Coleman 400 UTV Review, Features, Pros and Cons

Looking for a reliable vehicle for traction? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The Coleman 400 UTV is a newly launched utility vehicle designed especially for Tractor Supply companies. As people are becoming more familiar with traction, the vehicle has started gaining more attraction. 

We know well, being a new utility vehicle, how hard it must be for you to choose whether you should go for it or not. So to help you through this, In this detailed Coleman 400 UTV review, we’ve briefly explained not only its features but also its positive and negative aspects. Let’s dig into it.

About Coleman 400 UTV:

Coleman 400 UTV

A China-based company HISUN Motors has manufactured the Coleman 400 UTV, which is a utility vehicle used for the purpose of work and for several recreational abilities. Just like many other utility vehicles, it comes with standard features and a number of accessories, but that’s not all. It also comes with some additional accessories that are integrated into the popular models, which makes it more valuable. 

Coleman 400 UTV Specs And Features

1. Engine

The Coleman 400 UTV comes with a 393 powerhouse engine manufactured by HISUN Motor in China, which enables it to go to higher speeds on steep inclines and other terrains, including sandy and muddy roads. Coming to its performance, because of its reliable engine, the vehicle runs smoothly and quietly and doesn’t make many vibrations. 

This vehicle is tuned for torque and not for speed, so if you think that this UTV will win you a race against other UTVs, then you’re wrong as it is not an ideal one for this but ideal to bear heavy loads. Apart from that, its electronic fuel injection doesn’t require tough maintenance and offers high fuel efficiency. 

One thing that you could have difficulty is during its oil or filter changing process because of the engine setup. You have to raise the seat all the way above to remove them; you can get access to the setup. Not only this, but you also have to remove the skid plate integrated down the UTV.  

Specs at a Quick Glance

Engine TypeFour-Stroke SOHC, gas
Engine CoolingLiquid Cooling
Cylinder ArrangementForward-Inclined Single Cylinder
Horsepower28 HP
Displacement393 cc
Carburetion SystemElectronic Fuel Injected (EFI)
Compression Ratio9.5:1
Bore x Stroke Ratio83.0 x 71.6 mm
Ignition SystemDC CDI
Carburetion SystemElectronic Fuel Injected (EFI)
Fuel Capacity6.8 Gallons
Ignition SystemDC CDI
Battery 12V 32Ah
Spark PlugDR8EA
Lubrication SystemForced lubrication (wet sump)
Engine Oil TypeAPI SG, SH, SJ, SL or SM with JASO MA, MA1 or MA2

2. Dimensions And Capacities

The dimensions of the Coleman UT400 are 52 inches in width with a weight of 1168 lbs making it more compact than several UTVs out there. Its smaller size is beneficial for it in many ways, such as its power steering being much easier to handle. 

This UTV also works best while riding on tough trails. Being a smaller size vehicle doesn’t mean that you can doubt its performance as it comes with 330 lbs of cargo bed capacity and has a towing capacity of 1200 lbs which will be more than enough to do heavy-duty tasks on a farm, ranch, or construction site.

Specs at a Quick Glance

Length106 in
Height74 in
Width52 in
Seat Height33 in
Load Weight Capacity814 lbs
Curb Weight1,168 lbs
Towing Capacity 1,200 lbs
Cargo Bed Capacity330 lbs

3. Tires And Brakes

The 25-inch wheels are installed on the Coleman 400 UTV on all of its four sides and run smoothly on all terrains. The tires are manufactured with heavy-duty 6-ply nylon, which is designed with a standard directional tread pattern for adequate grip and low roll resistance while riding on all terrain. 

Although it doesn’t have an advanced automatic braking system, its four hydraulic disc brakes have the ability to slow down on any terrain.

Specs at a Quick Glance

Front TiresAT 25 x 8-12
Rear TiresAT 25 x 10-12
Rear Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Disc
Front Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Disc

4. Drivetrain

The fair use of a fully automatic V-belt CVT transmission can be seen in the Coleman 400 UTV, and its driveshafts give extreme power to the rear and front differentials. The vehicle stands out among many UTVs because of its single-speed features that come with just a single forward gear and not with both High and Low gears like several others. 

In the latest UTVs, the manufacturers have stopped offering a Park setting in the transmission to lessen the transmission wear. However, in the Coleman 400 UTV, you’ve to stop the parking brake in order to save your vehicle from rolling down. 

Other than that, this UTV also gives you the option to select either a two-wheel or a four-wheel drive with a button integrated on its dash, which also offers differential lock modes for different terrains.

Specs at a Quick Glance

Drive System2WD/4WD w/ Drive Shafts, V-Belt (CVT)
Gear Shift PatternF-N-R
Transmission TypeSingle Speed and Reverse, Automatic
Primary Ratio 2.714 ~ 0.625

5. Handling

The Coleman 400 UTV is a lightweight and compact vehicle, and although it doesn’t have power steering, it is still much easier to handle. But still, as mentioned above, it lacks power steering, so the driver might have to put a little more pressure to handle the steering.

Furthermore, the availability of independent suspension in all four corners and Double-A arms makes the handling more comfortable on all kinds of terrains. So while riding on the bumpy roads at a lower speed, you wouldn’t even feel the bumps, and at a higher speed, it wouldn’t be overly jolting.  

Because of its compact size, you can drive it pretty confidently on the trails, and it corners well. But still, you need to be careful as it can be rolled down at higher speed because of its good ground clearance and smaller width. Also, the UTV is designed specifically for heavy-duty tasks but on steep hills. It may cause issues while carrying heavy loads.

6. Suspension

On all four corners of the Coleman 400 UTV, there is a double wishbone independent suspension system and spring preload-adjustable shocks installed on them, which reduces the pre-load and also saves the vehicle on rough terrains. 

The vehicle includes a good ground clearance of 12 inches that runs smoothly over rough terrains having rocks and logs, but you still need to be mindful of steeps and larger rocks.

Specs at a Quick Glance

Frame TypeSteel Tube
Wheelbase72 in
Turning Radius11.4 ft.
Rear Suspension/Wheel TravelDouble wishbone
Front Suspension/Wheel TravelDouble wishbone
Ground Clearance11.8 in

Coleman UT400 Top Speed

As mentioned above, this UTV is designed basically for heavy-duty tasks and not for race, so its average top speed is 38 MPH, but we have also heard from many owners that they have even reached up to 40-45 MPH while driving on straight paths or downhill roads.

Coleman UTV 400 Price

The price of brand new Coleman UT400 ranges between $8000-$9000 and can be purchased via any Tractor Supply Company. Since the manufacturing, you’ll not find any clear changes in the prices of its used models while buying them online. The prices of used models of Coleman UTV 400 lie between $6000-$8000, which obviously depends on the conditions, manufacturing year, and mileage of that very vehicle.

Some Additional Features and Accessories

The Coleman UTV 400 is built with an impressive exterior and some additional accessories that not only make it look more attractive but also make its driving more capable on any terrain. Above the front of this vehicle, you’ll find the steel-tube front bumper along with the two Krypton headlights having both low and high beams. 

Also, a 3300lbs electric winch with a remote control is fitted among them, whose plug is kept under the dash. Then coming to The cab is made spacious enough and includes comfortable seats which are sculpted for better hold and an adjustable steering wheel that provides enough rubber grip to the drivers.  

Furthermore, its gear shift and parking brakes are integrated into its dash with a display area at the center. Apart from them, the dash also includes a clock, mileage, fuel gauge, tachometer, gear lights, and a speedometer. On the outside of the cab, there is a plastic roof on the top, which is kept hard, half-doors which are netted, and a front windshield with three settings. 

Then on its back side, you’ll see a tilt-up steel cargo bed made with diamond-plated flooring, which you can release and tilt upwards to dump.

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  • Come with a hard-top roof, side mirrors, and a three-setting windshield so you can drive it more comfortably.
  • Available at an affordable price and worth every penny because of its exceptional credibility
  • For additional protection from bottoming out, include a full-length, heavy-duty plastic skid plate
  • To protect the rear tires while riding in muddy areas, this has mudguards integrated into these tires.
  • Sculpted bench seats tend to hold passengers and drivers in place.
  • Durable steel cargo bed to bear heavy loads


  • Sensitive to squeaking and rattling
  • May be faded within no time if left in the sun for longer
  • Assembling via Tractor Supply or other retailers and not by a mechanic or dealer can cause problems such as loose bolts, misassembled parts, or wiring.
  • The battery tends to drain much faster than usual.

Final Verdicts

Coleman 400 UTV is the best choice for those who are looking for a UTV to do heavy tasks on farms or construction sites but are short on budget. As this one has several advanced features that many high-end brands are offering, the manufacturers also haven’t made any compromises on its quality regardless of its prices. 


Is a Coleman UTV 400 any good?

The Coleman UT400 is a reliable vehicle that comes with a 28-horsepower fuel injection motor and includes a very basic CVT transmission with a single forward gear.

Who owns Coleman UTV?

The Coleman UTV is owned by Newell Brands, and its new headquarters are located in Chicago, having facilities in Kansas, Texas, and in Wichita, working with approx. 4,000 employees.

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