Rhino-Lining Cost for Jeep Wrangler Interior: Factors to Consider and, Advantages & Disadvantages

If you want to apply lining on the whole jeep then the cost will be around 3000$ to 5500$ and the price can go higher if you get the lining job in your jeep’s interior. In case you are applying the Rhino Line only on interior then you will pay 550$ to 650$.

Rhino-Lined Interior on a Jeep Wrangler

Some people love to have jeeps and if you are one of those then surely you will want to protect it from corrosion or weather effects.  

The best option for Jeep interior protection is to use quality lining which is a rhino line. The plus point of the rhino line is that it will not cause any type of residue issues.

To know more about the Cost of a Rhino-Lined Interior on a Jeep Wrangler? you should have a look at the entire article carefully:

What is Rhino Lining the Jeep Wrangler Interior?

Now, as you’re curious about the cost of a Rhino-Lining interior, do you really know what a Rhino-Lined interior is? 

Rhino linings are a special kind of spray used for jeep’s interior varnishing. Elastomeric polyurethane material is used in its manufacturing, which is infamous for providing a tough frame. 

Rhino lining is used on the interior to make it more comfortable and protect it from vibrations, especially when you are supposed to go off-road, as it protects the seat beds from harsh elements.

What are The Main Factors That Will Affect The Rhino Lining Cost?

There are a lot of factors that can affect the price of lining and let you know them I have discussed below a few of them in detail:

Cleaned Surface

So, the first thing is that if your car is properly clean then you will pay the regular amount but if the installer will find any issue while applying the Line like your jeep’s surface is uneven or dirty and need to be prep first then he will charge more for it.

Size of Your Vehicle

As we know that there are different sizes of jeeps, some are large in size and some are small. For standard-sized jeeps, you will pay a normal amount for Rhino Lining and if your jeep is larger in size then the cost of lining will go higher.

Your Location

The prices of installing Rhino will vary according to your location because if you are living in the West of the U.S. then it is a costly procedure. On the other hand, in the Midwestern States, the lining procedure is affordable.

Type of Lining:

It is obvious that you will get what you pay so if you are using low-quality lining on your vehicle then the results will be as cheap as their quality. In contrast, if you are choosing a high-quality thing then its cost price will be more.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Rhino Line Installation Job on Your Vehicle?

Before installing the lining on your jeep, you should know about its pros and cons which will be very helpful for you to make the right decision for your vehicle. Let’s talk about them briefly:

Why Should You Do It?Why Shouldn’t You Do It?
It will not allow the corrosion to come over on the jeep’s surface.It will affect the original paint of your jeep which will be disappointing for you.
Your vehicle will not get scratches, stains, tears, and impact easily.When you put on the lining on the surface then it will be very hard for you to remove it.
Lining blocks the vibrating noise.It will stick on your vehicle permanently and when you try harder to remove it then you will need to fix a lot of bodywork problems of your vehicle after removing it.
Rhino Line lasts for a long on the surface.Rhino lining decreases the resale value of your vehicle.
The material which is used in its manufacturing isn’t toxic and will not harm your pet or any other human being.But some chemicals which are used in its making can harm the real state of your jeep.   
These linings also provide 100% UV protection and don’t allow extra heat to enter the jeep.When you choose the UV protectants for your jeep then it will cost you more.

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Final Words

Although you must have got the answer to ‘’Cost of Rhino Lined Interior on a Jeep Wrangler?’’ and ‘’How Long Does Rhino Lining Last?’’ So, you can get lining on your jeep’s interior and exterior but it will be a little costly procedure too.  

Also, you can apply it on a single segment of your Jeep if you have a little amount in your pocket. Rhino will remain the same even after years and also stand out in every climate. It is recommended to get the service from a professional installer instead of doing it by yourself because it will be very risky and difficult for you.
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how much to Rhino line a Jeep exterior?

The cost to Rhino-line the exterior of a Jeep is between $1,000 to $5,000.

Does Rhino Lining Scratch?

No absolutely not because Rhino lining is the toughest and most durable coating which will protect your vehicle from tarnishing, denting, cracking, and tearing.

Do You Have to Sand Before Rhino Lining?

Yes, if you want even finishing and want that it sticks on the surface properly then you should sand the jeep first before starting the lining procedure.

Is Rhino Liner Waterproof?

If you want a waterproof liner for your jeep then go for Rhino Liner because it will resist the water and it will also block the way of UV rays.

Can I Pressure Wash my Rhino Liner Jeep?

Of course, you can pressure wash your jeep whenever it gets dirty, also you can use foamy water and a soft sponge on it. But it is suggested not to use inappropriate or toxic chemicals on your vehicle because it will harm the hue of your vehicle.

Is It Good to Apply Lining on the Exterior of the Vehicle?

Yes, it is a great choice to have a lining on your entire vehicle because it is also known as a bulletproof shield. If your work is to travel from one city to another then you must face the muddy, broken, and sandy roads. But with the Rhino Lining, you wouldn’t have to worry about that because these linings will prevent your jeeps from scratches or cracks.

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