How To Fix ESP Bas Light On Jeep?

In this article, you will get a detailed answer to how to fix ESP BAS light on jeep. The little clue is here

  • Recalibrating the steering wheel sensor
  • Replace the steering wheel sensor
  • Fix the brake sensor or replace it
  • Replace the wheel sensor

You are heading towards an adventurous trip and are excited to explore many places; suddenly, you see the light popping up on your dashboard screen with ESP BAS written. These warning lights indicate problems that will be electrical or mechanical issues. When you see letters of ESP BAS light on your dashboard, you are worried because you don’t know the meaning of BAS light. Then what should be your next step? How will you fix them without the professionals’ help? 

To save yourself from such a terrible situation, you have to know the ESP BAS light meaning, the causes behind its popping, and tips for fixing it. And that’s why I’m writing this article, so to know how to fix ESP Bas light on a jeep, keep reading. 

How To Fix ESP Bas Light On Jeep?

How To Fix ESP Bas Light On Jeep

Replacing the faulty and installing the new components in your jeep, like the steering angle sensor, brake switch sensor, or wheel speed sensor, is the only way how to turn off ESP BAS light jeep. But the question is why we need to replace them and why the defects occur. 

So, before going into the detailed discussion of how to fix the ESP BAS light, let’s dig into the topic’s essential information for further understanding. 

What is ESP BAS light on a jeep?

ESP and BAS are two acronyms for different terms but mostly comes side by side. ESP is an electronic stability program. Drivers get better control and traction while driving with this ESP control system. It gives better steering control and stability if the road condition is not ideal, as it is a computer-controlled program. 

BAS is a Brake Assist System or, in other words, a Brake Assist program. If it detects a sudden or fast slamming on the brake pedal by you, its job is to enhance the pressure applied to the brakes in order to stop the vehicle.

ESP BAS light is an indicator light that appears on your dashboard screen, indicating that there is either a major or minor fault in your jeep component. If it appears and then goes off, the flaw will be insignificant, but if it persists for a long time or blinks again and again, then there is an indication you have to figure out its causes and ways to fix it asap.

Note: Don’t panic if you see the warning light immediately after starting the jeep; it's just a routine checking of the bulb's functioning, whether it functions properly or not. 

Causes of ESP BAS light?

There are many causes for switching on ESP BAS and traction control light jeep. For example, maybe your wrangler finds a fault in the electronic stability program or brake assist system, but here we discuss some of the most common causes that switch on the ESP BAS light. The jeep drivers must be aware of the grounds so that they fix it on their own if there is an emergency condition. What causes ESP BAS light to come on are as follows.

Fault In Steering Angle Sensor

A common cause of ESP BAS light on jeeps is a fault in the steering wheel sensor. Today’s vehicles are equipped with advanced sensor systems for every single component that sense and give you the correct information about that particular component of that vehicle. This steering wheel sensor keeps steering wheels in coordination with jeep wheels. 

These sensors will direct your wheels in the direction of your steering, which you move according to your lane. If you move your steering to the left side, the wheels follow this direction and move left. 

ESP BAS light turns on if the sensor stops working or there is a fault. The steering gives wrong signals, and there is a chance of crashing with other vehicles as it takes wrong turns. 

Note: Use an ohm-meter to check whether the sensor is working perfectly or not. 

If you suddenly see the light start blinking on your dashboard while driving your jeep through the potholes or over the bumps, it may mean the sensor disengaged. If it stops blinking, make yourself happy that the sensor got engaged again, but if it continues to flash, a try to do a quick fix is necessary. For that, follow the steps below.

  • Parking the jeep and starting the engine is the first step.
  • The complete lock position is achieved by turning the steering wheel to the right twice.
  • Make two complete rotations to the left of the steering wheel in order to gain full lock.
  • Place the steering wheel in its middle/center/normal position (Wheels Straight).
  • Stop the engine and turn it back on after a few seconds.
  • So, if you drive the jeep, you will not see the ESP Bass light after you have engaged the second gear.
  • If the light still blinks, do the process once again. 
  • If the error continues to show, don’t waste time; go to check it by professionals to keep your jeep from any damage.

Fault In Wheel Speed Sensor

Every wheel has a speed sensor that calculates the speed and gives information to the ESP/BAS system. While driving, if the ESP/BAS system senses that your jeep wheels are running at different speeds, it immediately corrects it and checks whether all wheels are running at the same rate so that you have a good grip on your vehicle. 

If the BAS light comes on, then there might be an indication that the wheel speed sensors are not working correctly and the traction of the jeep is out of control. It needs immediate fixation because it causes disasters, especially on slippery roads. 

A Glitch In The Brake Pad And Calipers

Have you ever heard about collapses where one driver argues that he slows down the car by brakes and the other claims that the rare brake lights didn’t light up? In such cases, a failed break switch is the culprit behind this mess.

Brake pads are directly connected to each wheel. They apply pressure to the rotor, creating friction that slows down or stops your jeep. The bad calipers won’t supply the required pressure to the pad. This fault makes your braking system unable to work correctly, and the BAS light turns on. 

Electrical And Wiring Issues

Many different types of wiring manage various sensors and ABS control systems. All these sensors are electrically wired. ABS (anti-lock braking system) and wheel speed sensor works on the wiring system, and any electrical fault can damage these wires and turn on the BAS light.

The best part is that this issue is less likely to occur in new jeeps, but the worst thing is you can’t figure out this defect. Thus, you need a professional approach to find out and fix this issue. 

How do I get rid of ESP BAS light (Ways To Fix It)

Before you start fixing the issue, it is necessary to determine the cause of the case, and the easiest way to check the problem code is using scanners like OBD2, which is embedded in the ABS control system of your jeep. It doesn’t make any guesses but finds the real issue and starts troubleshooting. Some ways to fix the standard errors are as follows:

Adjust The Steering Wheel Sensor

Adjusting or recalibrating the steering angle sensor is very easy. Sometimes the OBD2 scanner fixes it by just reading the code and recalibrating it as required. The second way is to sit behind the wheels and gently turn them from one side to another, where they get locked. This technique is helpful, and the BAS light turns off, and you can drive easily without any trouble.

If calibration doesn’t fix the problem, then replace the sensors. It is effortless and requires two tools; sockets and a ratchet.

  • Unplug the battery of your jeep
  • Remove/release the airbag from the steering wheel by pushing the clip near the rear wheel.
  • Lock the steering wheel in the center
  • Make use of the socket and ratchet to remove the main nut
  • Remove the clock spring, and you will see the sensor there.
  • Put everything back in place after replacing the defective one with the new one.
  • Turn on the vehicle and see the result. Remember, you have to calibrate the system to turn the light off on the jeep.

Fix the wheel speed sensor

The only way to fix the defective wheel speed sensor is by replacing it. As it is effortless to access, so you can replace it easily. You can find the wheel sensor behind the braking disc. Jack up the jeep and replace the wheel and take off the defective sensor and place the new one in its place with ease. Keep in mind that sometimes it gets stuck by rust, so don’t worry; just use extra force to open it.

Fix brake pad 

Scan the problem with the OBD2 scanner. It is just right above the brake pedal. Remove the defective sensor and put a new one in its place. Reset the code, and the BAS light will go off. You can also repair the brakes if you don’t want to purchase a new one. Put the jeep on the jack stand and take off the wheels. 

I prefer to resurface it if you have plenty of material; otherwise, you can remove and replace the rotor. Sometimes caliper is stuck, causing problems because you need brake system expertise to solve it or a highly qualified professional.


When you unbolt the brake caliper, It is necessary to reset it somewhere so that the lines don’t break.

How To Fix ESP BAS light jeep liberty?

I have already discussed the most common causes and their solution of ESP BAS light on jeep. If this problem occurs in jeep liberty, I highly recommended to turn off the light. You can effortlessly and quickly turn it off by following this method.

  1. Wipe the code with the help of a code scanner from your car’s main computer
  2. Check the leading cause of why the BAS light turned on.
  3. Make necessary fixation and repairs according to the problem. 

It only needs two to three hours to complete the entire process.

How to fix ESP BAS Light Jeep Wrangler?

Suppose you are struggling with the question of how do I fix the ESP BAS light on my jeep wrangler. In that case, the main problem of the Bas light on the jeep and how to fix these issues is the same as I discussed in the article written above, but I highly recommend turning this warning BAS light off before proceeding with your journey to be safe. But if it pops up repeatedly and causes an issue, then read the above articles to fix it or use an auto mechanic expert to solve the problem.



How to reset ESP BAS light?

I have mentioned resetting the ESP BAS light by recalibrating the steering sensor by moving it in the right and left directions twice and then at the center. Thus this helps in resetting the warning light quickly.

How to fix ESP BAS light jeep grand Cherokee?

If the question, how do I fix the ESP BAS light on my jeep grand Cherokee, makes you land on this page, don’t worry, as the process is simple. You can do it several ways by recalibrating or fixing the steering wheel and replacing the brake or wheel sensor. To know in detail, go above and read the article.

Final Words

ESP (electronic stability program) and BAS (brake assist system) mechanism are specially designed for the safety of the vehicle and driver as it controls the car for the driver. So being careful about ESP BAS lights can minimize the risk of accidents. 

After reading my article, I hope you have no further queries regarding how to fix ESP BAS light on jeep. We provide you with its significant causes and fixes here. 

I always wish a safe journey for you. When the warning light turns on your dashboard, check out the fault and try to fix it as soon as possible for your safety because safety comes first for every new adventure trip.

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