Axis 500 UTV Reviews With Features Spec and Top Speed, Price, Pros & Cons

Axis 500 UTV is well known for its powerful engine, disc braking, strong winch, and many other things, but do you know what makes it more interesting? It’s a budget-friendly cost. As we all know, all the bigger brands featuring such facilities in their UTVs cost you a fortune, but Axis 500 UTV doesn’t. 

In this review, I’ve briefly explained all his features so you can decide whether you should choose this Axis 500 UTV over other high-end brands or not.

Features of Axis 500 UTV

Here are some of the key features of Axis 500 UTV:

Engine and Fuel Capacity

When buying a camouflaged vehicle, especially a UTV, the first thing we all notice is its engine. The engine can deeply affect the vehicle’s performance as UTVs are used to haul supplies and are required to take the necessary equipment, so they must have the power and capability to bear heavy loads.

And Axis 500 UTV engine manufacturer HISUN knows it well, as this includes a 4-stroke 471cc engine to make it exceptionally powerful and low-end torque. Also, as it can accelerate on all kinds of terrains, anyone can use it with ease.

The only thing which can be improved in its engine is the noise, but there is not much engine vibration as it still runs smoothly on all terrains.

Fuel capacity is another essential component of UTVs. If the vehicle will not have enough storage to store the fuel, you’ll have to fill it more often, which can make you highly frustrated, especially when you’re short on time. And the Axis 500 UTV has kept it in mind during its manufacturing as it comes with 7.6 gallons of fuel capacity. 

So you wouldn’t have to worry about refilling as you can smoothly run this up to 150-160 miles with the same filling, and it is more than enough for what you’ve required.

Specs of Axis 500 UTV engine and fuel capacity at a quick glance:

Engine Type  Four-Stroke SOHC, gas
Bore x Stroke Ratio    84.5 x 84 mm
Compression Ratio    9.4:1
Carburetion System   Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI)
Cylinder Arrangement  Forward-Inclined Single Cylinder
Lubrication System    Forced lubrication (wet sump)
Displacement471 cc
Engine CoolingLiquid Cooling
Horsepower24 HP
Fuel Capacity7.6 Gallons
Spark PlugDR8EA
Engine Torque23.87 ft-lbs
Battery12V 32Ah
Ignition SystemElectronic Control Unit (ECU)
Engine Oil TypeAPI SJ with JASO MA, MA1 or MA2

Tires And Brakes

At each of the four corners of the Axis 500 4×4 UTV, you’ll find 26-inch tires which are made up of heavy-duty 6-ply nylon and a directional tread pattern which works great to provide ample grip and stability while riding on all kinds of terrains. 

These compact and smaller in-size tires enable manual steering to be less demanding. Although you wouldn’t find an automatic engine braking system in this UTV, there you’ll find four hydraulic disc brakes, which have more than enough capability to slow down the vehicle in any terrain.

Front Tires26 x 9 to 14
Rear Tires26 x 11 to 14
Front Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Disc

Dimensions And Capacities

When it comes to UTVs having a decent bed capacity becomes an obvious thing so that you can transfer any supplies and types of equipment from one place to another easily.

This Axis 500 UTV includes a rear cargo bed with a loading capacity of 350 lb and a towing capacity of 1,200 lbs to bear heavy loads, which makes it ideal to be used for many work-related tasks. 

Also, its compact size is dedicated enough for maneuverability on wooded trails, and its weight is kept lighter, so each and every driver can handle it easily, regardless of size and experience. 

Specs of Axis 500 UTV Dimensions And Capacities at a quick glance:

Length119 in
Width58 in
Height76 in
Seat Height32 in
Towing Capacity1200 lbs
Vehicle Weight1197 lbs
Load Weight Capacity880 lbs
Cargo Bed Capacity350 lbs

Top Speed

The Axis 500 UTV is considered one of the fastest camouflage vehicles as its highest speed can reach all the way up to 40 mph. So if you are looking for something to run on flat terrain to reach your destination quickly, then this is a must-have off-road vehicle for you. 

However, I definitely wouldn’t recommend you to use this at the highest speed while moving on rough terrain, as you can get yourself injured badly.

Powerful Winch

While driving in muddy areas, there would be no wonder for any vehicle to get the mud stuck inside its ditch or any such places, which can make it difficult for the riders to keep running it smoothly. 

But you don’t have to worry about this with the Axis 500 because its makers have integrated a powerful winch into this UTV whose capacity is up to 3500 lbs, while the overall weight of this vehicle is around 1197 lbs. So you can use it in such terrains to keep running your vehicle smoothly with all the heavy loads without worrying about anything.


The availability of multiple numbers of gears is always a plus point for every vehicle, which enables you to ride it smoothly without putting in a lot of effort. And this Axis 500 UTV again took the lead here as it comes with several gear options such as high, low, reverse, and neutral gears, which ensures that you can get an amazing experience while riding it. 

You might be thinking that as a beginner, these gears could make driving difficult for you, but that’s not the case, as you can have control of them easily.

Axis 500 UTV Price

Axis 500 UTV price ranges from $9,000 and $10,000 at Lowe’s. Since the model is not old and was launched in 2020, there is no huge difference between the prices of brand-new and used models available in online market platforms. So if you’re thinking of buying a used model, it will cost you around $7,000-$9,000, varying upon mileage, condition, and year.

Some Additional Features:

Here are some additional jaw-dropping features of this UTV:

  • The Axes 500 UTV is not only built with high-quality features but also comes with a unique design and three eye-catching color options. 
  • The Axes 500 UTV is capable of a maximum towing capacity of 1200 lbs.
  • All of the four-wheel drives are 26 inches that can withstand heavy loads complete;y.
  • Although its front and rear bumpers are made using plastic, they can still bear heavy pressure during rides.
  • This comes with a liquid-cooling roof, a sturdy windshield, and rims made of aluminum.
  • Because of its independent A-arm independent suspension, each of the four wheels moves vertically. 

Things I like in Axis 500 4×4 UTV

  • Powerful Winch
  • 471CC Electronic Fuel Injection 
  • 4-Stroke engine.
  • Independent A-Arm Suspension.
  • Availability of Low, high, neutral, and reverse gears
  • Aluminum Rims with Liquid Cooling.
  • The dual ventilated hydraulic disk at both front and rear brakes.

Things I didn’t like in Axis 500 4×4 UTV

  • A bit Noisy 
  • Uneasy Seat Belt
  • Not an ideal choice for Rugged Terrains

Final Verdicts

Coming to an end, this Axis 500 UTV is a highly recommendable four-wheeler vehicle that doesn’t only have commendable features but is also a mid-range utility vehicle. From this, you can expect everything from carrying heavily loaded supplies and equipment to smoothly running on muddy terrains because of its heavy-duty 471cc engine with a 3500 lbs powerful winch.

So now you must’ve got your answer from this Axis 500 UTV review on whether you should go with this one or with another high-end UTV brand with the same features but at maximum prices.

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FAQs Section

Who Makes the Axis 500 UTV?

This Axis 500 UTV is the product of Hisun Motors Corp in the United States.

Is the Axis 500 UTV any good?

Axis 500 UTV is definitely one of the top-quality mid-budget vehicles, and it is leading its competitors because of its affordable prices, powerful winch, dumb bed, and multi-gear facilities.

Who makes the engine for the Axis 500 UTV?

The Engine of Axis 500 UTV is made by a Vietnam manufacturer named “Hisun”, who has been working in the industry since 1988 and is known for manufacturing top-quality automotive machinery.

What Is the Top Speed of The Axis 500?

The Axis 500 UTV can reach the highest of over 40 miles per hour as it comes with a 4-stroke engine with maximum low-end torque, which can accelerate over all kinds of terrain.

Where are Axis Utility vehicles made?

All of the Axis Utility Vehicles are manufactured in Changzhou, China, and then the entire unit is assembled in Dallas, Texas, in a 250,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

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