Blue Holler Off-Road Park : Mammoth Cave ( Guide and Review )

Established in 2014, near Ketunky’s Mammoth cave National park, Blue Holler off-road park offers 35 miles of marked trails weaving through 1200 acres of Ketucky’s wilderness. Eastern Kentucky is home to some of the most popular off-road destinations of which Blue Holler off-road Park is one of the top off-road destinations for all ages. The main attraction of this park is the large sand cave that is wide enough for almost all vehicles to drive through plus it is also famous for endangered hellbender. The thing that is wonderfully reflected in Blue Holler off-road park is the charm of Louisville.

There is so much to explore at Blue Holler Off-road Park from its breathtaking scenic views, primitive campsites, and large sand cave to exciting trails that range from easy to difficult.

Blue Holler Off-road Park

Blue Holler is a family-friendly ATV and off-road park which is located 90 miles southwest of Louisville. Blue Holler off-road park originally opened on October 11 and received a warm reception from ATV kentucky locals due to its beautiful scenic views and non-restrictive regulations. But unfortunately, it shut down temporarily and reopened in March 2018. Within a short span of time, Blue Holler off-road topped the list of  “one of the best ATV parks in Kentucky“ within the same year.

ADDRESS:  1494 Ollie Rd, Mammoth Cave, KY

Blue Holler off-road offers something for riders of all skill levels and 4×4 vehicle types from dirt bikes to dune buggies. The terrain is mostly shaded with blue spruce and consists of narrow & tight trails, chunky and steep hill climbs, and hard-packed jeep roads. The terrain provides everything 4-wheeler riders could want including water crossings, rocks, waterfalls, plenty of mud, berms, and a few large jumps.

A large sand cave and the Bounty Hill Waterfall are the venue’s main attractions so you must see them when you visit Blue Holler off-road park.

Bring your ride, Bring your friends, and plan to spend some quality time behind the wheel at Blue Holler off-road park!

Camping and Operation Hours

Large groups and clubs are welcomed in the park and the property allows for primitive camping. Although generators are permitted there are no electric hookups or water hookups. Amenities include a restroom, shower facilities, food truck that carries the basic necessities for eating, the park also sells bagged ice and t-shirts.

The park opens from Friday through Sunday during daylight hours; 8:00A.M to 6:00 P.M . It may be closed or have shortened operating hours depending on the weather conditions so make sure before heading out. Moreover, please make sure to keep a copy of the park map at the check-in office to avoid any difficulty and for the best riding experience.

Special Rates

  • Regardless of the vehicle, the park charges a rate of $15 per rider and a $10 per person per night on primitive camping which is available online or in person at the Mammoth Cave Campground Kiosk.
  • Children under 12 years can enter free of charge.
  • Senior Pass and Access Pass will give a discount on one ticket only.

Admission Policies

Admission fees for musical events vary depending on the event for the Trace Adkins Concert; the ticket was $80 per person and for those who opted for the package deal paid $100 which included concert admission, access to Bounty Hill and park access from Friday through Sunday.

For Racing and night ride events, each participant pays $60 for an event, which is $20 per person while children under 12 still get access to the park for free . 

During Redneck Rave events, Blue Holler off-road park usually charges an extra $5 for re-entry (separate from the actual ticket price) to control the in-and-out traffic as thousands of participants take part in this country party every year.

Prices are subject to go up if purchased at the park gates so attendees must secure their tickets ahead of the event schedule.

Accommodations & Attractions Nearby

The nearby convenience store and a fuel station are almost five miles away from the park. Mammoth Cave National Park and the World’s longest-known cave system are the nearby attractions of the Blue Holler Off-road park; must-see. Also, if you prefer RV hookups then The Nolin Lake State Park is nearby.

Near Mammoth Cave, there are also hotels, cabin rentals and campsites that offer spacious rooms along with A/C units and breakfast.

A few of these accommodations in nearby areas are :

  1. Mammoth Cave horse camp is 5-star rated and has affordable rates.
  1. Hickory Cabins have facilities like hot tubs and Wi-fi.
  1. The Hotel Sync has pristine rooms.
  1. Towne Inn – honest staff and reasonable prices.
  1. Econo Lodge Inn has modern rooms, Excellent protocols for health safety. 
  1. Cardinal Motel – helpful & amiable staff plus clean rooms.
  1. Super 8 by Wyndham Bowling Green South has extremely comfortable beds and breakfast is also included.
  1. Twin Lakes Ice Creamery & Inn – Spacious rooms with beautiful scenic views.
  1. Cottages at Briar Creek have deluxe rooms and a full spacious kitchen. 
  1. Mammoth Cave Campground offers primitive campsites and wildlife sightings.
  1.  Serenity Hill Bed and Breakfast – Having the best value out of Mammoth Cave hotels including breakfast too.
  1.  Baymont Wyndham Cave City – Breakfast included.

Apart from the above-mentioned closest accommodations to Blue Holler Off-road park, there are hotels within the park’s vicinity, so if you prefer cheaper options you may opt for one of these non-chain motels worth mentioning: Spongie Acres Bed & Breakfast, Tru by Hilton, Courtyard Bowling Green Convention Centre, Hyatt Place, and Fairfield Inn & Suites.

Events of Blue Holler Off-road Park

Apart from off-roading adventures, this park has hosted numerous sponsored events, country music concerts, and much more. Here are some of them: 

  • Redneck Rave

Redneck Rave (also the most infamous event in Kentucky due to the occurrence of deaths during the affair) is a weekend event where all jeeps, sides-by-sides, trucks and crawlers are welcome to enjoy the different adventurous tracks and the festivities on site. 

  • Trace Adkins Concert

Trace Adkins Concert, this musical event is one of the many fun filled performances held at Blue Holler Off-road park and also the part of the country singer’s 2020 US tour. Total of 768 people attended this event hosted by Tennessee Full Throttle magazine. 

  • Back the Blue and Red S*S Ride

Blue Holler Off-road park is not only about adventure, fun, and thrill but also gives back something to the community. The owner of the park teamed up with one of their sponsors for fundraising that went directly to the said beneficiaries. 

Blue Holler Off-road Park Death

Although negligence in some of the events happened at Holler off-road park has resulted in death as in the case of Adam Jones who died in a fatal ATV crash, the park has earned an ominous reputation for the way it conducts events. One side of the story tells that the rider lost control of his vehicle due to the absence of proper light. While the other side of the story says that the rider was not wearing a seatbelt which caused the rider to eject from the vehicle. But it is still unclear whether all the three riders were wearing seat belts or not; only Jones died while the second and third passenger suffered from minor injuries which were brought to a nearby hospital and got first-aid.

Another complaint is that the ATV trails in Kentucky have damaged the surrounding natural habitat including one of the largest funds in the U.S., that is, natural blue spruce stands. The creeks and nearby ecosystems have been devastated, for which a species of Salamanders no longer safely inhabit the place. Also, if we talk about the severely impacted water reservoirs then Bylaw Creek went from having crystal clear water to sludgy. 

Guest’s Safety Measures & Liability 

General Rules

  • Proper equipment is required for off-roading and seat belts are to be worn all the time. 
  • Riders should always wear protective clothing to avoid any injury during the ride such as padded knee protectors, closed shoes, and shirts.
  • All riders must follow the safe operating procedures given by the park. 
  • The park highly recommends that the vehicle have a 5th-wheel hitch lock for safety.
  • Vehicles designed for only one rider are not allowed to double riders.
  • All vehicles that operate inside the park must have proper insurance.
  • Riders under 18 must wear a DOT-approved helmet for safety.

Rules while at Blue Holler Off-road Park

It is the joint responsibility of the park owners and its patrons to keep the discipline of and inside the park. Here are a few park guidelines for every guest to follow strictly:

  • Illegal substances or alcohol are strictly prohibited inside the park. 
  • All visitors must sign a release form before entering.
  • Riding is not allowed on unmarked fields, creeks, and areas.
  • A person under 18 must bring a parent or a legal guardian.
  • No harm or damage to trees is allowed.
  • In parking areas, the speed limit should be up to 5 mph.
  • Pack out all your trash before leaving otherwise violators will be fined by the management or they will bar the violators from the park.
  • Hunting, Fishing, or any target practice is not permitted at Blue Holler off-road park.
  • The park does not allow creek riding in unmarked areas.
  • If you see any illegal or unauthorized activity happening in the park, report it straight to the management.
  • As trails are two-way so do practice courtesy and be respectful of other guests.

Customer FeedBack

Overall, the Blue Holler off-road has positive reviews from the public. For many guests, it is a beautiful recreational area for riding or to wind and spending some quality time with family and friends with breathtaking scenic views. Visitors appreciate the helpful & amiable staff and the friendliness of the staff; they love the night rides at the park also. One complaint from the customer is that the signage is poor. You can purchase a map but if the signs on the map are not visible on the actual trails, what’s the point? Some sections of the park have an overgrowth that creates difficulty for the riders to see signs near trees and intersections. Some signs are behind tree growth and you can’t see anything at the trail intersections…. Because of this, everyone on that road gets lost.

However, the park can do even better in improving its trails plus a good fix is to make the signage more visible & clear and add arrows to the marked trails. There should be a sign at each trail “intersection“ to know where the heck you are going, anyway!

Although the park guests or visitors are typically responsible and courteous yet another complaint came from the customers which are about the negligence of the management regulates the conduct of guests/visitors. Some riders drive their wheelers at very high speeds and take over the local and main roads or local roads without caution which leads others to think that there is no strict implementation of rules at the park. So, don’t always trust the picture that frequenters paint until you experience it. And due to this, some of the visitors cannot enjoy even simple things like taking selfies/pictures or playing games due to litter everywhere.

Conclusion- Blue Holler Off-road Park in KY

Great place! Including ATV trails and UTV trails that actually go through Mammoth cave, this area actually offers ATV riders a unique experience; you just keep on playing with the vehicle. If you are looking for an adventurous ride & ATV trails in Kentucky then head to the Blue Holler Off-road park; whichever you don’t forget to enjoy the ride. Here, the trails are wider and more accommodating to numerous riders; the trail options are great from easy to ballsy. All the forest areas provide a shady area to ride which is absolutely fantastic. 

Other than this, Blue Holler’s management and plenty of areas need to improve but these flaws should not refrain you from enjoying what Blue Holler off-road park has to offer from beautiful scenic views and riding to festivities that happen all year round. So plan your trip and head to Blue Holler.

                         Ride for a cause or race till your heart drops.

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