Mississippi’s Top 15 ATV Parks: Epic Off-Road Escapes!

Mississippi, the hospitality state, known for being the birthplace of American blues music and home to many talented musicians. Despite being the birthplace of Elvis Presley; the state has much more to offer such as beautiful forests, state parks, riverside trails,  beautiful sceneries and landscapes with miles of ATV trails and parks to explore.

ATV Parks in Mississippi

Mississippi also happens to be a great destination for recreational riding, besides Southern charm and comfort food. So, if you are an off-roading enthusiast looking for some adventure and thrill then, Mississippi should be on your must-visit list.

Some parks may only be open during weekends but  they all are worth the visit such as  The  Desoto National Forest which offers three different trail systems  that loop around its hidden sceneries and beautiful forests. There are also excellent choices for mud riding such as BMB and World Country Off-Road.

Here are the list of Best ATV parks in Mississippi

  • Red Creek Off-Road Park
  • Up the Creek Acres ATV Park
  • Wild Country Off-Road
  • RattleSnake Bay Off-Road Trail
  • Bethel ATV Trail
  • Tiger Creek ORV Trail
  • Barnyard Mud Boggers Off-Road 
  • Burden’s creek ATV Park
  • Trace State Park ORV Trails
  • Meridian OHV Park
  • Rocks Bottom Off-Road Park
  • South Mississippi Off-Road and RV Park
  • Rednecks ATV Park
  • Mudslangers Off-Road Trail
  • Chickasaw ATV Trail

At these awesome, adventurous and thrilling ATV trails, there is something for everyone from wild and beautiful riverbeds to wind and off-roading backroads.

From trail difficulty levels and length to what kind of terrain you are going to experience or you can expect along the way,  we will explore all the details you need to discover or explore before embarking on your next adventure.

These ATV trails will have you exploring all that Mississippi has to offer whether you are just starting out or an experienced rider.

Best ATV Parks in Mississippi

1. Red Creek Off-Road Park

Red Creek Off-Road park , open 365 days a year ( you can call the staff and get appointment for weekdays) ;  there is just every kind of off-road challenge to experience as well as there are numerous lodging options of night stay for those who wish to do it all over again  to enjoy it. Cabins are also available for rent as well as primitive  camping area for overnight stays.

Within its 500 acres , you will come across  a lot of mud  and sandbars. Mud riding to  camping and lodging; they also have 20 miles of challenging trails, two motocross tracks and one peewee track. So, if you are planning to spend a muddy day with family then Red Creek Off-Road Park is definitely the place for you.

Types of vehicles allowed 

 4*4 vehicles, MX Bikes, Go Karts, S*S, Dune Buggies and all other types of off-roading vehicles.


Camping is allowed only on Fridays and Saturday nights. Mondays and Thursdays are ‘’by appointment only’.  and it costs 5.00$ per person per night .

2. Up the Creek Acres ATV Park

 If you like off-roading night riding then ‘’up the creek acres ATV park’’ is made for you so that you may enjoy the ATV park in Mississippi at night. Having 15 miles of trail through the forest and by the Creekside riding trails & muddy side;  you can also choose to play in their mud pits or rush through their dirt track or drag muddy strip. 

 They have other facilities to offer such as shower rooms , rest rooms and they also allow for fishing, camping and swimming on site .


Up the creek acres ATV park is open seven days a week including holidays.

Types of Vehicles

Up the creek acres ATV park  is open for all types of vehicles all year.

3. Wild Country Off-Road

The Mississippi : The river that formed a Nation ; so the Mississippi is not the only river in the state . World Country Off-Road in Leakesville , filled with trails and beauty, features a Chickasawhay River within 1,100 acres where you can bring all kinds of off-roading vehicles and where you can ride your ATV for hours through 1,100 acres of trail. Also, we have two beautiful and adventurous sandbars on the Chickasawhay River for you to swim, fish or float along so you don’t have to worry about the food and they have a restaurant onsite too . 

Wild Country Racing 

It has a 900 foot long track which can accommodate mega trucks and mud trucks. They host SMO races and SXS races here. Also, they host mud races, Beater races and bounty holes .

4. Rattlesnake Bay ATV Trail

In the North , you will find the Rattlesnake Bay ATV Trail in New Augusta as several trails in Mississippi are in the Desoto National Forest .  

This area offers three separate loops for ATV’s and dirt bikes less than 50 inches wide. You may not be climbing up cliffs or jumping from hills but the terrain is smooth, hard-packed and fast with light to moderate elevation changes. Although there are limited amenities, there is a vault toilet and self pay kiosk at the staging area. Riders should be aware that the Military may use it for training exercises for tanks and other wheeled vehicles between May and September. 

The trails are open year- round but may close due to inclement weather so riders should make sure to call before heading out . 

Types of Vehicles Allowed 

 You can rush through the three loops of the Rattlesnake Bay ATV trail on your dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATV and SXS. 

5. Bethel ATV Trails

You can find the Bethel OHV trail in the southern area of the forest in Saucier. Bethel ATV Trails. Bethel ATV trails is a 43 mile trail established for all kinds of vehicles of width no greater than 50 inches (three or four wheeler and  primarily motorcycles). So, if you have a dirtbike, motorcycle or ATV less than 50 inches wide then it is the best ATV trail for you.

Facilities of Bethel ATV Trails include a trailhead with primitive campsites and vault toilet with no water. Hunting season takes place between October and January in the area. 


Trail may be closed after wet weather under conditions are suitable for re-opening so call before you haul.

6. Tiger Creek ORV Trail 

The vast Desoto National Forest has one more trail which we need to explore. Little Tiger ATV trail is in Chickasawhay ranger district in Laurel. There are  warm up, main and short loops. Tiger Creek ORV trail of the Desoto National Forest has about 12 miles of wood trails for ATVs and dirt bikes where you can go for mud riding after w1et weather. 

The amenities include picnic tables ,shaded parking and a vault toilet and camping is permitted here.  

The trails are usually open all year but may close during inclement weather or when ground conditions become saturated, so make sure everything before heading out. 

7. Barnyard MudBoggers Off-Road 

BMB off-road in Fulton, which offers  hills , mud and camping fun for the whole family went by another name when it was first established .  It started as Barnyard MudBoggers but both , the park and the community , grew over the years  ;  the park now has  715 acres of land with 60 extensive trails designed for all kinds of off-road vehicles and for riders of all experiences . 

This entire region is full of fun recreational opportunities like fishing  and boating. There are also plenty of rooms for the families  to bring their tent or camper and spend a night . 

Hours of Operation 

Only select weekends are open and Mondays & Thursdays are by appointment only ! .

Types of vehicles allowed 

It allows four-wheelers, jeep trucks, dirt bike, dune buggies and rock crawlers. 

8. Burden’s Creek ATV Park

Burden Creek ATV park has 400 acres of land; it consists of mud pits, water wheelie ponds, miles of trails  for ATVs, so that a rider may take down a ride through their shady creek line with beautiful 200 year old oaks trees to cool off and relax. 

The facilities include showers, wash stations, overnight camping and a restaurant so that you don’t need to worry about your cravings. It welcomes all types of vehicles for day and night rides too. Also, several annual events take place throughout the year in Burden’s Creek ATV park during which they may offer free entrance and overnight camping. 

9. Trace State Park ORV Trails 

There is an ATV trail less than 30 minutes away if you are heading out to Elvis Presley’s birthplace in Tupelo. This state park has about 35 miles of multiple use trails; wind through hardwood forest, swamps and rolling hills and dirt paths open to motorcycles, mountain bikes, ATV’s and UTV’s less than 50 inches wide, horseback riders and other activities include fishing & boating. 

Trace State Park offers you to stay overnight in their cottages or cabins. Other facilities include laundry, hot showers and children’s playground. 

The forest is open daily except for New Year’s events or Christmas . 

10. Meridian OHV Park 

Meridian OHV Park was created as the primary destination for off-roading in eastern Mississippi, which is not just for motorcycles but also ATV’s are welcome side-by-side.

The park is open for members only but you don’t need to worry about it because the annual membership is just 50$ which you have to purchase to get an access of 800 acres of riding and trails open for recreation. 

The park is located just 15 minutes outside of Meridian so you have tons of options of dining  and lodging. 

11. Rocks Bottom Off-Road Park 

Rocks Bottom Off-Road Park is located on over 670 acres of trails, hills, mud holes, racing mud pit and creek with sandbar which is open to all vehicles. It offers an outdoor concert area, hot shower rooms, rest rooms and wash stations. It also has camping facilities and bunkhouses to reserve. You can camp on site during weekends and occasionally on Fridays. 

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12. South Mississippi Off-Road and RV Park

If you are looking for a full muddy weekend getaway then South Mississippi off-road and RV park are good choices. This area has expanded into a network of 7 trails across 377 acres in Perkinston; of which; some are muddy and some are sandy. The trails can be very muddy and challenging with several mud pits and water crossing scattered throughout the area. 

This off-road park offers plenty of spacious RV sites and  miles of ATV trails. Cabin rentals are also available. Amenities include a swimming pool and beach area. 

The trails and campground are open daily , all year-round.

13. Rednecks Off-Road 

The park is located just a few minutes from the small town of Little Rock, Mississippi. Rednecks off-road offers several trails for those of you who prefer to keep out of the mud holes and want a nice relaxing ride through woods. Opened in 2019, this park has 880 acres of trails to explore and most of them is accommodated by smaller trucks &  jeeps and ATV’s.

Rednecks off-road is a complete destination with more than just a few ATV trails.

 There is an RV park for those who want to spend a whole weekend and over a dozen rental cabins including a camp. 

14. Mudslangers Off-Road Trail

This private ATV park near Woodland Mississippi is great fun for the whole family which offers plenty of rolling hills , mud or sand pits and off-road trails open for all UTVs and ATVs. Mudslangers have primitive camping, wash stations and food concessions.

Special events like Thirsty Thursday and live performances make this a great weekend destination . Special Occasion night rides are also hosted. 

The park is usually open for riding and camping every other weekend between March through October. Call before you haul !

15. Chickasaw ATV Trail 

Some ATV trails in Mississippi are shorter leisurely drives such as Chickasaw ATV trail which is located in Tombigbee National Forest; this 12 mile trail winds through a mixed pine and hardwood forest. 

The terrain is mostly smooth and marked with blue blazes on the trees . This rail is open to machines that are 48 inches or less in width. It allows dirt bikes, motorcycles or ATVs. 

The staging area has a vault toilet and a self service pay station and Chickasaw is open from April to the  end of October  for daytime rides.


Summarizing the 15 best ATV parks in Mississippi  ; we conclude that Missiissippi is not only the place that comes to mind for ATV riding but also their parks for ATV riding and their hospitable residents will make your stay and experience a best memory!

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