How To Change Battery In Jeep Key Fob?

If you are a jeep owner, then you are familiar with the key fob. It is a remote keyless system that is required for keyless entry in the jeep, and a remote control electronically controls it. If the battery in the jeep key fob is dead or has some other problem, then locking and unlocking the jeep door is an issue, and you have to do this manually, which irritates you sometimes.

How To Change Battery In Jeep Key Fob

Sometimes your jeep is locked while your key fob is inside the vehicle. If your jeep key fob buttons are not working, then it is time to change the jeep key fob battery to make it work properly. I am here to solve this problem through my words and the experience I got in this situation, and I will try to help you change your battery at your convenience.

It’s better to keep checking your key fob functioning to protect you from the issues of unlocking jeep doors without a key fob, finding where you put it, or losing it, similar to checking the jeep parts. For that, let’s discuss how to change the Jeep’s key fob battery.

The Battery In The Jeep Key Fob

The battery in the key fob is a small thing with a major job. Every jeep model has different batteries, but most of them have small batteries, just like CR 2032. As a jeep owner, when the battery of your jeep key fob is dead or has some other problem, your first step is to check which battery is used in the jeep key fob so that you can easily replace it.

Jeep ModelsYears StartingYears EndingKey Fob Battery
Gladiator2018Present Corner Cut, 3V CR2450
Wrangler2018Present Corner Cut, 3V CR2450
Compass2014Present Rounded, 3V CR2032
Renegade2014Present Rounded, 3V CR2032
Grand Cherokee2008Present Teardrop, 3V CR2032
Cherokee 2008Present Teardrop, 3V CR2032
Commander2008Present Teardrop, 3V CR2032
Liberty20052012Fixed Key, 3V CR2032
Commander 2005Present Fixed Key, 3V CR2032
Patriot2005Present Fixed Key, 3V CR2032
Wrangler2005Present Fixed Key, 3V CR2032
Grand Cherokee19992004Pear-shaped, 3V CR2016

Signs For Jeep Key Fob Battery Replacement

Your jeep key fob shows some sign that indicates that you have to replace the battery or consider the problem that forbids the key fob from working. These signs are as follows:

  1. If the indicator light shows green flashes when you turn off the engine, it indicates reduced signal strength and weak battery condition.
  2. If the key fob is not working within 45 feet of the vehicle, then it’s time to change the battery.
  3. In case your keys don’t show any signal, you have to replace your battery.
  4. You Need to press the button of your key fob multiple times then the jeep accepts the signal.

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How To Change Battery In A Jeep Key Fob

Average jeep key fob battery lasts for three to four years. If key fobs are used frequently, then they will die early. If there is a condition that you have to press the keypad repeatedly or the key fob is not working within 45 feet of your vehicle, then be ready to replace the key fob battery. 

Steps To Change the Jeep Key Fob Battery

The key fob is a little different in terms of design and some features, but when it comes to changing the battery, the process is the same, and we are discussing the most applicable steps to follow while replacing the key fob battery.

1. Open The Jeep Key Fob With A Screwdriver

Do you know how to open the jeep key fob? In order to open the key fob, use a flathead screwdriver. Don’t use big tools, as the key fob is made of plastic. Insert a screwdriver in the key fob seam; instead of doing it anywhere, try it on the part near the key ring. 

Try to open it safely as it is made of plastic and there is a chance you may break it. Like many others, you can also use a pry bar tool to access the key fob’s battery. 

Renegade is a type of jeep model in which it is compulsory to remove the pullout ignition key before you open the key fob. The first step is to find the metal switch and slightly slide it over to release the metal ignition backup. Take it and put it aside, especially in a safe place, before heading toward the next step.

1.1 Safety Measures While Opening

It is better to do this step with a little attention and care. Keep in mind some points to make this process damage free.

  • Use a screwdriver tip or soft material to minimize the risk of damage.
  • Rightly place the screwdriver tip at the key fob’s seam so you can do it properly.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure; use a little but enough pressure to pry it open.
  • Never twist it; Otherwise, the plastic part will break, and you won’t be able to put them back together.

2. Disassemble Key Fob

When you disassemble the key fob, you will see the inner parts, including the circuit board, keypad, and battery. The first half includes holes for the keypad and the key attached to it, and the second half has a battery. Consider some points before the battery is replaced. 

  • Memorize the polarity of the old battery so that when you put in the replacement battery, its position is in your mind.
  • The Circuit board is also important because if its tiny and important parts fall or lose, It is necessary to make adjustments and put them back in their original position.
  • Don’t bend metal electrical contact while prying out the old battery from the key fob.

When two halves of your key fob are assembled again, snap them gently but comfortably together. You must start reassembling it near the key ring part and continue toward the end of the casings. 

Keep checking that the whole key fob housing is reassembled completely. This point is more important when changing the battery of the Renegade jeep because if you can’t do it properly, the pullout metal ignition backup will not get back to its real place and will fall repeatedly, and doesn’t function. 

3. Replacement Of Battery 

Your mental notes will benefit you when it comes time to replace the battery. The majority of the key fob batteries have the negative side facing down and the positive side facing up; however, this is not the case with a great number of the other key fob batteries. Make a note in your head of the polarity of the old battery, and then you will be able to swap out the old one with a new one without any problems. Many key fobs have labels printed on their batteries, making this process easy for you as these labels guide you about the sides and where the battery should go.

4. Reassemble The Component And Snap The Key Fob Housing

The most critical step in ensuring that your key fob will operate without a hitch is to reassemble it correctly. After changing the jeep key fob replacement battery, reassemble all the components back into the housing where they originally belonged. Put the circuit board into the keypad, then position the keypad where it was previously located. According to quadratic, you should place half of the component with the keypad and circuit and the other half with the battery.

5. Reprogramming

The next and last step is reprogramming. It is a much-needed step to make it functional again, and here we have to follow the following steps.

  1. For this purpose, you have a jeep key fob program handy, and you get it from any authorized jeep accessory center.
  2. Sit in your jeep and close its doors for proper programming.
  3. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the “on” position to power its electric system. Keep in mind ignition is not in radio mode and be sure that your engine should be off.
  4. Press the fob lock button at the key “on” position, then turn it to the “off” position. The test requires that you carry out this procedure three times, after which you must stop the cycle in the “on” position. The only purpose of this procedure is to transmit signals to the electronic control module of the jeep. It notifies the system that this particular automobile key that transmits a signal is the one that is for this jeep, after which the system stores the information for further use. 
  5. Your key fob automatically locks the jeep, and you will clearly hear it. Unlock your car doors; if they are unlocked, it is clear and indicates the jeep is heading towards programming mode, and you have successfully changed the key fob’s battery.
  6. Press the lock button again within 10 seconds of programming mode on and program some additional remotes.
  7. When you get a successful signal of all programs you want in the key fob, turn the ignition to the “off” position and terminate program proceedings. 
  8. Leave the car and close the door. Press the lock and unlock the key fob buttons to test and verify results. If it works properly, then it is a clear indication that you are successful in solving the problem of your key fob.
  9. However, if the procedure doesn’t work in your case, it means your jeep’s key fob programming procedure is different. Find the one according to your jeep generation and type.


This article will help you to change the battery of the jeep key fob easily and safely without any hassle and damage. You can do this at home perfectly if you follow the above-mentioned steps. If you have any queries regarding “how to change the battery in the jeep key fob,” let us know, we would love to answer you. 

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