The Best ATV Parks And Tours In Alaska

Are you thinking of a new ATV adventure? Look no further, as Alaska is a fantastic place for off-roading adventures. 

Best ATV Parks And Tours In Alaska

With vacation days rolling towards you, you must wonder where to spend your time. ATVs are a fantastic way to spend time and explore the wilderness. You can escape the city and re-energize yourself on tour.

Whether alone or with friends, you can enjoy a trip to Alaska for an ATV adventure. The mountains, the trails, and the local wildlife will leave you breathless. You can finally get your hands dirty and clothes wet as you have the time of your life!

Best ATV Tours in Alaska

Denali ATV Wilderness Adventures

First up, we have Denali. In this ATV adventure, you’ll be surrounded by over 6 million acres of wild land! There is only one road, though. But who cares?! It’s all about adventure and offroading. With your ATV, you can go off-road and explore the massive area to your heart’s content.

You might be thinking that you’ll get bored, but no, the Denali ATV Wilderness Adventure takes its visitors on an exhilarating 2.5-hour tour. The National Park surrounds the Trails. You’ll get to go through watery creeks and even deeper waters!

At the end of the tour, you’ll reach a beautiful point from where you’ll be able to witness the majestic mountain ranges. Sometimes, you can even find moose on the trail, enhancing your wildlife experience.

Skagway Glacier Point ATV Tour

Have you ever ventured into the Yukon Territory? You can experience the thrill of the Skagway Glacier Point ATV adventure. The tour is approximately 2 hours long with loads of fun. Guides will accompany you along the way.

The tour starts with an hour-long boat ride from which you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Don’t like a second-hand driving experience? Don’t worry! Once you’re through the tutorial, you can start your adventure! 

The guides will help you with the gear, and then you can go on the trails with a view of the Davidson Glacier. It doesn’t matter if you’re the adventurous type. There are many tour points you can explore. You’ll have to book in advance, though, as they only take small tour groups!

Midnight Sun ATV Tours

These tours take place in the wild, outside of Fairbanks. Once you meet your guide in the town, you can head right into the tour. The forest is about 18 miles away, and that’s where the fun begins. 

When you get there, you can ride through the 32-mile-long trails. You’ll find a lot of local flora and fauna throughout the ride. If you’re a morning person, you can choose their morning tour. Otherwise, the evening tour is for the win!

Black Diamond ATV Treasure Hunt Tour

This tour also takes place in the Denali National Park in Alaska. This adventure is offered by the Black Diamond ATV Treasure Hunt Tour. They’ll take you on a fantastic ride through the mining country.

It’s a pretty long tour, about 4 hours long. The mission is to discover the highlights along the way. At the end of the tour, you’ll enjoy a mighty feast around the campfire!

49th State Motor Tours

This tour is located in Palmer. You can enjoy a thrilling ATV or UTV adventure on their behalf. The fun thing about this tour is that they have local guides. Even the owner is a guide. You’ll get to experience the Alaskan backcountry on this tour.

The experience is exhilarating as you’ll go through some epic scenery, such as the Knik Glacier, on this 6-8 hour trip. The terrain changes from dunes to creeks and ponds.

You can even opt to go alone on this adventure. Just rent an ATV and set out with the help of the locals. This trip will take your Alaskan ATV experience to the next level.

Best ATV Trails in Alaska

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Do you prefer to go alone? Then you can take a trip to these trails instead!

Elias National Park

This national park is located in Wrangell. The trail isn’t too long, about 20 miles, but the views are incredible. There are multiple trails for ATVs only, and you can enjoy yourself with the snowy mountains as your backdrop.

Tangle Lakes Archaeological District

Tangle Lakes district is also located in Denali. If you’re bummed about not being able to access the Denali National Park, you can go on the following trails managed by the Department of Natural Resources:

  • Old Seven Mile Lake Trail.
  • Old Seven Mile Lake Connector.
  • Maclaren Summit Trail.

These trails give you a beautiful view of Seven Mile Lake and the snowy mountains. You can also go on the Alaska ATV trail at Oscar Lake or the Swede Lake Trail.

Eureka Trails

Among all the other ATV trails, this one is the highest. It’s 2,500 ft above sea level! It’s located close to Anchorage. The trail is pretty high, making for some fantastic views along the way. You can feed your explorative spirit by exploring the mining caves and glacier drainage areas.

If you like to get muddy, you can visit this trail in the winter. Otherwise, summer means a dry and dusty journey. In addition, this trail is 150 miles long, so you won’t get bored.

Chugach State Park

This trail is also located in Anchorage. Chugach is home to the Chugach mountain range. The main trail here is the Eklutna Lakeside trail, which will give you a view of the beautiful mountains and the majestic lake. The Eklutna trail is 13 miles long with beautiful scenery. Bird valley is also located here. The valley has Bird Creek Trails which you can opt for instead.


ATV tours are a fantastic way to enjoy the beauty of Alaska. You’ll get to experience the majestic mountains to the untamed wilderness. Alaska has something to offer for every ATV enthusiast.

Some of the best ATV tour companies are above, offering various options, from day trips to evening trips. Whether you’re an experienced driver or a newbie, they have something for everyone. 

So, if you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to spend your time in Alaska, check out the ATV tours there!

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When are ATV tours available in Alaska?

Most ATV tours are available throughout the year, but some have timings. So, if you want to go on a tour, it’s best to check out their website and find their respective schedules.

If no programs match, you can always go by yourself, rent an ATV and go off-roading on the Alaskan trails!

What do you need to pack on Alaskan ATV tours?

There are a few things that you need for a good ATV adventure, and they’re the following:

  • Rain gear (included in many tours).
  • Extra clothes (wear clothes that you expect to get dirty).
  • Closed-toe shoes.

Are there any age restrictions on Alaskan ATV tours?

Most tours require riders to be at least 16 and have a driver’s license. Different companies have different restrictions, and it’s best to check first.

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