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Off-roading is one of the most exciting things you can do with your vehicle. It lets you put your vehicle to its limits and have unrestrained fun off the tarmac.

Best ATV Parks In Missouri

You also get to explore places you otherwise wouldn’t even see, making it a great way to explore an area.

All-terrain vehicles are a great off-roading companion, as they can be driven anywhere. However, some places have restrictions on the use of All-terrain vehicles.

That’s why it’s good to know where ATV parks are in your area, so you can put your ATV to play without worrying about getting into trouble.

If you’re looking to find ATV parks in Missouri, keep reading because we’ve compiled a comprehensive list.

How to Transport an All-Terrain Vehicle

As we mentioned previously, there are restrictions on the use of ATVs on highways in most places in the US, including Missouri.

Revving your ATV and heading to the park isn’t an option. You’ll have to make the necessary arrangements to transport your ATV.  

If you’re only carrying 2 ATVs and have a pickup truck, you could simply put it in the back of the truck. You can then use ramps or tie-downs to ensure the ATV stays in place.

If you’re planning on carrying more than 2 ATVs, an option you have is to rent a trailer. Some trailers are designed specifically to carry ATVs. These trailers come in different sizes, so you can choose depending on how many ATVs you plan on carrying.

Best ATV Parks in Missouri

Home to beautiful green plains and rolling hills, it is no surprise that Missouri is an off-roaders paradise. Some of the best ATV parks in the state include both state parks and privately owned ranches.

1. Finger Lakes State Park

Finger Lakes State Park
Source: wingatehotelcolumbia

This park offers ATV enthusiasts up to 70 miles of trails to play on. It caters to ATV drivers of all skill levels, as the terrain ranges from wide and hard-packed to narrow and twisty.

The park additionally has 36 camping sites, each with a restroom, shower stalls, and a picnic table.

To gain access to this park, you’ll need a State Park Riding Permit, which you can purchase on arrival. The cost per vehicle for this will be $5.

2. Rush Springs Ranch

Rush Springs Ranch

This ATV destination is an excellent spot to explore the beauty of Missouri. The 75 miles of trails will take you through dense woods and freshwater streams. 

It offers different types of trails to cater to different levels of off-roaders, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll find a trail that fits your level of expertise.

If you like hitting high speeds, you’ll be glad to know there is also a race track on the ranch. 

A visit to this ranch will set you back $40 per vehicle.

3. Smurfwood Ranch

Smurfwood Ranch
Source: RiderPlanet USA

Located in Northeast Missouri, this ranch offers up to 20 miles of trails and 680 acres of various terrains. You must bring your own ATV as the ranch does not have rentals available. 

The cost per vehicle for entry is $20. Trail riding hours are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on most weekends from May to September.

The ranch also offers multiple cabins and a lake on site. You can even relax by the side of the lake on a hammock!

4. St. Joe State Park

St. Joe State Park
Source: Missouri State Parks

St Joe park is an off-roader’s ideal getaway due to its various facilities. This state park features 4 lakes, 2 swimming beaches, equestrian trails, a water trail, and two campgrounds.

There are also multiple trails that you can access, all of which have an easy difficulty rating. The trails all add up to 73 miles of track length. The largest of these is in the ORV trail system.

The cost per vehicle for this park is $5. Riding permits can be purchased online or on-site.

5. Sutton Bluff

Sutton Bluff
Source: Explore the Ozarks

This 45-mile trail system is an excellent choice if you plan to go off-road. It has multiple trails. It is advisable not to bring ATVs wider than 50″ as you would have difficulty crossing the bridges on site.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll find that all the trails in this park are easy enough for you. The cost per vehicle for the park is $7. This park is open year-round.

6. Sugar Camp National Forest Scenic Byway

Sugar Camp National Forest Scenic Byway
Source: Only In Your State

This 28-mile drive is another option if you’re looking for an off-roading track in Missouri. It has 20 miles of paved trackway and an 8-mile section of maintained gravel road. Most of the track runs through densely forested hills and valleys, which give the visitor a feel for Missouri’s local flora.

The track has an easy difficulty level. If you’re not keen on spending on park access permits, you’ll be glad to know this scenic track is free to get into.

7. Chadwick Motorcycle and ATV

Explore the Ozarks
Source: Explore the Ozarks

Eighty miles of multi-trails run through densely forested areas and hilltops. ATVs are allowed at two spots in the park. One is the 3-acre family play area west of Cobb Ridge Compound. The other spot which allows ATV-ing is the 5-acre Trials Bike Area.

Beginners may experience some difficulty getting through this track as there is a sharp incline. Multiple types of trees can be found in the park.

The cost to get in is $7 per vehicle.

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Final Words

ATVs are an excellent, relatively inexpensive option for those who enjoy off-roading. As mentioned, ATVs aren’t allowed everywhere, so it’s best to know where you can ride them without getting into trouble.


Are ATVs safe for kids to drive?

It is generally recommended that children under 16 do not drive adult-size 90cc ATVs. Children between the ages of 12-15 can be trusted with 70-90 cc ATVs.

Can you ride ATVs in national parks?

Yes, most national parks will allow you to ride an ATV. You’ll have to purchase a riding permit that will set you back between $5-$10, which varies between parks.

Do ATV parks offer lodging on-site?

Privately owned ranches, as well as state parks alike, offer overnight lodging at an added cost.

Can more than 1 person ride on an ATV?

Most ATVs are not designed to accommodate more than 1 person.

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