Do All Jeeps Have Hidden Animals?

All jeeps have hidden animals, but people get confused about what this term actually means. Hidden animals, also famous as easter eggs, are always in discussion among people. 

What Are The Jeep Easter Eggs (History, Types and Purpose)
  • What are the jeep easter eggs?
  • Is jeep actually have any real hidden animals?
  • Are jeep easter eggs appear on easter only?
  • Does the jeep hide eggs for them?

These questions are thoroughly asked, and people have many funny answers for them also. But here I’m cleared that jeeps neither have eggs nor hidden animals. Moreover, there is nothing special occurs on Easter. 

The reason behind calling them hidden animals is that the designers hide some animal silhouettes in various parts of the jeep. But if you find some other objects, then don’t worry; they are also from the same category. 

Calling them easter eggs shows enthusiasm and curiosity to find them, similar to hunting for hidden chocolate eggs, a fun activity of Easter. What else do they contain, and how amazing these hidden animals are? To know about it, let’s come with me. 

Do All Jeeps Have Hidden Animals On Them?

The answer to the question “do all jeeps really have hidden animals” is yes, all jeeps have hidden animals or easter eggs, but finding them is a little tricky. Moreover, if you have a precious jeep model like the one manufactured prior to 1997, you will not find any hidden animal except the logo jeep. Let’s begin this topic to understand more.  

Why did Jeep Brand add Hidden Animals?

When it comes to the reason and purpose behind adding the hidden animals and objects in the jeep’s interior and exterior, we didn’t say anything with proof. The jeep brand also never clarified this point. 

Michael Santoro, the designer, first added a seven-bar grille design on the jeep wrangler in 1997, which began this exciting tradition. The designer’s motive is to leave a personal touch on the jeep wrangler’s final product. 

However, the only purpose many claims are that the hidden animals increase the airflow; in this way, they also benefit the jeep. But maybe this is only true for the seven grilles and not for every hidden animal. 

As it is a new thing from the jeep brand side, and people also love it and are always curious to find them, the company continues to add these hidden animals in all types of jeeps after 1997. 

What year Jeeps have hidden animals?

When it comes to the first easter egg is the seven-bar grille which the designer added to the jeep wrangler in 1997. The designer lowered the number of grilles and kept it at seven instead of nine, which is Ford’s design, as a trademark of the jeep. 

Are There Any Hidden Animals On My Jeep?

Are you searching for this query and want to know which animal or object is hidden in your jeep? You can find them by yourself. Every jeep has hidden animals, ranging from 2 to more than 30 (the number varies in every case), and you can find them if you do a little research.

Note: If you want to find Easter eggs or hidden animals in your jeep, read our Jeep Wrangler Easter Egg Location guide. 

What Do These Hidden Animals Stand For?

Many people think the hidden animals have no meaning; they are just added as fun pieces in the jeeps. But I have found and configured many unique purposes for these easter eggs. So, all of them are here.

Hidden AnimalsDescription or Meaning
7-Bar Grilleshows the jeep brand’s trademark.
Jeep WranglerYou see the wrangler jeep in various areas, though it doesn’t have any meaning.
Flipflops This is there to pay homage to an automotive journalist, Rick Pewe.
Moab MapIt is Utah’s Moab desert map. It shows the Jeep’s natural habitat.
Paint SplatterIt’s pretty funny because it shows how the jeep’s vice president’s goggles look after a paint splatter during the staff paint game.
Loch Ness MonsterIt shows that some jeeps, like Compass, have the ability to traverse over shallow waters like the lock ness monster. 
T-Rex, Jeep, & Big FootT-rex and big foot love to chase jeeps; maybe they also want a ride on it. Moreover, it shows the jeep is a fighter and more speedy and easily defeat and saves you from these creatures. 
JlIt indicates the name of the jeep generation. 
Morse CodeA secret language written under ‘L’ of “JL” means “sand, snow, river, and rock.”
Lizardsstick to the surface, are speedy, and fight to stay alive; similar is the case with jeeps; they are precious. 
T-Rex SkullAdding the T-rex fossil shows its history and association with jeep saving people from dinosaurs in the Jurrasic park movie. 
American FlagThe c-pillar vent shape is similar to the American flag, showing its association with America. 
‘project’Doesn’t have any meaning, not the company say anything about it. 
Spider,A spider says, “Ciao, baby!”. Ciao is an Italian word; first, it shows the jeep brand’s association with the Italians; secondly, this hidden easter egg says Hello to the jeep owner in the Italian language. 
♡ 419It is an Ohio area code where the jeep Gladiators are manufactured; you find this number in Gladiator.
Old Willys JeepAssociation with the first jeeps manufactured for the military in WWII
T-Rex Driving A WillysHumorous but exciting, imagine how amazing it will be to see a T-Rex riding a jeep with short arms in the next Jurassic park.  
Big FootIt shows how perfect the jeeps are to ride on the terrains where the Big Foot lives. If they chase you, you will be saved by your jeep. 
T-Rex After A Willys WranglerNothing but shows how old the jeeps are and still loved by everyone. 
At-At Chasing WillysThis shows how AT-AT wants to ride a jeep to cross muddy terrains. Those who have watched “Star Wars” will love this addition. 
Shovel And PickThis shows how a jeep makes crossing muddy and uneven or difficult terrains easy. 
BatThe bat on the button is another hidden animal and presents nothing.
Yeti And WillysIt is nothing curious, but it shows how a Yeti/Gorilla/king Kong wants a ride.

Is There Any Specific Easter Egg Common In All Jeeps?

You can understand now which jeeps have hidden animals but do you know which easter egg is standard in all jeeps? I have found the 2 most common. One is the seven-bar grille which you can locate in various parts of all jeeps. It is good to scatter the brand trademark thorough out the jeep. 

The second is the jeep silhouette which is also present in various parts of the jeep. Though I think sandals pictures are also present on all jeeps, I’m not sure. 


Is there a hidden animal on all Jeeps?

Yes, there is a 7-bar grille and jeep images on all jeeps. Flip flops and a topographical map of Moab are also present on all jeeps. 

Does every Jeep have a hidden Easter egg?

Yes, every jeep has a hidden easter egg. You may find as few as 2 or as many as 30. 

Are there hidden animals on Jeep Wrangler?

Yes, jeep wranglers have hidden animals like the graphics of slippers, dinosaur skulls, and shovel and pick.

Moreover, Morse codes, Willys MB silhouettes, seven-slot grilles, an off-road map of Moab, and a steering wheel Jeep logo are some of them. 


Do all jeeps have hidden animals? I hope now you have a lot of information about it and can talk about it more confidently. So, let us know which jeep you own and what hidden animals you have found in your jeep.

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