles east of scenic Marble Falls in Texas Hill Country are relatively rare. So, if you are looking for a family-friendly environment at the park, you will love Hidden Falls Adventure Park.

However, with nearly 240 miles of full sized off-road trails crisscrossing 3000 acres of land, Hidden Falls is the largest off-road park in the state of Texas that strikes the right balance between fun, safety and adventure.

Texas Hill Country has a huge rock monolith that lends the name to the Hidden Falls Adventure Park & attracts raw crawlers and trail riders from all over the state.

This guide & review will address all the key questions you might have regarding the destination; how are the trails at Hidden Falls and give you some useful tips about important things you need to know before you go.

Essential Information about Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls Adventure Park, located just a few miles outside Marble Falls, is one the greatest stops in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. As you are only about one hour drive away from Austin, it is easy to get to the area and take advantage of all the shops, gas stations and restaurants before heading towards the park.

Operation Hours

The property is usually open to public from Thursdays through Sundays as:

  • 9:00 A.M to 5:00 A.M on Thursdays
  • 9:00 A.M to 9:00 P.M on Fridays
  • 8:00 A.M to 9:00 P.M on Saturdays
  • 8:00 A.M to 2:00 P.M on Sundays

The members of the Hidden Falls Adventure Park can also get daily access. However, it is better to keep checking  updates on their website especially in the period of  bad weather conditions as they will let their visitors know if the park has to close.

Hidden Falls welcomes weekend warriors but the park also offers individual and family memberships & prides itself in having a fun filled atmosphere for all skill levels of riders.

Checking in Procedure

After your arrival at Hidden Falls, your first stop will be the reception desk where you’ll be greeted by the helpful and friendly staff of the Hidden Falls to discuss your riding levels and your stay. They will guide you where you can set up, unload, stay and get yourself ready for riding and advise you on the best trails to look for if you want a specific level of riding.

Also, there is a Hidden Falls Adventure Park map that staff will happily share to facilitate you if you have not downloaded it off their website.

Camping and Accomodation Options

There are numerous options for staying at Hidden Falls Adventure Park. The Starlite Motel offers rooms with bunk beds, private bathrooms and shower rooms, each with an accommodation of three people which is pretty dang good.

For campers, there are RV hookups, primitive spots, an upgraded campground with electric and water outlets and Zip’s house. Camping areas have a check-in area that  has an open air structure the size of a small circus tent where people can get out of the weather.

There are even areas where people can stay at a primitive camp and the view from the North Peak and WildCat Mountain are spectacular.

The best option for an extended stay in full luxury!

Vehicles Allowed

Ofcourse, one of the most important questions that the visitors arise is what vehicles you can ride in the park. Hidden Falls Adventure Park welcomes ATV’s/UTV’s, dirt bikes and 4*4 vehicles. The 4*4 trails have ratings up to 5 in skill level as the trail map says “Have fun and ride safely“. All trails are marked and there are designated roots for each vehicle.

There is an obligation for all ATV riders to wear DOT-approved helmets at all times. For those UTVs with roll cages , helmets are recommended but not required. For ATV/UTVriders, prices start at $30 per day for one adult day drive, with a passenger for another $18 to use all park trails.

UTVs with roll cages

Dirt bikers are also welcome at the park under the same price arrangement and can also share some of the trails with ATVs /UTVs. There are also amazingly designed trails, all for dirt bikers.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park has a lot of space to bring any type of vehicle and have fun. You’ll also be guided by the staff at reception on what to focus on, depending on what your vehicle specs are.

General Review Of Hidden Falls Trails

While riding at Hidden Falls, You have access to plenty of beautiful & unique scenic views from the top of the hills available in Texas and you can take advantage of 2,200 acres of wilderness maintained by the park for riding and camping.

Not only are the trails well-maintained and well-marked but also you are welcomed by friendly and helpful staff who are ready to give you suggestions of where to ride , how it is handled and more  depending on your skill level and vehicle specs and genuinely come across as wanting you to have your best time at the park.

General Review Of Hidden Falls Trails

With the great accommodation options on-site and a good mix of tight & twisty trails through thick stands of trees littered with rocks and tree roots, You are free to spend the best time enjoying the outdoors and off-road riding too.

However, some diehard riders will ride the park at night during the summer after the sun goes down and it cools off a little bit.

Get lost for hours at a time or take it easy, ride, stop for a picnic and go again.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park Rentals

Being one of the top destinations for off-road adventure, Hidden Falls benefits from additional on-site facilities. For instance; from renting vehicles to getting coaching from friendly staff, these are some of the add-ons you can expect while at Hidden Falls Adventure Park.

So, if you like to experience off-roading but you don’t have a vehicle for it, fear not, because Hill Country Adventure Rentals operating from inside the park rent out tons of off-road vehicles. The rental shop is convenient for getting your vehicle ASAP and jumping straight into riding! One advantage is that it can be accessible at Hidden Falls during the operations hours of the park.

Events & Guided Tours at Hidden Falls

If you are looking for a special event to celebrate at Hidden Falls such as a birthday or a graduation party, the park will put you in touch with some pleasant and helpful guides at Hidden Falls. Also, keep checking the updates of the park because some of the events operate via Hidden Falls. 

Some Key Things to Remember

Some additional useful tips that you should take into consideration when going to Hidden Falls are as follows:

  • Hidden Falls allow night riding too on Fridays and Saturdays_ enjoy the midnight adventure feeling.
  • Hidden Falls has no water features like other parks have for fishing, swimming or other activities.
  • Trails will be closed under certain circumstances such as during the periods of bad weather conditions or flood warning so make a call before heading over, also check on their Facebook page if you’ve any doubts.
  • They will not allow events and accommodation arrangements unless you are planning for off-roading. Keep in mind that if you bring family members, whether they are interested in riding or not, they still have to pay for a day pass.
  • There is no gas station facility inside the park, the nearest one is 7 miles away in Marble Falls and almost all of your dining options are in Marble Falls as well as there is only a general store inside that sells the basic necessities. So, bring some extras if you are planning to stay a little longer.

Conclusion : Hidden Falls in Beautiful Texas Hill Country

Hidden Falls Adventure park enthusiast’s oasis, they have everything you would need to have a great time. With over 2200 acres of full sized off-road trails, there is surely something for you from mild stock level all the way to the extreme rock crawling, you can find it at Hidden Falls. So, if you are looking for a scenic test of endurance, this is the trail for!

A perfect location for weekend getaway in the wilderness of Texas.

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