Everything You Need To Know About The Duck Duck Jeep Phenomenon

Did you find a little rubber duck stuck to your Jeep? You may have been the victim of Duck Duck Jeep! Don’t worry, though; it’s completely harmless.

It’s an act of friendship between Jeep owners. The Jeep wave took the country by storm, and a new trend has left Jeep owners quacking up!

Duck Duck Jeep

You may have heard the term “Ducking a Jeep,” and you must be wondering what it means.

Sit back and buckle up as we go over this craze.

What is Duck Duck Jeep?

The Jeep owner community has always been tight, they’ve had a unique wave to acknowledge each other, but that wasn’t enough! 

They had to go a step further in showing their solidarity.

Thus, they created the “Duck Duck Jeep” game. The main idea of this game is pretty wholesome, to spread some smiles among Jeep enthusiasts.

The rules

So, what are the rules of this fun game involving rubber ducks? Well, there aren’t many. The main goal is that you need to place little rubber duckies on other Jeeps!

To play this game, buy a box of rubber ducks and keep them in your car. 

Whenever you find another Jeep, pop a rubber ducky or two up on the hood or windshield, along with a note.

It’s a surefire way to make new friends in the Jeep community of your area and maybe even advertise your local business.

What does it mean?

Getting ducked is considered an honor in the Jeep community, and whenever they find a duck on their vehicle, they display their ducks in the “duck pond.”

They call the dashboard area in the Jeep “the duck pond”; it reminds them daily of the strangers that gifted them the rubber ducks.

Duck Duck Jeep is a form of ducking. Ducking is just placing a rubber duck on another Jeep.

Duck Duck Jeep is similar, but in addition to the duck, a little note is left behind to spread a little love.

How Did Duck Duck Jeep Start?

The trend started back in 2020 when a Jeep owner decided to do a little harmless prank to bring a smile to their as well as another Jeep owner’s face.

Allison Parliament founded duck Duck Jeep after she went through a tough experience. She felt like the world was dark and wanted to share some laughs. 

Allison found a bag of rubber ducks when visiting a small shop in the area. 

She thought she would leave them around her cousin’s house as a prank. But, as she left the shop, she saw a lifted Jeep Wrangler. 

She thought the Jeep was super cool, so she wrote “cool Jeep” on a note and placed it on the Wrangler with a little rubber ducky.

The Jeep owner caught Allison in the act, and the two laughed about it. After that experience, she wanted to spread the laughs further and posted it on social media. She even made an Instagram page and an official Facebook page.

The pages blew up, and the Jeep Ducking phenomenon grew worldwide. 

How to Play Duck Duck Jeep

Buy a bag of rubber ducks

The first thing you need to do is to buy a load of rubber ducks. You can either buy them at the thrift store or your local retailer. 

The cheapest way is to buy them in bulk from Amazon. You can even customize your rubber ducks.

Choose a color you like or put a little slogan on them. A little hat on a rubber ducky will go a long way.

You can even get your ducky branded with business info if you’re a business owner.

Mark your duck with a note

Next, you need to write a note with your rubber duck. You can get a message printed or just do it by hand. 

You’ll need to write official Duck Duck Jeep hashtags on the note. The two hashtags are #DuckingJeeps and #DuckDuckJeep.

You can either paste the note on your rubber duck, leave it on the Jeep or hang it on the neck of the rubber duck.

Get ducking!

Now comes the most important part. Duck a Jeep!

You can Duck any Jeep that you want to. It doesn’t matter which model it is. If you think it’s cool, just say it on the note and spread some happiness.

You must place it on the part of the vehicle that is visible to the owner easily. 

You also need to ensure that you place the rubber ducks on a shaded part of the vehicle if it’s hot because the sun might melt them.

Take a snap and post it online

You can take some snaps of the Jeep you ducked. If it’s your Jeep, you can post those pictures online to spread Duck Duck Jeep and encourage others.

Remember to apply hashtags to your posts! Lastly, remember to post photos of other Jeeps with their permission.

Take it easy

The most crucial thing about this is having a good time and relaxing! If you get ducked, don’t get mad.

It’s a fun way to help connect to other Jeep owners. Just remember it’s someone out there taking the time out of their busy schedule to uplift you!

In return, you can pay the gesture forward by spreading more ducks and sweet notes. Try not to take it too seriously, as some Jeep owners do, as it starts turning toxic at that point. 


Now you know what the craze around Duck Duck Jeep is, you can grab yourself some rubber ducks and start playing! Try to share a happy vibe with other Jeep owners and connect with them all over the world! 

Most people who get ducked for the first time are happy to receive a rubber duck and a note. If you want to spread some of that happiness, start ducking!


Which Jeeps are eligible for duck duck Jeep?

Any Jeep can be part of Duck Duck Jeep, and there isn’t any particular rule that bars some models. 

Although the trend started with a Jeep Wrangler, you’re more likely to get ducked by other Jeep Wrangler owners.

What should I write on the note in duck duck Jeep?

Although you can write anything you want on the note, it’s better to be respectful and write a wholesome message, as that’s the point of the game.

Remember to include the hashtags #duckduckJeep and #duckingJeeps. You can even leave a personal comment if you like something about the Jeep.

How do I get my Jeep ducked?

You can try a few things to join the Duck Duck Jeep community. 

  • Get your Jeep modified.
  • Duck other Jeeps.
  • Travel to a Jeep meet.

There isn’t much more you can do other than that. Or you could buy a Jeep Wrangler, as they’re the most likely to get ducked.

Can a non-Jeep owner duck a Jeep?

I’m sorry to say that only Jeep owners can duck other Jeeps. It’s a Jeep owner thing, as it’s a tight-knit community.

What’s chuck-a-duck?

Some Jeep owners toss ducks to other Jeeps while stopped in traffic, known as chuck-a-duck. Jeep owners also hand ducks to each other while stopped in traffic, known as pass-a-duck.

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