Harley Davidson XR750: The Best Dirt Bike Ever Built

If you’re into Harley Davidson and its craftsmanship and want to know what the XR750 model is all about you are at the right place. In this blog post, I will review this motorcycle and talk about some of its outstanding features.

Ever since I was old enough to sit on a motorcycle, my dad and I have ridden dirt bikes together. He is older now and doesn’t ride as much as we used to. Last summer, he let me take his bike out for a ride. Out of the blue, he said to me, “The old girl still has some kick left in her”. His XR750 motorbike was built back in 1970, the same year I was born. Seeing him all nostalgic like that made me wonder how this bike is still running like a beast. What are its specs and if someone wanna buy it what will be the reasons for That? To answer all of these questions, I used my writing experience and my father’s 49 years of XR750 riding experience to create this comprehensive review!

Harley Davidson XR750 History

When people think of Harley Davidson motorcycles, they generally think of large touring machines or V-twin cruisers. However, the company also offers some great competition bikes. One that you should consider is the Harley Davidson XR750. This bike competed in flat track racing, but it is also well-suited to street use as well. The XR750 has a lot of power and plenty of abilities that completely surprise you. In fact, one of the 1970 stuntmen, Evel Knievel, performed a spectacular jump on this daredevil bike and flew 164 feet above the ground before landing safely.

In the history of motorcycling, the 1970 Harley-Davidson XR750 has got to be in the conversation for the most iconic two-wheeled animal of all time. The story of how this bike dominated the AMA from 1970 the day it came out to 2008 by winning 29 of the 37 national titles is mindblowing.

The bike has been through a lot of alterations and changes throughout the years. The first 1972 model was the XR750’s peak and in that form, it was completely matured to perfection. The 1972 model addressed the thermal issue with the body alloy used in the 1970 model and was slightly lighter than the previous model. Furthermore, the engine’s rear cylinder was tuned to make room for carburetors and exhaust.

Apart from all that, the Harley Davidson XR750 has several versions for different racing enthusiasts including a road race version, a street version, and a stunt bike version. However, here we will only review the original XR750 versions.

About Harley Davidson XR750

The Harley Davidson XR750 is every vintage race bike enthusiast’s dream. It is a race motorcycle that was created specifically for stunts, road racing, and dirt track racing. Harley-Davidson’s first attempt at a full-fairing sport bike, the XR750, was an instant success. It came out in 1970 and won the AMA Grand National Championships in 1972 because of its sheer power and agility. Furthermore, 29 other AMA national titles are in the name of the XR750, and it would take another decade for any other manufacturer to match Harley’s achievement.

The XR750 was designed by Dick O’Brien and Davidson, who both wanted to create a bike that would be competitive in the dirt track category, but also provide the rider with comfort on long rides. The result was a machine with an aluminum frame and bodywork that weighed less than 300 pounds when dry. The engine is based on Harley’s big V-twin powerplant (they call it their “big twin” engine), which produces about 70-100 horsepower at 7600 rpm. The transmission is a 4-speed triple chain taken from their production bikes.

As for performance figures, the XR750 will do 0-60 mph in about 4 seconds flat and reach 100 mph from standing still in under 12 seconds! That’s pretty impressive for 1970 technology!

Harley Davidson XR750 Design And Style

In the early 1930s, Harley-Davidson began to develop a new line of bikes with a 750 cc engine. This new line of motorcycles was called the XR. Then came the XR750, a revolutionary design at the time.

The XR750 featured a new V-Tune engine with a four-camshaft design that allowed it to have a higher compression ratio than most other motorcycles on the market at the time. The cams were connected by gears to the crankshaft so that the valves were opened at different times during each rotation of the crankshaft. This allowed for better control over the air/fuel mixture in each cylinder. The V-tune engine, coupled with the gearbox and chain, and housed in a nice lightweight farm, gave this motorbike a nice and well-balanced flat track racing functionality and design.

A new engine with a compression ratio of 8.5:1 helped this new bike produce more power than any other motorcycle manufactured at that time. Ignition was provided by a magneto mounted on the cam cover while the ignition timing was controlled by a breaker point distributor mounted on top of the right side cover housing cover which is near where you find your starter button today

The bike has a steel frame with an alloy subframe and a twin loop full cradle style design that is adjustable via a simple cam system. The suspension consists of a Ceriani telescopic fork up front and twin 2x Girling shocks at the rear, giving it an authentic Harley Davidson look while still retaining dirt bike vibes. There is no front brake and the back brake is optional because it is a racing bike and the rider cannot use the front brake due to the high speed.

Harley Davidson XR750 Engine And Performance

The engine is a modified version of the one used in the XR’s previous models of dirt track racing bikes. It has a bore and stroke of 76 x 81 mm (3 x 3.2 inches) giving 748 ccs (45.6 cu in). The valves are operated by pushrods and rockers actuated by a single overhead camshaft driven by gears at the front of the engine, with two carburetors mounted on each side above the cylinders.

When it comes to performance this bike is a pure beast! The Harley Davidson XR750 was designed to be a racing bike and as such, it has been designed with the best possible performance in mind. The bike is claimed to produce 82 horsepower at 7,700 rpm, but this is disputed by some sources who say it produced around 70 hp at 9,000 rpm and weighed 310 pounds fully fueled and ready to ride. This racer bike can achieve a top speed of 115 mph (185 km/h) which is quite impressive considering its relatively small size and weight of only 300 pounds dry.

Harley Davidson XR750 Weight And Dimensions

As we previously mentioned the Harley Davidson XR750 is a lightweight racing bike. The bike weighs approximately 300 pounds without fuel, according to their official website. This makes it light compared to other modern Harley Davidson racing bikes; some of these include the Harley Davidson iron 883 (480 pounds), Harley Davidson Sportster S  (564 pounds), and Harley Davidson Nightster (448 pounds).

The dimensions of this bike make it a pretty comfortable ride for the rider. It has an overall length of 2110 mm (83 in),

width of 840 mm (33 in),

height of 790 mm (41 in).

The wheelbase is 1441 mm (56 in) long with front suspension travel of 240 mm (9 1⁄2 in) and rear suspension travel of 220 mm​. This longer wheelbase provides the rider with more balance and high stability on the racing tracks. And the long suspension travel provided the XR750 with a lot of traction on the ground as well as a lot of safety for the rider.

Harley Davidson XR750 Suspension

Because this is a racing bike, it must have a strong suspension. So Harley-Davidson equipped it with a front suspension that includes a Ceriani telescopic fork and a rear suspension that includes two Girling shocks. The main advantage of using the Ceriani telescopic fork is it’s lightweight. Compared to a conventional fork, the Ceriani telescopic fork has a much lower weight. This is due to the fact that it does not have to carry any springs or dampers, which usually increase the weight of a conventional fork. Another advantage of this kind of fork is that it offers excellent shock absorption and comfort for the driver and passengers. It also has better rigidity than other kinds of forks and can be easily adjusted according to your needs.

Moreover, the rear Girling shock absorbers Girling shocks can be adjusted to suit the different speeds of your XR750 smoothly and easily. In case you have a problem with your bike’s suspension, they are also easier to replace a Girling shock absorber than to replace the whole suspension system. The main advantage of Girling shock absorbers is that they can be adjusted to suit the different speeds of your vehicle smoothly and easily.

Harley Davidson XR750 Tires And Wheels

The XR750 comes standard with spoked wheels and aluminum rims. 4 in. (100 mm 480 mm). This bike has Pirelli 19 tires, which have a strong grippy texture and provide a lot of ground traction. It also aids and complements the overall body on both sides of the vehicle’s front end, which aids in maintaining control when going downhill or braking quickly at high speeds. Furthermore, the 1441 mm wheelbase allows these wheels to provide the rider with high stability and balance even at high speeds.

Harley Davidson XR750 Transmission And Clutch

The engine features a 4-speed transmission with a triple-chain primary drive, which means that it provides smoother and more reliable power transmission when compared to a single-chain drive system. Moreover, The triple-chain primary drive has better traction on steep inclines and declines than a single-chain system does.

The clutch is also a single unit but has three discs instead of two: one disc for each cylinder and one disc for the flywheel. The final drive ratio is 2.56:1 which gives the bike plenty of power to accelerate quickly off the line while still having enough torque to pull out at high speeds when needed.

Harley Davidson XR750 Braking

The XR750 was designed with no front brake and an optional back brake. The XR750 was designed to be ridden on race tracks and dirt track racing so it didn’t need any fancy features like anti-lock brakes or traction control systems. It also weighed in at around 100 pounds less than its competitors which made it a favorite amongst riders who wanted something light and nimble but still powerful enough to compete against more modern machines in competitions.

Harley Davidson XR750 Riding Experience

In this section, I will give you my riding experience with this bike. The thrill of riding the Harley Davidson XR750 is not just about the adrenaline rush, but it is about the feeling of freedom and the ability to let loose. The first and main thing that sets this racing dirt bike apart from other bikes is the suspension system. The XR750 suspension system allows riders to control their speed more easily and safely. The Ceriani telescopic fork suspension system also makes it easier for riders to navigate through tough terrain with ease.

Second, it’s fast. You know how when you get in your car and drive down the road at 55 mph? Well, that feeling goes away when you’re on an XR750 dirt bike because they can go 80 mph in no time at all.

Third, it’s scary — especially if you’re new to riding! I remember when I was learning how to ride my first dirt bike (I’m not a pro by any means), but I was going along pretty well until I hit a bump and fell off! It wasn’t too bad, but it did scare me pretty bad!

Fourthly, the wheels are huge! They aren’t even tires; they’re rims with knobby treads glued onto them with some sort of sealant or glue that keeps them from coming off while riding on rough terrain (called “dirt”). When you sit on your bike and start making a noise like your dad trying to start his lawn mower in the morning during summer which feels pretty great!

Harley Davidson XR750 Comfort And Convenience

Racing bikes are built for speed. They are not made to be comfortable and they are not meant to be ridden very far. However, that’s not the case with the Harley Davidson XR750! If you ride an XR750 bike all day, you will not end up with sore hands, back pain, and numbness in your butt like other racing bikes. Its seat is a bit less cushiony but it’s comfortable. But due to its long length, you will have a hard time getting the bike into your car or onto a bus or train.

With comfort, the XR750 also offers a lot of conveniences.  It makes traveling around town much easier when you don’t have to worry about a lot of switches on the handlebar. You can just hop on your bike, give it a kick and twist the throttle to go wherever you want without having to worry about engine lights, cables, and all that stuff!

Harley Davidson XR750 Pricing And Models

The Harley Davidson has a lot of incarnations from 1970 to 1980 which all now retail at different prices. The first model of XR750,

The 1970 XR750-Iron, has a retail/trade-in value of 40000$- 7000$.

The 1972 XR750-Alloy has a retail/trade-in value of  49000$ – 10000$.

The 1977 XR750-Alloy incarnation has a retail/trade-in value of 37000$-9000$.

The last incarnation of the XR750 is the 1980 XR750-Alloy which has a retail/trade-in value of 45800$- 9500$.

Why Buy The Harley Davidson XR750

Vintage racing is a great way to have fun with your friends and family. It’s also an affordable way to enjoy the thrill of racing bikes that are old school. If you’re looking for a vintage bike that will stand out on the road, then the XR750 could be the perfect option for you. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying an XR750:

Riding pleasure

The first reason why you should buy the Harley Davidson XR750 bike is that it can be used for pleasure riding. Many people who purchase these bikes do so because they want to take them out for spins around town and enjoy the thrill of going fast on an old-school motorcycle. This can be a lot more fun than taking out a modern sports bike and trying it out on the open road.

Great value for money

Another reason why you should buy the XR750  is that it’s great value for money. You get more bang for your buck when buying one of these machines rather than purchasing something modern like an electric scooter or a motorized bicycle. The value will only increase over time as well, so if you decide that this isn’t your thing after all, then at least you won’t have lost too much money in the process.

It’s fancy

This isn’t just any old Harley; it’s one of their best bikes ever! It won several titles over the years and helped establish Harley Davidson as a serious competitor in racing circles worldwide.

It’s vintage

There aren’t many motorcycles left from the 1970s still being ridden today because they’re too valuable to use for transportation purposes or too fragile for regular use on public roads (or both). But if you want something that will stand out from the crowd and make people do double takes when they see it roll by, the XR750 is definitely your best option — especially if you’re looking for something with classic good.

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Harley Davidson XR750 Buying Guide

Buying a vintage bike like the Harley Davidson XR750 can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, you should take into account some factors before you buy.

The first thing is to ensure that the frame is in good condition. It doesn’t matter if it’s a top-of-the-range model or a basic one; every bike has to be in perfect condition. If you want to sell it at some point in the future, you need to ensure that it doesn’t have any damage on its frame.

The Engine is another important consideration. The engine of any motorcycle is its heart, and the engine of the XR750 is both its heart and soul. As a result, you should test the engine before purchasing it to ensure that it works properly and does not produce any faulty sounds. This is especially important if it is an older model, as they were not as dependable as modern ones are today.

When buying the XR750, make sure that all parts are original (they shouldn’t be changed or replaced unless absolutely necessary).


What is the difference between a Harley Davidson XR750 and an XR1000?

A: Harley Davidson produced the XR750 from 1970-1980 and then reintroduced it in 1986. The earlier models have no front disc brakes while the newer models have twin front disc brakes. The 1986 XR1000 has an electric starter and a more street-oriented design.

How many miles can I expect to get out of my Harley Davidson XR750?

A: This is a question that can only be answered by the owner of the bike. The answer will vary depending on the mileage, conditions, and maintenance that is given to the motorcycle.

What is an XR750 worth?

A: An XR750 can be worth anywhere from $50000 to $20000 depending on condition and mileage.

Final Words

After reading this review, we all understand why my father and race bike enthusiasts adore this vintage masterpiece. And no matter which XR750 model you choose, you won’t find yourself disappointed. Whether you’re an amateur rider with an eye on the future or a seasoned veteran, no one can deny the appeal of a stylish, powerful motorcycle such as this. So grab your bike helmet and your leather jacket and get ready to head out on the open road. After all, there’s nothing better than getting back in touch with the road in your own style, is there?

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