Are Jeep Wrangler Parts Expensive? – The Truth

I am in a deep research mood to buy a vehicle, and the most probable decision is that it should be a jeep wrangler. As I am a very adventurous person, my first priority is to buy the best off-road vehicle as my car. The first name that comes to mind is the Jeep Wrangler. 

Are Jeep Wrangler Parts Expensive

It is the most popular off-road vehicle due to its ultimate performance features and best aftermarket parts availability and supply range. Stop here! I am confused because I have heard that the jeep wrangler parts are expensive compared to other cars. How much is this statement true? Let’s discuss this.

Jeep Wrangler parts are not expensive, but at the same time, they are not affordable; different parts cost you different prices. The prices start from $300 to more than $1000, the most expensive is the jeep wrangler engine. However, the prices also vary depending on OEM and aftermarket parts. Jeep maintenance costs you between $600 to $700 yearly. 

The Aftermarket Of Jeep Wrangler Parts

Many car parts are generally expensive and pricey. But you are a lucky person if you buy wrangler because you have lots of options when it comes to its parts price. You have a vast aftermarket service at your hand to help you to cut costs. When it comes to aftermarket parts, they are cheaper than the original factory parts called OEM (original equipment manufacturer). You see a major difference in both parts when it comes to price. 

  1. The aftermarket starter minimum price is $99.99, the higher is $342.99, and the OEM starter starting range is $349.99. 
  2. Aftermarket alternator price ranges between $191 to $271, and the OEM price is about $349.99.
  3. The aftermarket brake pads’ price range is about $15 to $100, while OEM costs you $119.9.
  4. If you want to replace the jeep Wrangler engine, you have a considerable variety of choices. You will be amazed to hear that you get a brand new engine for just $2000 with a couple of years of warranty. 

With this research material, you get to know that there is a huge difference between prices, and aftermarket prices are relatively more affordable than OEM. But affordable does not mean that it is in the range of everyone. Term affordability varies from person to person. 

Important Parts Need To Buy

Are jeep parts expensive or affordable? It depends on what parts you need to buy or the type of changes you want in your jeep. Jeep wrangler should be built up with time and at your own pace, and my recommendation is to start buying parts slowly according to your pocket price. 

Necessary parts should be replaced when needed, and that’s only possible when you spend time on your jeep on-road or off-road and check which part you want to change the most. Don’t make useless changes that are of no use. 

Invest only in upgrades and replacement parts that are necessary for everyday vehicle usage. Some most common parts that people often need to replace are.

  1. Bumpers
  2. Entry guards
  3. Life-assist spare tire carrier
  4. Soft tops
  5. Suspension system
  6. Seat covers
  7. Headlight
  8. Hood latches

Now the ball is in your court; which parts are more critical to change according to your budget?

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The Reason Why Jeep Wrangler Parts Are Expensive

We are here to discuss the jeep wrangler parts cost, and in this discussion, a question arises in mind why jeep wrangler parts are so expensive? There are some reasons that jeeps have costly parts, especially the jeep wrangler, and these reasons should be discussed and cleared so that it is easy for you to search the market for jeep parts. Here we discuss the top 4 reasons, which are as follows:

One of the primary reasons jeep wrangler parts are expensive is their popularity, and most people are willing to pay good money for them. It is popular among a wide range of consumers, including jeep enthusiasts. One of the popular reasons is jeep festivals and events held annually. This masculine-looking off-road jeep has a significant women’s fan following. Its high demand for people with adventurous nature and production at a low pace kept its popularity stable and at a high price.

Deep Heritage

Jeeps have a deep heritage history as they played an important role in defeating the axis power in world war II. It especially originated for the American military. I don’t know the reason why it is named a jeep, but in some people’s opinion, it is named after a military acronym, “G.P,” which refers to general purposes. 

The major purpose of making this vehicle was to handle any terrain. It was best for the military because soldiers could easily lift it up and release it with less pressure if it was stuck or dug down. It was used for the easy transport of goods and people in war. 

These were the best means of deploying anti-tank weapons more effectively. Military cops could use it as a machine gun mount or an ambulance for those injured in war. With the passing generation, it has become the top off-road vehicle and the most lovable among people with having adventurous nature. This iconic status and deep heritage make this vehicle more pricey and valuable among every generation.

No Direct Competition

Who is the king of off-road vehicles? It is definitely, the jeep wrangler. Its ultimate performance and extraordinary features make it a giant in the off-road sector. There is no direct competition with the jeep wrangler, and many of the traditional body-on-frame cars tried to compete with this exceptional vehicle, but that was of no use, and they failed miserably. Everyone wants and wishes to get this big cat in their garage. According to Ducan Aldred, president of sales, it is one of the best in its class. And this is the obvious reason that its prices are high to date. 

Feature-Rich And Unbeatable Capability

When it comes to cars, people cannot pay more for luxury or looks, especially in jeeps; they pay high prices for extraordinary features, the best off-roading experience, and non-stoppable capabilities. Jeep wranglers’ most prominent features are:

  • A lockable front
  • A solid front axle
  • Rear differential
  • An optional electronic sway bar disconnect which is available out of the factory

Some more features that cost a high price are dana 44 axle ground clearance, tight turning radius, integrated roll bars, anti-roll, and roll mitigation software. These features are a bit expensive, which turns the jeep wrangler bit pricey.


Are jeeps expensive to repair?

Yes, it is, but at the same time, it depends upon the usage of the jeep wrangler. So depending upon this, a jeep wrangler repair and maintenance cost lies between $694 to $1800. 

Are Jeep Wranglers Expensive to maintain?

Yes, jeeps are high-maintenance vehicles, and you have to make check and repair their parts every year. They also cost a lot during their repair or maintenance.

Is it expensive to fix a Jeep?

A normal jeep demands yearly repair and maintenance, costing between $694 to $1000. According to a survey, you have to spend about $10,397 on the maintenance of a jeep wrangler in its first 10 service years. 


Are jeep wrangler parts expensive? I hope this question never bothers you again. Though they are a bit expensive if you buy OEM, fewer price options are available on the aftermarket. Still, you don’t need to purchase them again and again because the quality of the parts nowadays is good enough to keep working for more than 5 to 10 years.

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