A Quick Guide To Easily Fixing The ESP BAS Light On The Jeep Liberty

You’ve spent years with your trusty Jeep Liberty, but what’s this? It suddenly has an ESP BAS warning light blinking on the dashboard! It may not seem as big a deal as the Check Engine light or the ABS light, but you should always pay attention to it.

Fixing The ESP BAS Light On The Jeep Liberty

It may not even be noticeable as you drive along country roads. The importance of the ESP BAS light comes into play when you’re in an emergency. So hold on as we explain it to you in detail.

What’s the ESP BAS Light on the Jeep Liberty?

The ESP BAS light indicates two things; ESP and BAS. This may mean there is a problem with your car components. It may be minor, or it may be a big problem.

Thus, take it to the mechanic or get it checked ASAP! 

ESP means Electronic Stability Program. It’s a computer program that helps your Jeep Liberty stay stable by identifying where the traction is absent. It helps you stay in control by restoring traction.

BAS is the Brake Assist System. It’s also an intelligent computer program. BAS identifies abrupt slams on the pedal and detects the intensity, speed and force applied.

It takes control of the brake and releases pressure on your brake pads until the ABS comes into play. Usually, when your ESP BAS system isn’t functioning, you’ll notice the following problems:

  • The ESP BAS check-light blinks. 
  • ABS doesn’t work. 
  • Traction control doesn’t work. 

How to check the ESP BAS light?

What do you do when your engine check light or the ABS light comes on? The answer is simple; you get a reading of the diagnostic trouble codes. You can get a good code scanner or take it to a local mechanic who’ll gladly do it for you, maybe even for free! 

You’ll need to be careful buying a sensor. Try not to go for the cheap ones, as they only read the engine codes. You’ll need a scanner to read the wheel speed sensor, ABS, and chassis codes. 

A cheap scanner might do the job for you on any other problem, but any problem that triggers the ESP BAS light will not be related to the engine.

What Causes the ESP BAS Light Malfunction in the Jeep Liberty?

Once you get to the bottom of the issue by reading the codes, you’ll know what to repair. The following problems are usually the root cause of the ESP BAS light:

Problems with the Steering Angle Sensor

Did you know that most modern cars come with steering angle sensors? It’s a great feature as it keeps the steering wheel in line with the Liberty’s wheels. Unfortunately, with the good also comes the bad. This sensor is one of the primary reasons for the ESP BAS light. 

When this sensor stops working, it can be a considerable safety hazard. If the sensor relays incorrect signals to the wheels, it can cause you to make weird turns and even bump into other cars!

You can efficiently resolve this problem at home. Rotate your Jeep liberty steering wheel to the right. Next, rotate it to the left and move it to the center.

This will fix the problem, but if it doesn’t, seek professional help immediately.

Problems with the Wheel Speed Sensor

The wheel speed sensor keeps track of the speed of all four wheels of your Jeep Liberty. It corrects the speeds if they aren’t equal, ensuring you stay in control. It’s also used to check if all wheels have proper traction.

The ESP BAS light can also turn on because of a momentary loss of traction. If that’s the case, it’ll turn off on its own. If it doesn’t go out, then it means that there might be problems with the wheel sensors.

You can replace the wheel sensor at home. It’s not that difficult, but you can always go to a mechanic. The parts aren’t that expensive either. After replacing it, recheck the light to see if it’s off. Otherwise, there may be more problems.

Problems with the Brake Switch

Another issue that can cause the ESP BAS light to come on is a faulty brake switch. When you press the brake, it turns on the rear lights. This is to inform the vehicles behind you to slow down.

When you have a faulty brake switch, it doesn’t switch on the rear lights. This can be dangerous as the vehicles behind you won’t know you’re hitting the brakes. Thus, the ESP BAS light turns on to inform you of imminent danger, so you should get it replaced.

After you diagnose that this is the problem, with the help of an OBD2 (not R2D2!) scanner, you can replace it. It sits right above the car’s brake pedal, and you can switch it out.

Electrical Faults

Modern cars such as the Jeep Liberty have a lot of electrical wiring controlling the ESP, the ABS, and other sensors. Sometimes, as these wires go through the wheels, they can get damaged. In new cars, it’s not a very common problem. 

Unfortunately, if your ESP BAS light turns on, this can be the cause. Damaged wiring is pretty tricky to find for inexperienced mechanics. Therefore, if you suspect a wiring problem, go to an auto mechanic immediately.

Faulty Brakes

When you wear out your brake pads after years of use, they can’t hold the wheels properly. They don’t apply enough pressure on the brake pads either. These minor problems can cause you to swerve in traffic and crash.

Physical problems can also cause the braking systems to malfunction, causing the ESP BAS light. If this is the case, you can take your car to the mechanic for a brake service.


The ESP BAS light can indicate a minor problem or show that your vehicle is a hazard on the road.

It can be anything ranging from faulty brakes to a defective brake switch. If you have an OBD2 scanner at home, you can check for these issues.

We hope that after reading this article, you understand the ESP BAS light and can nip the problem in the bud as fast as possible.

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Is it safe to drive with your Jeep Liberty ESP BAS light on?

The thing with the ESP BAS light is that although it won’t leave you wrecked on the road, it can be unsafe.

It’s like driving an old vehicle with no safety standards. Safety features can save your life in emergencies.

What’s the difference between ESP and traction control?

ESP and traction control may seem like they do the same thing, but they’re different. ESP stops the vehicle from sliding off the road or spinning when you hit a hard corner.

Traction control, on the other hand, helps the car have more traction when you hit muddy terrain. ESP is a whole; it comprises the traction control system and the ABS.

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